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Coco Pinchard’s Must-Have Toy Story: A sparkling feel-good Christmas comedy! (Coco Pinchard Series Book 5)

by Robert Bryndza

A sparkling feel-good Christmas comedy, which asks the question – how far would you go to get your child the must-have Christmas toy?

It’s December 1992, and children are going crazy for the Tracy Island toy – almost as crazy as the parents! Christmas day is fast approaching and Coco Pinchard is desperately trying to track one down for her four-year-old son Rosencrantz.

Throw into the mix a horrible boss, a lazy husband, and the prospect of her in-laws arriving for the festivities, and Coco wishes she could cancel Christmas and sail off to a desert island somewhere – preferably with the gorgeous-yet-unattainable Tom from work.

But retail therapy is at hand! Coco’s faithful friends Chris and Marika rally round, and even her mother-in-law Ethel tries to help in her own eccentric way.

From dodgy dealings in a motorway lay-by, to extreme shopping in Hamley’s with a Sylvanian Families fanatic, to having a go at the Blue Peter make-your-own Tracy Island, Coco tries everything in the hope that Rosencrantz will open his must-have toy on Christmas morning.

What everyone’s saying about Coco Pinchard’s Must-have Toy Story:

‘Kick off your shoes, grab a mug (or four in Ethel’s case) of mulled wine and laugh your festive socks off with this brilliant addition to the Coco Pinchard series!’ Bookaholic Confessions

‘From blackmail to Black Friday-like mayhem, I highly recommend this witty and hilarious lovely Christmas tale’  La Chouette Blog

‘Robert Bryndza has a wicked sense of humour, a truly amazing talent for writing comedy and creates over-the-top (but totally believable) characters that will have you in stitches!’Billiwiz, Amazon Reader

‘A perfect light and easy read for the stressful holidays, complete with the timeless message on the importance of family and friends (and Tracy Island, of course).’ Julayn Adams’s Book Reviews

‘I had tears of laughter running down my face lots of times reading it. It’s AMAZING! So many laughs-BRILLIANT!’ Julie Haigh, Amazon reader

Chess: The Ultimate Chess Playing Guide: The Best Openings, Closings, Strategies & Learn To Play Like A Pro (Chess, Chess For Beginners, Chess Strategies Book 1)

by Terence North

Discover how to play Chess like the Pros !

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Do you never really know how to start the Game ? What will be the next Move ?
You almost won – what to do now ?

In this Book, you will find everything you need to know:

  • From Openings …
  • … Over Strategies …
  • … To Endings

If you are already playing daily and will be the next World Champion or if you are still unsure where to put the Chessmen doesn’t matter. The book takes you by the Hand from Pawn to King.

If you answered one of the Questions above with Yes, do not wait any longer to discover and master the Art of Chess.

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Just for Kids Knock Knock Jokes: Knock Knock Jokes for Kids. A Clean Kids Jokes Book for Ages 5-9

by Jessica Jacobs

The Perfect Book to Get Your Kids Laughing.(Comes with FREE Bonus Jokes!).

Get ready to laugh! Funny Mommy Jessica Jacobs has done it again with her new book, Just for Kids Knock Knock Jokes. Packed with classic and new Knock Knock Jokes, this book is sure to keep your kids laughing for ages

Perfect for:

  • Car trips and family road trips
  • School fun (all jokes are CLEAN and SCHOOL FRIENDLY – Yay!)
  • Any time you want to laugh and have fun with the special kids in your life
  • Reluctant readers
  • Children (and adults) of all ages who love to have a good laugh

Join in the fun with the children in your life. There’s nothing like laughter to bring you together and help make memories.


Jessica had great difficulty finding a book of good, CLEAN (not gross or rude!) jokes her boys could read, enjoy and share with their family and friends. She was tired of “editing-on-the-run” when she read jokes books with her kids…so she set out to create a series of good, clean joke books suitable for all situations and all ages. Just for Kids Knock Knock Jokes is the first book in her new “Just For Kids” series.

Once you’ve read the Kindle version, you’ll want to get the paperback! So much fun for kids to share!

Hatch and Dispatch: Tales and Advice From a Midwife

by Vicki Bryce

From the author:

“Expecting a baby?

“I didn’t plan on spending my career looking between ladies’ legs. But for the last 35 years I’ve hatched over 3,000 babies – mostly in the hospitals, but some on the side of the road and in carparks.

“Hatch and Dispatch is a compilation of the advice I give to expecting mums almost every day, whether it be their first of fifth babies. I use the stories from my career to show you that every woman has the same concerns, the same questions, and makes essentially the same noise when pushing a baby out.

“Read about the hallucinations some women experience when using nitrous, what happens to tattoos and piercings during pregnancy (clue: dolphins become whales, Bambi becomes a moose), and about the partner who wanted to attend ante-natal classes even though his baby was already born. Bless his cotton socks – he wanted to leave his wife and baby at home and come to class to learn about nappy changing and settling (on the job training was not for him).

“I am a pragmatic woman – the advice in this book is sensible. It is honest. My job is interesting and fun so there are some great stories for you to read. I don’t try to scare or sway you, just show you that pregnancy is a part of many womens’ lives and need not be the guilt-ridden ride it has become.

You will read about:
-Common pregnancy complaints
-The inevitable guilt – thanks to the internet, pregnancy now comes with 20% extra free guilt!
-Be prepared – your ante natal card, injections, allergies, knowing your and your partner’s limitations
-Classes and birth plans
-Labour and pain relief
-Support people
-Dos and don’ts for partners
-What the midwives will teach you once baby is born
-A preview of history’s worst pregnancy and parenting advice

I hope you enjoy the book, have a laugh, learn something, and relax about what lies ahead – even if only a little. You were designed to bake this baby.

100 Haiku Poems to Help You Survive Today

by The Pug Addict

First, let’s make one thing clearâ??this is not your traditional Haiku. These are not the kind of poems that they forced you to read in school and write stupid essays about. If anything, these poems would be best described as the deformed love children of Haiku and all the forms of ill-minded humor that she slept with. For that reason, if you’re looking for some nice classy poetry, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Second, this is not the book you should read to kids. While some poems are fairly clean, others are just downright filthy (and by filthy, we’re talking South Park level, here). And if you just so happen to be a child who decided to sneak onto your mom’s Kindle, if you’re reading this now, then put this down and go do your science homework. Now, or we’re not going to the football game on Saturday. Did I just hear you talk back? That’s it, you’re losing your PS4 for a week.

Lastly, if you don’t fit any of the descriptions above, and if you’re sitting somewhere right now while bored out of your mind (i.e. work, class, clothes shopping with your wife), or even if you’re just looking for a quick laugh to brighten your mood, then this is probably the book for you. Be prepared to chuckle and cringe as you read through a hundred short poems, all of which are designed to help make your day just a little more bearable.

HOW TO BUILD A FORTRESS THE SMART WAY: (with step-by-step instructions)

by Geniuz Gamer

One of the Hottest Construction Guides of the year!!!

HOW TO BUILD A FORTRESS THE SMART WAY: (with step-by-step instructions)

Hello there dear reader! First of all let me thank you for picking-up this eBook and deciding to give it a shot! If this is your first time reading one of my eBooks then this section will tell just what you can expect to learn here and how the information will be presented. It’s all laid out in a fun and easy way, and you’ll even have pictures to help supplement the text and help you understand it.

Building giant structures is no easy task and we all need some help from time to time. The main focus will be on creating an impressive fortress with high walls, towers and a castle in the middle. You’ve already seen a short preview of the fortress on this eBook’s cover, but I’ll be providing a chapter dedicated to the entire tour of the fortress. As for me (your instructor), you can be confident that I know what I’m doing and that you’ll really learn a lot throughout this eBook. I’ve been (and still am) a hardcore miner since the first beta version and during that time I’ve amassed a lot of knowledge and experience.

You will make your own stuff in order to become a better miner and challenge yourself to build the biggest and best things that you can! And, of course, you want your stuff to be better than your mate’s stuff. That’s probably why you’ve clicked onto this e-book.

By the end of this eBook you’ll learn some amazing secrets and other things that you will be able to use in your own game. So sit back, relax, and let your friends be blown away by the sheer brilliance of your mind – a mind that is able to conjure up and develop the coolest, most unique and totally brilliant things. So, what are you waiting for?

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WATCH DOGS: Best of Memes & Jokes (for ADULTS!)

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Also 30 BONUS books inside!

So you like comedy?

It’s time to let your self go into the funny stuff!

If you’re checking this book out…
You are probably one of those video game fans who is in a high anticipation of this upcoming game sequel to WATCH_DOGS

I encourage you to take faith and download
this great and funny, best and unseen memes filled comedy book, which You wont regret!

“WATCH DOGS: Best of Memes & Jokes” is a great compilation of jokes and memes illustrated in funny pictures. This book is for adults.
You will find great PICTURES with funny memes, hilarious jokes and quotes all in one place
Let the laughs beginâ?¦!

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A Cat’s Diary

by Stephanie Dolce

A humorous take on owning a cat and the difference between cats and dogs.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.