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Odin: Gods of Wrath Security and Investigation (Gods of Wrath Security Agency Book 1)

by Michelle Mcloughney

Navy SEAL Odin Byrne believes in two things, the SEAL code of honor and the ability of his Team. When he loses one of his brothers-in-arms, he loses a part of himself. Starting afresh with his Team and back home in Boston, Odin has only one focus, his uncle Declan’s security and detective agency, â??The Gods of Wrath.’ A new team member is the last thing Odin wants, especially an ex-con who is hot as hell and mouthy to boot. Fighting for control of his agency, his heart, and his damn hormones, isn’t easy. When a new case threatens those closest to him, Odin must work with his adversary to bring a murderer to justice. Simple, apart from the memory of his lips on hers, and that one hot night. Jasmine McCarthy is starting a new life in Boston. After three years in an Irish prison for a crime committed by her ex-husband, she craves a new start, a new chance. When her friend Declan Byrne gifts her a part of his agency, Jasmine see it as her duty to join the team and follow his wishes, regardless of the opinion of her formidable new boss, Odin Byrne. The pig-head arrogant Ex-SEAL would be a lot easier to ignore, if she hadn’t already had a taste. Jasmine and Odin want nothing more than to stay the hell away from each other, if only chemistry and fate would play ballâ?¦

The Scramble Bell

by David Coulter

Military culture-shock hits transport pilot Don Cutler when, from the peacetime environment of the Royal Air Force in the 1960’s and 1970’s he is suddenly plunged into the unconventional ways of those fighting Arabia’s secret war in the Oman. He rediscovers a passionate love affair he’d thought was long dead.

This is a fictional story set in the framework of real events experienced by the author and close associates in the Oman between 1973 and 1978, although the timescale has been modified to suit the narrative. The romantic part of the story is pure fiction, and any resemblance to real people and their relationships is unintended and coincidental. However, unusual situations encourage the development of unorthodox characters, and the unpredictable nature of war develops them faster perhaps than more mundane events. This extraordinary little war had more than its fair share of characters, and I felt I ought to try to portray at least a few of them. I have tried also to convey the atmosphere of the time, and to give a sympathetic impression of the personalities who took part in – indeed shaped – the events described. Those who were there may think they recognise themselves or their colleagues, but I have changed the names to give deniability to any who may feel it necessary.

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