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Romance: Taken by Her Dad’s Boss (Pregnancy Billionaire Taboo First Time Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Romance Short Stories Book 1)

by Blue Sky Books

Samantha Bines thought she was going to spend the long weekend at Lake Diamond with her dad.

But it turns out her dad has also invited Jason Sykes, his boss at the multi-billion-dollar advertising agency where he works.

Samantha is nervous and excited; she has had a major crush on Jason Sykes since she was a teenager.

Now twenty-five and a successful editor, she thinks she is over her teenage crush.

But when she sees him all the old feelings resurface, and it seems that Jason also has some feelings for her.

She tries to fight her feelings, but it is hard.

Pirate (Fairy Tale Bad Boys Book 2)

by Erin Bedford

Sometimes the grown-ups have all the fun.


She came to the Never Isles to get away from the stress of everyday life. To find adventure and maybe even a little bit of romance. What she didn’t expect was to get swept up by the charming sea captain with a gleam in his eye. A gleam that told her he wanted to do wicked things to her and lord help her she might just let him.


He wasn’t looking for adventure, he’d had his share in the navy. After a dishonorable discharge for a crime he didn’t commit, he was friendless, jobless, and on the run. His only solitude was the Never Isles where nobody knew his name. Until she literally fell into his arms. Can he find solace in her carefree heart before his past crimes catch up with him?

Can be read as standalone.

The Lone Dragon Knight (The Dragon Knight Series Book 1)

by D.C. Clemens

His memories only go as far back to his days slaying starved beasts and mad men in a dark pit, but soon after he’s sold to a criminal syndicate, Mercer gains a chance to avenge the life he lost. Helping him take advantage of the opportunity is an enchanted longsword he finds deep within a mountain, whose power links to that of an ancient dragon. If Mercer hopes to achieve retribution against his formidable foes, he must become something not seen in centuriesâ??a dragon knight.

Home at Last (Crystal Springs Homecoming Romances Book 4)

by Mary Jane Morgan

Ashley Richardson is coming home. After years of living away, guarding a long-buried secret, she accepts her brother’s offer to live on his new dude ranch and be the public relations director. Yet the minute she arrives, she encounters Hank Bradleyâ??the man she’s spent twelve years avoiding and the one person who can never know the secret that’s shaped her adult life.

Hank Bradley, part-time vet and co-owner of the dude ranch, has worked hard to build a peaceful life on this land where his son, Tommy, is buried. But his hard-won solitude is shattered when Ashley, a woman he’s spent twelve years trying to forget, moves onto the ranch and back into his heart.

When the past and the present collide, will Ashley and Hank finally find the love that’s haunted them for a decade? Or will the secret Ashley’s been keeping destroy their future forever?

Jammed (A Charlie Cooper Mystery, Volume 1)

by Deany Ray

Charlie Cooper Profile:

-Underpaid precinct secretary at the Boston Police
-Grew up in Springston, 90 miles from Boston – but still not far enough
-Weekend plans: toffee caramel ice cream, crime shows and the Laundromat
-No friends, no pets, no hobbies
-Special gifts: tripping over her own feet
-Finding Mr. Right: negative
-Healthy diet: cookies and all things sweet

At age twenty-nine, Charlie Cooper’s life is not exactly a hit. Working as a precinct secretary at the Boston Police answering phones, making appointments and writing up crime reports means she might not be on the fast track to her ultimate dream job.

And her living situation? She is the proud inhabitant of the most minuscule “master suite” she can afford to pay, where she can brush her teeth, get her clothes out of the dresser drawer and turn on the hallway light without getting out of bed.

But when a job opportunity arises, she’s ready to take the bull by the horns and prove she is more than just a fast typist. Sure, she has to bite the bullet by returning to her hometown and living with her wacky family, but this is only the cover for her real assignment: finding clues involving a real big drug case.

What starts out to be just harmless snooping turns into a pile of dead bodies, slashed tires and threatening notes. But Charlie is determined to solve the case and catch the killer before he catches her.

Throw in two fearless waitresses and a hot fry cook who is not what he seems and you’ve got the perfect mix of a fast-paced and exciting mystery.

The Billionaire’s Christmas Bundle Of Joy – A Secret Baby Romance (The Tycoon’s Unexpected Baby Book 1)

by Holly Rayner

This is one Christmas that James Chance can’t cancel.

Mia Daniels is an anchor at SNO News, and loves her job, especially when she gets to report on her favorite thing: Christmas. The only man getting in her way is her miserly, Christmas-hating boss: the gorgeous and irresistible billionaire James Chance.

After a snowstorm maroons them both at work however, Mia seizes her chance to show James the magic of Christmas; she decides to throw a mini-Christmas celebration for her gorgeous billionaire boss, with lights, decorations, and of course, mistletoe! Unable to resist their burgeoning desires, they fall into one another’s arms in a passionate and unexpected encounterâ?¦

Mia thought she could get on with her life and career, putting the encounter – and her feelings for her boss – to the back of her mind, but little does she know, Mia is wrong; she soon finds out she’s going to give James a Christmas gift he’ll never forget: his own beautiful, bundle of joy. A baby!

One thing is for sure: James Chance is going to learn to love Christmasâ?¦

This is a standalone Christmas romance novel from best-selling author Holly Rayner. It contains a guaranteed HEA, and a tale of romance that will capture your heart. As an added gift, it also includes the entirety of The Sheikh’s Purchased Bride, completely FREE!

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