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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: 10 Signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and How to Handle or Avoid that Hell. (Borderline Personality Disorder, … Parent, Disarming the Narcissist Book1.)

by Fidelma Rafferty

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

In this book, you will learn

about the telltale signs of narcissistic personality disorder from an experienced psychotherapist. You will be given specific characteristics of personality along with real life examples to help you spot this trait in people. Once you are aware of what signs to look for, you won’t ever be victimized by a narcissist again. In addition, this book will give you the tools you need to start healing from the mental anguish that often comes along with being involved with narcissists. We can’t always choose who we have around us, but with the right mindset, it’s possible to stay strong around even the most difficult of people.

In some cases, you may choose to disengage from that person permanently, and in other cases, it isn’t quite that simple. In order to survive this and come out mentally healthy, you need to be prepared. This starts with working on your own self-confidence, in addition to recognizing the victimizing traits of someone with narcissistic personality disorder. This will help you to become a stronger person, more balanced, and able to thrive in healthy relationships, careers, and other life situations.

Get your personal power back!

It is my hope that this book will aid you in gaining back your self-confidence, if you’ve ever been victimized by a narcissist, and help you avoid getting involved with one again in the future.
Whether you are involved with a narcissistic spouse, child, sibling, or boss at work, you will find what you need in this guide.

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How To Analyze People: Read People Using Human Psychology, Body Language And Communication Skills While Increasing Influence

by Brian Cagneey

Learn How To Analyze People Change People’s Minds and Actions – Be an Influencer!

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Would you like to:

  • Understand Non-Verbal Communication?
  • Read Others’ Intentions Correctly?
  • Develop a Magnetic Personality?
  • and Influence Others?

If so, you must read Brian Cagneey’s The 7 Laws of Body Language AND The 7 Laws of Influence!

In The 7 Laws of Body Language, Brian Cagneey describes key principles like:

  • The 1st Law of Body Language: What Is Body Language, Anyway?
  • The 2nd Law of Body Language: Take These Simple Steps for Reading People
  • The 3rd Law of Body Language: Understand General Signals
  • The 4th Law of Body Language: Avoid 4 Common People-Reading Mistakes
  • The 5th Law of Body Language: Strengthen Your Mind/Body Connection
  • The 6th Law of Body Language: Have a Positive Effect on Others
  • The 7th Law of Body Language: Develop the Lost Art of Charisma with Body Language

In The 7 Laws of Influence: How to Influence People through Communication Skills, Body Language, Social Influence and Persuasion, you’ll learn the true meaning of influence and human psychology. Genuine influence and persuasion involves earning the trust of those around you and building an eager audience of followers through good social skills.

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In The 7 Laws of Influence, Brian Cagneey explains:

  • The 1st Law of Influence: A Single Idea that Could Change Your Life
  • The 2nd Law of Influence: Focus Areas for More Influence
  • The 3rd Law of Influence: 5 Basic Principles of Influence
  • The 4th Law of Influence: Simple Body Language Signs That Influence People
  • The 5th Law of Influence: Communication Skills for Influence
  • The 6th Law of Influence: How to Influence Without Words
  • The 7th Law of Influence: The Keys of Positive Persuasion

Gain the power of social influence, learn how to read people, help others embrace your goals, and create a better tomorrow!

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Acne Be Gone: Acne Treatments That Work

by Sam Berkley

Learn The Secrets To Conquer Your Acne And Get The Beautiful Skin You Deserve!

Do you have acne and don’t know how to treat it effectively or have you tried everything and just can’t seems to get rid of your acne. Well, in this book you will be shown how to eliminate your stubborn acne for good! Inside you will find details on what to do and how to get it.Described are a huge variety of treatments ranging, from natural treatments to pharmaceutical,at home to professional treatments.You need this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Thе Best Acne Medicine Аnd TrеаtmеntÑ?
  • Hоmеmаdе Acne Trеаtmеnts
  • How To Make Hоmе Aсnе TrеаtmеntÑ? Thаt Work
  • PrеÑ?сriÑ?tiоn MеdiсаtiоnÑ? Ð?r TrеаtmеntÑ?
  • TоÑ? Acne Treatments That Wоrk
  • Tips For Fast Aсnе Trеаtmеnt
  • And much More!

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How to Analyze Body Language: Proven Psychological Tips Will Help You Instantly Analyze People and Read what You Can’t Hear. Recognize Happiness, Anger, Joy, Desire, Sadness and Shy in Human Behavior

by Scott G. Larson

Stop if you want to Master your social communication skills and have a look at this!

How to Analyze body language

Proven psychological tips will help you instantly analyze people and read what you can’t hear

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This is a social psychology book that will teach you how to read and analyze people through their body language.
It is a very powerful tool you will have to see who lies, who is sad, who is angry and who express a desire.

Here is a little preview of what you will learn…

  • Universal body language
  • Importance of first impression
  • Different personality types and behavior patterns
  • General body language examples
  • Methods and techniques to analize people
  • And much more!

Make sure you download your copy today. Use your social communication skills at maximum

What others say about “Read & Analyze body language”

“Good book, I found what was looking for inside” George Bryant
“Great body language examples!” Nina Mendoza
“This book is easy to read and understand” James Pushkin

Homemade Healthy Dog Food Food Recipes (Because Your Dog Deserves The Best All Natural Dog Food and Health Dog Recipes!)

by Mabel Roark

Your dog deserves the best! Did you know that commercially produced dog food are generally, dirty, unsafe and laden with chemicals? Give your dog a more wholesome, healthy and longer life with these delicious (and yet easy to prepare) natural homemade dog food!

In this all natural dog food recipe guide you’ll find:

– Foods your dog (and over 80% of dog owners don’t know this!) should never ever eat! Not even a morsel!
– Gluten Free Recipes!
– Wholesome fruits and foods (Did you know small amounts of broccoli, bananas and apples are good for them?)
– Dietary needs of small dogs, large dogs because every pup is unique!
– And Many many more!

The Breast Cancer Gene Dilemma (Mastery of Self Healing Book 1)

by Jeanne Dockins

The Breast Cancer Gene Dilemma tells the story of Catherine, a wife and young mother who tested positive for the BRCA gene. She is now faced with the painful decision of whether or not to have her healthy breasts removed to avoid breast cancer.

Jeanne Dockins, RN, a former surgical nurse at a level I trauma center, reveals how women with a positive breast cancer gene can affect their breast cancer gene expression by their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Dockins has first-hand surgical experience with women choosing to have bilateral mastectomies after learning they have tested positive for the breast cancer gene. Her intention is to educate, enlighten and empower women to make informed decisions about their own breast health.

Through scientific research, increased awareness and intuition, women can begin to critically rethink what they’ve assumed to be true about the breast cancer gene. This change in perception may alter their future breast health and wellness choices.

Jeanne Dockins, RN has retired after 30 years of surgical nursing. She is now an author and public speaker on spirituality, personal power, and self-healing.

Acupressure for Beginners: Learn to Relax (Massage, Relaxation, Self-Help, Health)

by Phil Morgan

Acupressure for Beginners
Learn to Relax (Massage, Relaxation, Self-Help, Health)

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, pain and disease occur when there is an inequity between the two body forces (yin and yang) which produce a sort of stoppage in the flow of vital energy (Qi). Acupuncture is the balance between the Yin and the Yang.

To perform this method, acupressure doctors use the so-called “QIXUE” or acupuncture points located on the human body energy channels and have a great knowledge of their exact places in the body.

Many elements of traditional medicine are beneficial and the WHO encourages and supports countries to identify harmless and safe cures or therapies that can be used in public and private health services. Both of medical organizations and medical researchers have made special emphasis on the need to support the research on the acupuncture and its adequate application, and in 1991 during the 44th World Health Assembly, the countries members were urged to introduce measures for its regulation and control.

Find out about acupressure and more in this book.


by Francisco García Lara

-La historia trata de la influencia que los videojuegos ejercen sobre la sociedad, no solo en niños también en mayores.
-Narra la historia real del nacimiento del TEL�GRAFO en 1843, que supuso la primera y la segunda revolución industrial mundial de la historia quedando unido por la comunicación todo el globo. El TEL�GRAFO impulsó a los científicos a crear, primero MORSE; HERTZ las ondas HERTZIANAS para la radiotelegrafía; VOLTA la primera PILA para el TEL�GRAFO; PROPOV la primera antena; evolucionó de tal forma que ramificó el TEL�FONO; el LASER por las ondas hertzianas; la ondas hertzianas con las primitivas antenas de la radiotelegrafía llegan a nuestros días con los modernos radiotelescopios espaciales, la diversidad de aplicaciones del rayo LASER, la primitiva pila VOLTA para TEL�GRAFOS a las actuales pilas de botón. TEL�GRAFOS creó otro alfabeto CCITT, télex, internet, tarjeta cajeros automáticos, fibra óptica. TEL�GRAFOS reordena todas las comunicaciones bajo el nombre de TELECOMUNICACIONES incluidas comunicaciones espaciales, radio, TV, telefonía, etc. etc. El primitivo TEL�GRAFO de MORSE ha evolucionado hasta el teléfono móvil y redes sociales que hoy disfrutamos, cuya regulación del espectro radioeléctrico sigue bajo el control de UIT que desde el pasado año 2015 celebra el 150 aniversario de las TELECOMUNICACIONES.
-Tony, niño de 8 años, es el personaje principal, junto a su abuelo. A Tony le han impactado unos videojuegos de naves por las galaxias, de tal forma, que ha estudiado todo lo concerniente al GRAFENO, lo fácil de su manejo y su dureza, también se ha interesado sobre el LASER, quiere hacer una nave de GRAFENO impulsada por un RAYO LASER. Con sus padres ha visitado fábricas y laboratorios sobre nano cristales cuánticos y lentes, con objeto de construir su RAYO LASER que revolucionará los desplazamientos en todo el mundo, como lo hizo hace casi 200 años el TEL�GRAFO

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