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Romance: Gay Romance: The Vampire’s Search For A Mate (Vampire MPREG Paranormal Romance) (Adventure Science Fiction Male Male Romance)

by Van Cole

What Will Happen When The New Vampire King Is Suppose To Find A Queen But Falls For Another Male Vampire?

The Vampires have long reigned under the surface. Their race, ancient and ruled through strict tradition, has been ruled by a long succession of King.

Now, however, a new reign will rise as Vampire King Valentin attempts to shatter tradition by falling in love with a male. Not only does he pass up the opportunity to wed a high bread vampire woman, but he rejects her to be with a bloodsucker, the lowest ranking vampire. Their crimson eyes give away their bloodlust that can only be satisfied by visiting the surface and preying on human victims. But it is those eyes that puts King Valentin under a spell.

He knows he cannot live without Milo, the silver-hair vampire that captured his heart with a single glance. But what will happen when the Daunsal, an even more powerful and ancient race than the vampire, threatens to interfere and destroy everything Valentin has ever cared for? Will he win out against the invincible race or will he succumb, allowing the royal bloodline to fall into the hands of others?

This Is A Romance Short Story With A FREE Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

Can’t Hold A Candle: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery (Me, My, My Own Book 2)

by L.S. Daniel

From there the team moves on automatic, their presence is declared and Greg’s team breaks down the front door, they deploy smoke cover but as predicted they draw attention and fire, they swarm the chemical preparation area at the front of the building while Greg notices the other two teams entering from the sides, Donovan identifies the civilians easily and makes her move.

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