Free religious fiction Kindle books for 08 Dec 16

Love Comes to Beaver Creek (Beaver Creek Series Book 1)

by Jacqueline Kimball

Summer 1851, Beaver Creek, Oregon. Lindy Sanders is in love with her childhood friend Jack Matthews. But she, and she alone was at the creek when his sister drowned,and she feels that he blames her. Things get intense when another person drowns,and the community realizes that this is no coincidence. Can Lindy and Jack find true love despite the tragic events,or will a love from the past change everything?
Ben Dorsey’s wife died ,leaving him with two babies under a year old. Ben vows never to love again, but he needs a wife,and quick.. Mary Grace vows that she will marry a complete stranger,rather than live with her father and step mother any longer. And finally, Carlton has returned from California with enough money to take a wife. But the one he loves, loves another.

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