Free sports Kindle books for 06 Dec 16

Street Fighting Secrets: Mastering the Combat Walking Stick

by D’Arcy Rahmig

The walking stick is one of the most common improvised weapons that can be found anywhere. It is completely legal to carry and can be used to defend against any type of attack. This heavily illustrated step-by-step manual gives you the tools you need. Also included the Street Smart Jujitsu unarmed student manual.

Cómo Agrandar Los Músculos Rápido: Aprendé rutinas de físico culturismo y musculación. (Spanish Edition)

by Mario Camorra

Esta guía va a brindarte la información necesaria para que aprendas a agrandar tus músculos rápidamente.

No vas a poderlo creer cuando te estés todo marcado !

En este libro vas a descubrir:

  • Cómo agrandar tus músculos rápidamente
  • 3 claves para el éxito con los ejercicios de culturismo
  • Diferentes rutinas de musculación: biseries, triseries y super-series.
  • Errores de novatos que ningún libro de musculación te puede solucionar
  • 4 principios para mejorar el entrenamiento de culturismo de nivel principiante
  • Cuántos kilos aumentar por mes con una rutina de culturismo.
  • 5 tips para rutinas de musculación más eficaces
  • 6 consejos nutricionales para acompañar los ejercicios de culturismo y quemar grasas
  • Un dato importante sobre el cortisol
  • 4 condicionantes que marcarán tu entrenamiento de musculación

Y mucho, mucho más!

En unos segundos podés estar empezando tu camino para aprender a agrandar tus músculos fácilmente.

Comprá esta guía para poder hacerlo.


Mario Camorra

There’s a LION Under My Bed: A Life of Adventure and Intrigue (Quinn Matthewson Biography Books Book 2)

by Quinn Matthewson

REVIEW: Fascinating and incredible biography from a cross between James Bond, Louis Leakey, Columbo and Indiana Jones.

Behind the scenes – exploration, the remote world, crime, secret agents, tribes, rebel wars and more!

At age 21, Quinn Matthewson was the youngest member in history of the Adventurer’s Club of Chicago and a distinguished military graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Follow Quinn on his adventures across the globe, and behind closed doors. Amazing stories, unbelievable situations, incredible peril – yet he lived to tell the tale

For a sneak peak at this great biography, click the cover of “There’s a LION Under My Bed – Book 1

The Basics of Learning to Shoot:The Untold Secret of Mastering Ballistics.

by Wyatt Drobson

Focus on hits, not misses! GRAB IT NOW!
Even pro shooter will find worth
information to master outdoor shooting range!
This is an excellent book for those who want to know all secrets of learning to shoot.
“The Basics of Learning to Shoot” book embraces all ballistics advices and tips you need to master long range target shooting.
This shooting guide is not only for beginners but real pros as well! Even pro shooter will find worth information to mastering outdoor shooting range!
This perfectly detailed book is a real treasure for the connoisseur of shooting art.
Do you want to be a real marksman!
This long range shooting manual will discover for you, all new untold things about shooting at longer ranges!
Unquestionably, for shooters who wants to learn for the first time about:
Different types of ballistic calculators, Shooting at long range, Wind meter, Chorography, Equipment, Bullets, Types of firearms, Scope features and adjustments â?¦
Be a real pro! Get The Untold Secret To Mastering ballistics and become a marksman!!!

Applying Six Sigma Tools to the NFL Combine: Do they capture the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

by Jeff Parks

Using Six Sigma problem solving tools to determine how, why certain players are drafted into the NFL based on how well they do on the tests at the NFL Combine.

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