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Bewildering Cares

by Winifred Peck

â??It’s a storm in a tea-cup, of course, but then we happen to live in a tea-cup!’

So begins Camilla Lacely’s charming, witty diary of life as a vicar’s wife in a mid-sized town outside of Manchester in the anxious, early days of World War II. The â??everything and nothing’ that happens include a controversy swirling around the curate’s pacifist sermon (through which, alas, Camilla napped, making it difficult for her to discuss with outraged parishioners), servant problems, anxieties about Camilla’s son off training with his regiment, the day-to-day worries of friends, and a potential romance in the town â?¦ or are there two romances?

Readers of Bewildering Cares might well be reminded of the likes of E.M. Delafield or Angela Thirkell, but Peck offers her own distinct takeâ??sometimes hilarious, sometimes touchingâ??on the ironies and heartbreaks (not to mention the storms in teacups) of domestic life, community, faith and life during wartime. This new edition includes an introduction by social historian Elizabeth Crawford.

â??(Winifred Peck) deserves our real gratitude for making us laugh in these troublous days’ Times Literary Supplement

â??A romantic who was as sharp as a needle’ Penelope Fitzgerald

Tall Animals

by Nathan Keys

Matthew thinks he has it all figured out.

His autism and his anxiety are triggered by metal. That’s why he gets so stressed around people: the metal buildings cause it.

At least that’s what Dr. Frand told him. Until he vanishes without a trace. Now without his quirky doctor around, Matthew isn’t sure what to believe.

And his doctor isn’t the only one missing. Family pets are vanishing in Math’s small town. Mysterious people are appearing in the woods. Matthew’s own dog could be their next target.

Is Matthew losing his grip on reality? Or is something really afoot in the forests of Mississippi?

Without his trusted doctor to guide him, Math alone must save the town’s pets – and himself.

TALL ANIMALS is a debut novel with strong notes of southern gothic. With the pacing of a character study and the intrigue of a psychological thriller, the novel presents a unique perspective on the world, colored by anxiety, isolation, and, perhaps paradoxically, enlightenment.

The Girl in the Mirror (Sand & Fog Book 3)

by Susan Ward

The Girl in the Mirror is the third standalone book in the Sand & Fog series. This book has a HEA.

I don’t know why what happened to me shocks people. Everything about me is perfectly logical. Down to my three obsessions: ballet, sex, and food. Yep, food, though it might seem strange to put that one on that list, but it isn’t, not really.

All three bring me pleasure and pain.

All three demand the same commitment from me. Total discipline and control coupled with an ability to let completely loose and surrender to reward through agony and beauty through sacrifice.

See, completely logical.

Until it wasn’t and sent me into a downward spiral that seemed out of nowhere to everyone in my life except Jacob Merrick.

He saw through me from the start.

But that didn’t stop me from going to bed with him.

What I didn’t expect was for Jacob to become the guy who saved me from myself.

The Girl in the Mirror is an intense coming-of-age romance about addiction and love, sacrifice and mistakes with a poignant and unpredictable happily ever after.

This story contains sexually explicit material, mature subject matter, and is intended for individuals over the age of eighteen.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Rockstar Romance, Bodyguard Romance

The Scars of Spring

by Francesca Cay

Repeatedly in the top 100 best-sellers.

“Descriptive but with a reserved and profound elegance which touches your heart. The psychological reading of the characters is surprising in its simplicity without any flaws, although complex with a deep impact. The book reads straight through and you will fall in love with the characters so it becomes difficult to let them go. And this is exactly the core of the novel: love in all its’ aspects, even those which are painful and terrible but, mainly, the mad love for life, marked by the passing of the seasons where the maple becomes an undisputed protagonist, renewed every spring. A silent observer of the passing of time. It is in the delicacy of emotions where one remembers to have loved, to remember spring.
Recommended to all who are not afraid of soul-searching and who love to be moved… who love life and the drive to always look for the light.”

“Stirring, I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it. Meticulous descriptions that make you live the book like a film. Delicate, very intimate. Fluent writing.”

“It’s not the usual novel but very original. Written in a compelling way, the book describes the characters with a unique sensitivity making you experience their emotions as if you knew them. Flowing, I’ve been glued to it until the end. And with the description of time you seem to be in a three-dimensional book.”

-Customer reviews-

A father clutches a present in his hands. It’s clumsily wrapped, but it’s made with love. He looks at his child asleep under white sheets, his skin so pale that it disappears in the light fabric. His hair, as black as the night, falls in long locks across his delicate traits. He doesn’t want to wake him up, but he has to. It’s going to be a long and heavy journey for little Kaede, they are about to leave the hospital and Japan forever. Soon a plane will take them far away to safety.
Ten years go by. Kaede looks at the world through an inner glass, a barrier that helps him cope with his mind’s numbness. A never-ending lethargy protects him but also isolates him from humanity. He has no memory of his childhood, nor of his broken relationship with his mother. One day, a sudden light makes its way through London’s cloudy sky: Kaede’s life as a college student intertwines with that of Rey, a young Australian biologist. Both have a secret in their past, both seem tied together by the thread of destiny.
Autumn comes, and the ancient maple in the shadow of the terrace prepares for quiescence: it dips its leaves in the colour of blood and lets them go. Then it falls asleep, waiting for the return of spring.

This is a story of rebirth, a novel of growth, friendship, love. With the alternation of narration time and flashbacks the past is revisited, understood, exorcised. The acceptation of grief leads the two young men to the maturation and metamorphosis of their lives.

Francesca Cay was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, in 1982. A passionate lover of the animal world since childhood, she graduated in Evolutionary Biology in Rome, where she currently lives with her partner and an iguana. The love for writing comes in a particular moment of her life which turns into a full time profession. “The scars of spring” (original title “La primavera dell’acero tridente”) is her first novel.

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