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The Digital Story: Binary Code as a Cultural Text

by Grant Kien

An explanation of the origins of digital computers, how binary code was conceived, the philosophies and theories behind it, how it was embedded into electronic circuitry to create the digital computers we know today, and how as our primary information system digital programming languages encourage us to think about the world we live in.

Nothing To Vote For: The Futility of the American Electoral Process

by Daniel Schwindt

Voting is the stone in the “stone soup” of our broken electoral system. It gives the appearance of healthy political participation, but in reality it is a substitute for it.

In Nothing To Vote For, Daniel Schwindt explains why the ballot you cast each election season is really just another piece of bureaucratic paperwork, much like your taxes, except that the act of voting also has a powerful placebo effect. It gives you the reassuring feeling that your government is listening to you, and that you have some degree of control over its leaders.

It is the American people’s continued belief in this illusion–the illusion of the vote–that allows our government to go on ignoring us, year after year, election after election, president after president.

A real assertion of your freedom–perhaps the only one you have left–involves tearing the ballot to shreds.

Kelly vs. Trump: A Complete History of the Megyn Kelly-Donald Trump Feud In The 2016 Presidential Election and Beyond

by Tony Robson

Discover The History of the Ongoing Fued Between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly!

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The 2016 Presidential Election has been one for the books. There has been so much said by the candidates, members of the media, and other news sources. One of the most interesting storylines of the 2016 Election has been the ongoing ‘war of words’ between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is the host of Fox News and is a sharp critic of Donald Trump. As you probably know, Donald Trump is the real estate mogul turned Presidential candidate, and now the President-Elect for the United States.

This e-book examines the history between Kelly and Trump, what’s been said, and how it has affected the 2016 Election. I have also added some bits and pieces that were mainly unreported by news sources, as well as expert commentary and analysis. This is an e-book that will be continually updated to reflect any new happenings in the ongoing fued.

Here Is A Preview Of Kelly vs. Trump…

  • What was said during the interview between Kelly and Trump
  • Controversial tweets by Trump aimed at Megyn Kelly
  • Megyn Kelly’s responses on Fox News
  • Sexual Assault allegations made against Trump by Kelly
  • Analysis and Breakdown of the War of Words Between Kelly and Trump
  • How Their Fued Has Affected the 2016 Election and Beyond
  • The Aftermath of the Allegations
  • And much, much

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Restoring Tibet: Global Action Plan to Send the Dalai Lama Home

by Evelyn Roberts Brooks

Note: Dear Readers, if you know how to contact Richard Gere (actor, humanitarian, Tibetan activist), please let him know about this book. Thank you, Evelyn.

Today, fifteen years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I invite everyone in the personal development and spiritual growth communities, supporters of a free Tibet, and our like-minded friends — We the Peaceful – to join together and create a global manifestation of a different variety: the power of love.

The face of peace: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

Who in all the world represents the principles of love, compassion, kindness to a higher degree than the average? Answer: the Dalai Lama.

We’ll use this powerful truth of the law of attraction to send the Dalai Lama home to a free Tibet. The book includes all you need to get started with a daily meditation to manifest Restoring Tibet.See the meditation playlist at:

On 9/11/2001 a small group of people created a hate-based demonstration with repercussions felt around the world. The face of fear: Osama bin Laden and those who followed. Their rallying cry: Destroy! There are those today in USA who promote fear-based political agendas and the building of walls. Their rallying cry: Return to greatness–Keep our country safe from strangers!

Those born on and after 9/11/2001 entered a world drenched in anxiety, cautions, warnings, amber alerts, and a sense of powerlessness.

I hope you will join me in creating a higher level of peace in the world. Thank you.

Evelyn Roberts Brooks is a writer, transformational healer, lightworker, and speaker. She’s shared the stage with Bob Proctor (“The Secret”), Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Arielle Ford, Misa Hopkins and other trailblazers in personal development. As host of “Your Dream World Summit,” she interviewed 22 experts on all aspects of creating a life that you love with your dreams fulfilled.

She’s the author of “YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen,” “FORGET YOUR TROUBLES: Enjoy Your Life Today,” “GET HAPPY TODAY: No More Excuses!” and many other personal growth books, as well as screenplays and novels, including “THE DREAM SPINNERS.”

Evelyn is passionate about helping others experience a transformational healing in their lives, reduce their stress, heal heartache from loss, divorce, grief and trauma, and lead happier lives.

Her goal is to uplift, inspire and encourage, while showing people how to gain clarity and manifest more of what they really want in all areas of their lives.

Be sure to stop by Evelyn’s central web site and claim free instant download access to your $97 gift collection to relax, unwind and de-stress. It includes a 25-minute guided meditation to help you release regrets for the past and worries for the future and learn how to more easily and readily enjoy the power of living in the present moment.

Here’s what Kirkus Reviews says about Evelyn’s big fat juicy book “YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen”: “Her unflagging exuberance and you-can-do-it attitude will encourage readers to remain at the buffet. This persistence pays off with nuggets of wisdom about turning one’s thinking around; for example, Brooks tells of how she learned the importance of rule-breaking by drinking from a ‘Colored Only’ fountain as a child. Wisdom like this can change lives, and Brooks’ book serves up plenty. A self-improvement recipe with plenty of ingredients worth nibbling on their own.”

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