Free travel Kindle books for 12 Dec 16

Costa Rica Curious: Redefining the American Dream

by Greg Seymour


Come on, you know you want to say those words. Greg Seymour wanted to and he and is wife did just that, they left successful careers for a simplified life in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Curious is part memoir, part travelogue, and part motivational book. Learn how one couple left the earn-more spend-more treadmill, that is dubbed the American Dream, and found a more rewarding way to live. One where experiences are valued over things.

In addition to “why” they chose a move to Central America, Seymour shows “how” they moved including the couple’s decision making process and budget. Their adventure is not all rainbows and volcanos but through it all they learned a better way of life by redefining what is meant by the American Dream.

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