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Unlocking One Another – 30 Days To Improving Your Relationship Communication: Learn How To Nurture A Deeper Love By Mastering The Art of Heart-To-Heart Relationship Communication

by Simeon Lindstrom

Have you ever noticed how often people say they wish they could “find” love?


… As if love were something beautiful to just stumble upon on the side of the road.

Yet when you speak to happily married couples, especially those that have been married for decades, they never ascribe their success and happiness to luck. Instead, they’ll probably tell you that a good relationship takes work – lots of it – and the continued effort and maintenance from both sides.

Love is a verb.

It is not something only some people are fortunate enough to catch and then merely set aside. It’s not a prize you win or a box to tick on your life’s checklist. Instead, love has to be kindled and rebuilt every day; it has to be invited in, nurtured, cultivated. Love is not something passive that you simply have or don’t have – it’s an active process and the continual expression of what’s in your heart, mind and soul.

In this book, love is not a noun. It isn’t some mysterious gift from the gods that falls into our laps, but something that we can work on and build with intention.

So, in that spirit, this book will not be a dispassionate list of relationship advice, or theories about the way people work together, or tips to heat up your sex life. Instead, this book will ask you to become actively involved, to not just read but to constantly apply what has been read to your own life.

And since we are on the topic of heart-to-heart communication, you’re naturally going to need to rope in your partner, too. The exercises are experiential, meaning, simply, that you have to actually do them in order to benefit from them.

You’ll be asked to be honest with yourself, get out there into the world and even make yourself vulnerable. Some of these exercises will be fun, others will scare and challenge you – but they are all designed to open your heart to more effective communication with others, so that the relationships you build are strong, heart centered and compassionate.

This book is written for anyone who feels that they are not living (and loving!) to their full potential. Whether you crave deeper connections with others or want to reignite relationships you are already in, this book was written to help you master the art of good communication.

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