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The Gorge (The Others Book 1)

by Joe Zeigler

Four young orphan girls look forward to the annual winter migration of their early civilization hunter/gatherer clan with happy anticipation. But a ceremony, whose purpose is to guarantee the continuation of the species, crushes their plans. Little did the girls know that their participation in and acquiescence to The Breeding would result in them becoming outcasts with little prospect. To rise above the stigma, they must take control of their lives, confound expectations, and become independent of those who would control them.
The Gorge is an early civilization action adventure with a sinful side that centers around the migratory traditions of several groups: The People, who have been here since the beginning of man; The Others, who have assimilated themselves into this world to effect change; The Raiders, whose purpose is to pillage and plunder at will; The industrious Cliff Dwellers; The Lowlanders, whose society is based on an agrarian economy; and The Traders, who barter for and with the materials necessary for all groups to survive.
The People as a whole are the main character of the story and the changes that can start in a whole civilization from the actions of one or a few individuals.
God has instructed The Raiders, the most spiritual of the groups, to practice polygamy and to “bleed the sheep”. These habits introduce the conflicts between groups. The conflicts between men and women are inherent – for now. But, things are changing.
Nature also plays a significant role: flooded rivers, deserts scorched by heat, and animals driven by hunger. The characters in the book face the challenges and hardships presented by both man and nature.

Call of the Harbinger

by Allen White

An object has entered orbit around Earth, and a group of scientists, led by Doctor Meredith Reina, has been tasked with studying it in secret. However, strange things are happening at home; record breaking hurricanes are beginning to cause great havoc across the globe, and people all over the Earth are beginning to experience vivid nightmares about the end of the world. But, when James Murphy, an ordinary college student, discovers that the dreams everyone is having are all identical, it catapults him into a personal journey that will define his life.


by Kerrin Tarr

On Halloween in 2011, the population of the world reached a new milestone which sparked off a need for immediate attention. Several members of Mensa, the High IQ Society, wanted to take matters into their own hands but under a different name.

Dolan Hampden and Evie Hannah continue to cross paths under the all-seeing eye of the founders belonging to IQHQ. With the entire population of the world under its complete control, sacrifices have been made in order to boost their national average. However, things are often overlooked.

In order to survive, they must outsmart the smart and avoid falling into the bottom ranks. Limits and boundaries are in place but progress can be made with anything. The question is what can they do with the time they have been given once it has been taken away . . .

The Ultimate Inferior Beings

by Mark Roman

The End of the Universe is nigh …

As a result of a computer error, landscape architect jixX finds himself in charge of a dangerous space mission. With a useless crew, and a ship’s computer that thinks it’s a comedian, jixX can’t see how things can get worse. Until he encounters aliens and learns of a daft prophecy about the end of the Universe â?¦

A quirky, offbeat sci-fi comedy – British humour.

Bronze medal winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2013.

“A fun, exciting sci-fi adventure, and packed full of laughs. Highly recommended” – The Wishing Shelf Awards

Odd Ends: Short Stories

by A.K. Sinquefield

Five short stories from the author of “How to Make a Superhero (by the New Burg Police Department.”

“The Cat Stared Back” Why do animals stare at us? Or worse, why do they stare at the empty space behind us…
“Worth It” It’s common for teenagers to harbor a desire to rebel against rules, society, the accepted standards of beauty. In a world of black and white, of gray monochrome where color is forbidden, rebellion is a rainbow.
“Meet Bob” Bob’s life sucks. So does yours. But that’s okay. At least you don’t have a pet duck.
“Evolution” Millions of years and natural selection shape the course of a species’ development. Science shapes it in a single lifetime.
“A Traveler’s Tale” It’s not all fancy gadgets and shiny machines with blinking lights–time travel is real and it happens to everyday people. Every day. For no apparent reason. What do you do when you pop out of your shower into a busy London street, decades in the past and clad in nothing but soap suds? You introduce yourself to the first guy you see, save his life, and hope for the best. And try not to start a zombie apocalypse along the way.

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