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Hungary’s Finest Killers: (True Crime Anthology)

by Maia Morgan

A true crime anthology dedicated to showcasing the most cruel and prolific mass murderers of an entire nation.

Exclusive and never before published content featuring serial killers such as Ember Zoltán, the man from the Ghost Town named Szentkirályszabadja, who made his victims strangle themselves while he watched. Or Jancsó Ladányi Piroska, the woman who murdered young girls, then used their lifeless body to satisfy her sexual desires. That’s just the start of this depraved list as we move on to the Tinsmith who pickled his victims in barrels, the first Transvestite Hitman, Hungary’s most famous gangsters The Hunter Killers and the Angel Makers of Nagyrév who were said to have poisoned over 300 people.

One book, ten murderers and over 1000 victims. Reader discretion is advised.

LOL: From Homeless to Multimillion-dollar Global Business Leader

by Christy Dreiling

Growing up a poor girl in the heartland of America isn’t easy, but as a lifelong dreamer and optimist, a young Christy Dreiling became determined to make a good life for herself and her family. From a humble beginning and hunger to a series of bad marriages, as Christy’s mother made tough choices, and noble choices, in order to support her daughters, against all odds Christy forged a path to success, from becoming Miss Kansas Teen USA, to an actress, and eventually, a prominent businesswoman. Her remarkable journey details the role models, friendships, love, and passion for service that would guide her from a childhood in poverty to attaining a position as a multimillion-dollar global business leader. Now she shares with us the personal success tips and revelations that led her to find her calling and enabled her to achieve her goals. A true rags-to-riches story, LOL marks the ascent of an individual who endured a lifetime of discouragement before finding the success and happiness that she always wantedâ??and much more.

Christy Dreiling is a mother, wife, and successful international business leader in network marketing.

Elon Musk: Top 35 Business and Life Changing Lessons from Elon Musk

by Frank Hunter

Elon Musk

Top 35 Business and Life Changing Lessons from Elon Musk

If you are interested in making changes in your life and in your business, always look for insight from those are where you want to be. For anyone who wants to be successful in life and business, Elon Musk is one individual who is embodies the word success. It is a universal truth that if you are working toward success, only take advice from those who have achieved it.

This book presents the vision and drive that has helped Elon Musk succeed and continue to be more than just a relevant voice in the world of business.

If you are looking for advice and need some inspiration, this book will deliver. A lot of research went into collecting these 35 business and life changing lessons; Elon Musk is a visionary and his rise to the top has provided the rest of us with an awesome yellow brick road to follow.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Elon Musk’s visionary drive that paved the road to success.
  • Uncover your own visionary drive.
  • Discover the Intrinsic Qualities that Lead to Success.
  • 35 business and life changing lessons that will help you Succeed.

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The Royal Princes Boxed Set: The World’s Most Eligible Men

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book

Millions of women have been enamored by the handsome princes of Windsor. This book gives a fascinating insight into the life of honest-to-goodness royal princes, and shows how these heartthrobs deal with the trial and tribulations that mark them from birth.

What’s Inside

Behind the princes’ smiles are men had been through the bitter experiences. Read on and find out their amazing secrets.


Book I: Prince William, Fairytale Prince – The Life of the Future King of England
Chapter 1 – It’s A Boy!
Chapter 2 – The Younger Years
Chapter 3 – Away from Home
Chapter 4 – Caught in the War of the Waleses
Chapter 5 – Sorrow and Loss
Chapter 6 – Being Steve
Chapter 7 – When William Met Kate
Chapter 8 – Just William Wales
Chapter 9 – A Big Royal Wedding
Chapter 10 – A Man Groomed to be King

Book II: Prince Harry – The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Chapter 1 – A Spare is Born
Chapter 2 – Behind the Shadow of the Heir
Chapter 3 – Off to School
Chapter 4 – Goodbye, Mummy
Chapter 5 – Royal Troublemaker
Chapter 6 – Gap Year Prince
Chapter 7 – A Prince in Love
Chapter 8 – “Harry the Nazi”
Chapter 9 – Harry’s Niche
Chapter 10 – The Prince at War
Chapter 11 – For Love and Country
Chapter 12 – More Than A Spare

Book III: Prince Charles – The Life of the Prince of Wales…and Future King of England

Chapter 1 – The Heir to the British Throne
Chapter 2 – A Life of Privilege
Chapter 3 – Catching the Most Eligible Bachelor in the World
Chapter 4 -The Wedding of the Century
Chapter 5 – The Prince, A Proud Father
Chapter 6 – â??God Forbid a Tampax. Just my luck.’
Chapter 7 – The Fairytale Marriage Dies, And So Did the Princess
Chapter 8 – Prince Charles Marries the Other Woman
Chapter 9 – The Most Active Prince of Wales
Chapter 10 – A Handful of Controversies
Chapter 11 – The Media and the Prince
Chapter 12 – Will He be King?

Book IV: Prince Andrew – The War Hero from Buckingham Palace

Chapter 1 – The Queen’s Favorite
Chapter 2 – A War Hero
Chapter 3 – A Woman Named â??Fergie’
Chapter 4 – Between Family and Naval Duties
Chapter 5 – Life After Divorce
Chapter 6 – Playboy Prince
Chapter 7 – Royal Duties
Chapter 8 – Treading in Hot Water

Why Buy Now

These royal princes have had a considerable impact not only in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, but worldwide as well . Buy this book now and discover the tragic yet fascinating stories of the royal princes of Windsor.

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