Free science fiction Kindle books for 07 Dec 16

Humble Beginnings (Tri System’s Edge Series Book 1)

by Ron Schrader

When her ship starts having engine problems, Kalla and her crew of smugglers are forced to crash-land on the planet Paradise, but soon after leaving the ship in search of help, they discover the planet is anything but a paradise. A vicious swarm of creatures called Vie begin picking her crew off one by one, forcing Kalla to run for her life. Will she beat the impossible odds, and make it back to her ship unscathed, or is the life she knew about to come to an end?

The Girl in the Blue Dress: A Short Story

by Adam Vine

Near every natural disaster in human history, there has been a girl who wears a blue dress watching and laughing. The first time he saw her was in Pompeii. She said it was her favorite show. But where, and to when did she go?

(First published in NonLocal Science Fiction #4)

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