Free poetry Kindle books for 06 Dec 16

MUSIC WITHOUT SOUND: Miracles of the cursed (Poetry is power Book 4)

by Calvin Bland

Could you imagine living in a world without music? Could you imagine living in a world without sound? Music is a language that transcends beyond the boundaries of culture. Music without sound is a book that can be read but also listened too. Listen to each word and begin to hear a melody form in your mind a melody that is different to every individual. Music without sound is an easy enjoyable read of poems that range from happiness, sadness, anger, hope and despair. The author does a great job with writing his poetry in a melodic manner that will keep the reader in tune. This is a poetry book of the future take some time to take a listen.

Path of Fire

by Christa Polkinhorn

A volume of poems which one reader called “clear-eyed and elegiac, with a cosmopolitan flavor. Path of Fire is full of unsentimental but emotionally charged poems about loneliness and family and searching the earth for a home.”

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