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A Preface to Philosophy: Exploring Truth, Doubt, and Ethics

by Philip Wik

Philosophy is part of who we are. We wonder, we muse, and we puzzle our way through life. And there is little that is more exhilarating and challenging.

The title of this book echoes Walter Lippman’s influential book A Preface to Morals, published in 1929. In it, he makes that case for humanism as an answer to the disillusions and dislocations of the modern age. My book touches on some of these themes while I look through the lens of experience at the big questions of life.

The three pillars to the architecture of my world view are epistemology, skepticism, and ethics.

Epistemology is a big word that means something that is both easy and hard. A six year will understand “Did you eat that cookie?” But when it comes to trying to figure out abstractions such as cause, space, and time, we pull our chins and scratch our heads. Epistemology is not just a pillar of philosophy. It is the foundation to all of philosophy. Much of this section comes from my book Varieties of Truth.

For much of my life, the skeptic in me has battled the mystic in me. My life’s journey is like rowing a boat. At times, I row against the wind and not always in a straight line. I’ve tried to explore my doubts while avoiding the reefs of credulity and fanaticism on one hand and smug cynicism and hyper- intellectualism on the other hand. These essays came from my book Crucifying Voltaire.

Finally, I try to understand ethics with essays from my book The Broken Compass. I choose the title The Broken Compass to suggest our struggle to navigate our life’s journey with our moral compass that doesn’t always point to the North Star. We live in a world of many voices. Some of those voices shout from a landscape of moral relativism and post modernism. Money, culture, power, and celebrity are the voices that over power the quieter but persistent voices of traditional notions of right and good. But the paradox is that sometimes the louder voices are those voices to which we should listen. For popularity isn’t always wrong and tradition isn’t always right. That’s the enduring challenge for all of those trying to live the ethical life. It pervades the way we choose our leaders, raise our families, and live our lives. Ethics is at the core of our humanity.

I cover a lot of topics, and perhaps the best way to read this book is to look for topics that resonate to you from the index rather than reading it as you would a textbook.

I hope that I give you, if not answers, at least some of the right questions for you to consider.

Is there any Light in Human Rights Philosophy?: Chaos of the ‘Cloud of Confusion’ Raised by Questions of Human Rights and Related Topics

by Andrew Kirby

Abstract: Enforcing human rights has been a major issue as being practical in nations or in having a coherent theoretical basis. Lives of billions of people rest on it, for with the abuse of human rights law come the livelihood of these souls. Whether either one is the answer is controversial, but it would seem wisest to suggest that not having a convincing theoretical basis for human rights law is the most applicable, for if the world can agree, the problem could be solved. The answer to this question is answered with questions. These questions may seem irrelevant, but every question is an issue that could be raised about human rights law or topics from other fields that can cause difficulties with creating a convincing theoretical basis for them. Questions many times do not really have a clear answer, though different opinions prevail and each side can show why they are right very convincingly.

The demonstration of the existence of God: by God’s Advocate : God defended the victims from the beginning

by Dan Anghel

And I will prove to you that God exists and He is good,
and I will also prove to you that mankind is evil.
I have searched a man with a candle during the day like Diogenes, the cynic, and I found Him in Heaven, and His Name is Jesus Christ.
A blind man has the liberty to deny the existence of the Sun,
but the blind man exists because of the Sun.
Who despises the moral of forgiveness will be saturated by the justice.
God loves the humankind, be humane !
The truth is the delight of angels and the pain of men.
The humanity it is not our weakness but our power !
“This is the judgment: The Light has come into the world and the children of men loved the darkness more than The Light, because their works were evil” John 3:19
God bless you all, my brothers !

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