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Criminal Psychology: The Criminal Mind of a Serial Killer (Criminal Psychology, Serial Killers, Criminal Mind, Dark Psychology, Book 1)

by Shawn Becker

Get Inside The Twisted Mind of a Serial Killer!

Criminal Psychology: The Criminal Mind of a Serial Killer

To the untrained eye, a serial killer looks just like any other member of the public. They wear the same clothes, they eat the same food and they go about their daily lives, as any normal person would do. But there is a difference in them, which is unquantifiable; it is the deadly secret that all serial killers hide from the outside world.

If they weren’t able to conceal this secret so well, many cold-blooded killings could have been prevented. So if we could see deep within their souls and spot the things that made them the way they are, maybe we could stop them from becoming serial killers in the first place.

With this book, I aim to get inside the mind of a serial killer, to show what makes them tick and to see if there are any personality traits that are the same across the wide range of different serial killers there have been through time.

Finally, I will take a look at the top 5 serial killer personalities and 10 of the most famous serial killers in history. This will give us an insight into the mind of a serial killer and a better understanding of the things that turn people into cold and calculating killing machinesâ?¦

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Criminal Psychology: The Criminal Mind of a Serial Killer

RETURN TO THE WILDERNESS: The Final Years off the Grid (Growing up Wild Book 4)

by Janette Ross Riehle

Vernon and Sylvia continue to live off the grid except for two school years in Palmer, where the kids attend public school. But Vernon must return to the trapline to support his family and several of the children, especially Janette, become dangerously ill while he is gone. After Sylvia’s father dies a year later, the family returns to Alexander Creek, while continuing to fish on Cook Inlet each summer.
At age 12, Janette begins fishing commercially along with her parents and helps to bring in income for the family. Although she loves her life in the wilderness, she feels lonely at times and is beginning to ask deep questions about life.
While written for the general public, this book, as well as the others in the series, is also suitable for older children who are interested in how families lived in earlier times and in far different circumstances than their own. They are written in part from the perspective of the children, as well as that of the adults.

Female Serial Killers

by Christine Carter

Four of the most notorious female serial killers are profiled in these biographical essays. Christa Pike would be the youngest woman sentenced to the death penalty for a torture/murder she committed at the age of eighteen. Myra Hindley would be the right hand woman to one of the most hideous serial killers in British history, Ian Brady. Seductress Tausha Morton would bury her husband on his own farm while Clara Harris killed her dentist husband after discovering that he was cheating on her.

A Chelsea Concerto

by Frances Faviell

â??Take off your coat,’ said the doctor. I took it off. â??And your dress,’ he said. â??It’s too dangerous – the folds may catch in the debris and bring the whole thing down.’ I took off the dress. â??Fine,’ he said shortly. â??It’ll have to be head first. We’ll hold your thighs. Go down and see if it’s possible to give an injection. Can you grip the torch with your teeth?’

Frances Faviell lived in Chelsea before and during the London Blitz, having became a Red Cross volunteer when World War II began. Chelsea was particularly heavily bombed and the author was often in the heart of the action, witnessing or involved in fascinating and horrific events through 1940 and 1941. Her memoir evokes an unforgettable cast, Londoners and refugees alike, caught up together in extraordinary and dangerous times – not forgetting the â??Green Cat’, a Chinese statuette, standing on the author’s window sill as the home’s talismanic protector.

Frances Faviell’s memoir is powerful in its blend of humour, tenderness and horror, including the most haunting ending of any wartime memoir. A Chelsea Concerto is reprinted now for the first time since 1959, with a new introduction by Virginia Nicholson.

â??Irresistible reading. There could be no more graphic account of what one first-aid worker and her small party witnessed and did during the London Blitz â?¦ while characters are sketched in with a novelist’s art, the impression left is one of stark truth.’ Birmingham Post

â??I am so happy that A Chelsea Concerto is back in print. It is a gem of a book, one of the best personal memoirs of WW2 on the home front, written with an artist’s eye for detail and immediacy.’ Kate Atkinson

Welcome to the Jungle

by A. L. Harlow

I followed Big Johnny through the house and out the back door to his garage. Once inside he pointed to a pile of cash on the table: “It’s all there, count it.”
“It looks alright to me.” I reached into the bag and pulled out my gun. “What the fuck?” Then he yelled something in Spanish. It must have been a signal. I heard the back door slam shut and feet running. Standing five foot – ten inches tall and weighing every bit of 400 pounds – Big Johnny made the perfect human shield.
“Tell them to toss their guns inside and walk in slowly with their hands in the air.” I held my gun to the back of his head – keeping him between me and the door. He repeated my request, half in Spanish and half in English.
“Fuck him, essa. I’m putting a bullet in his white ass,” replied a voice with a thick Latino accent.
I could see the sweat starting to run down the back of Big Johnny’s shaved head. I pushed the barrel harder into the base of his skull and whispered in his ear, “He may put a bullet in me – homeboy – but not before I send this one right out through the front of your face – comprende?”
With an urgent – almost pleading tone – Big Johnny said something else in Spanish. After a long moment of silence three guns skidded across the floor and in through the doorway. With their hands in the air – three Mexican gangsters came in.
Adrenaline was rushing through my veins – making me feel better than any drug I’ve ever done. This is what I lived for – I was in my element.
“You,” I said, pointing to one of the three amigos. “Come over here, empty this bag and put the money inside.” I tossed the black gym bag onto the table. “Then I want you to put those guns inside – one at a time.” When he was finished I walked them out single file into the yard.
Big Johnny was the first to lie on the ground next to the brick wall separating his and his neighbor’s yard. I put the three amigos on top of him and used them as stepping-stones to scale the wall. I threw the gym bag over, put my gun in my pants and followed. Landing on my feet I grabbed the bag on the run.

FRIENDSHIP: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill, and Endurance

by Francis Mandewah

The remarkable life journey of an African boy from the region made famous by the movie “BLOOD DIAMOND,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which was nominated for five Academy Awards.

That movie brought attention to a rebel war in West Africa in which “blood” diamonds, also known as “conflict” diamonds, were used to finance warlords and their activities.

Two decades before the rebel war Thomas Johnson, a pilot from Minnesota, was employed to fly boxes of gems and alluvial diamonds in Sierra Leone from Yengema to Freetown, where a British Airways jet would fly the gemstones to London. This pilot met and befriended young Francis Mandewah, an impoverished Sierra Leonean boy, and gave him generous support that opened a new life of opportunity, which would eventually take Francis to America.

Along the way Francis had many harrowing experiences, including crossing the Sahara Desert, which almost cost him his life. His challenges continued in Italy, Greece, and finally in America. In the end, Francis became aware that his real voice that has emerged through all his trials and tribulations is one of deep faith, and gratitude.

· “The Story of Francis Mandewah Is One of Those Few Stories that Will Stay with Me Forever”-Newspaper Editor/Amazon Review

· “Out of Africa: A Memoir that Reads Like An Adventure Story”-Janet Kirk, Faith Counts Blog

Tiger, Tiger on the Green: The Amazing Tiger Woods Story…Golf, Girls and Greatness (Sports Unlimited Book 2)

by Charlton Best

Tiger, Tiger on the Green…Fame, Sex & Money: The Amazing Tiger Woods Story

Discover the amazing tale of Tiger’s amazing rise to fame, and the shocking secrets behind the scandals that brought him crashing back to earth. You will learn the secrets of how Tiger became one of the greatest sportsmen ever, and the shocking story of the sex scandals that almost ruined him.

To many, the sport golf is synonymous to the name Tiger Woods. One cannot be mentioned without the other in the same breath. Why is this so? What had made Tiger Woods a household name in golf?

Read about all you need to know about the rise, fall and comeback of one of the world’s highest paid athletes and find out for yourself what made Tiger the man we all know him to be today

What’s Inside?

Included in this biography are pictures of Tiger Woods through the years to accompany the story about his rise to golf stardom, the snags in his professional career and the scandals that led to his failed marriage with former model Elin Nordegren. This ebook is not just about Tiger Woods, The Golf Superstar. This is also about Tiger Woods, The Man Behind the Limelight.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Tiger Cub
Chapter 2: A Cub No More
Chapter 3: Hear Me Roar
Chapter 4: The Lady and the Tiger
Chapter 5: On The Prowl
Chapter 6: A Different Kind of Hunt
Chapter 7: Bad Tiger Bad
Chapter 8: The Aftermath
Chapter 9: Beneath The Stripes
Chapter 10: I, Tiger

Start Reading Now…

If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is regarding Tiger Woods, it is strongly recommended that you pick up this ebook. He contents herein may surprise you, move you or astound you. You never really know until you start with the first chapter. In 35 pages, read all about the juicy bits that made him one of the most controversial athletes of the decade.

The Story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana :The Fairytale Romance that Turned to Tragedy (Royal Couples Book 2)

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book

Prince Charles and Princess Diana made headlines with their fairytale wedding and with their separation and divorce. This book will show you that the fairytale romance that people so gushed about was doomed from the start. You will discover how Charles and Diana’s love story yielded to the challenges and trials facing a couple and how it all ended in a tragic death that shook the gates of Buckingham Palace and made us realize how the star of the much-loved Diana became brighter than those of the royal family.

What’s Inside

Follow the lives of Charles and Diana from their birth to their engagement, be amazed by the spectacle of their fairytale wedding and sympathize with them as they go through a bitter separation that led to their divorce. In between, discover:

-Charles’ early life as heir to the throne and Diana’s struggles in being an unwanted and unloved child
-How Diana coped with the celebrity status that comes with being the future wife of the Prince of Wales
-The signs that foretell the fate of their marriage
-The things that drove Charles away from Diana
-The events that led to their separation and eventually, divorce
-Diana’s affairs and Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles
-Diana’s death, and how it shook the foundation of the monarchy

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Heir to the British Throne
Chapter 2 – An Unwanted Child
Chapter 3 – The Courtship and the Engagement
Chapter 4 – The Fairytale Wedding
Chapter 5 – The Nightmare Begins
Chapter 6 – “Pop” and “Mummy”
Chapter 7 – The Couple’s Royal Duties
Chapter 8 – The Marriage Unravels
Chapter 9 – War of the Waleses
Chapter 10 – In Search of Love
Chapter 11 – A Tragic and Untimely Death
Chapter 12 – Prince Charles and Camilla: Happy Ever After

Why Buy Now

The story of Charles and Diana had inspired a lot of people, mainly because Diana was the modern-day Cinderella who found and married her Prince Charming in the person of Charles. You will be surprised to know the truth behind their marriage, and the reasons that eventually led to its failure.

There and Now

by Eric Reese

This volume of a four-part autobiography was written to help those middle-schoolers and teenagers who are facing bullies, having suicidal thoughts, or feel that they have no one to turn to for help. Eric understands your pain and frustration being that he was bullied in school and in his neighborhood for many years because he wore glasses and did not dress as well as others. One day, Eric stood up to confront the challenges as he had grown tired of it. Fortunately, it was done so positively in light of so many negative ways to address stressful circumstances. Eric advises you to do so as well. Parents must realize that children are in more need of their help and support during these crucial stages of adolescence. The best has yet to come if you are a teen facing these challenges. Don’t worry. Eric understands and has lived through the pain and survived. He wants you to do the same and knows that you can.

Selling the Daughters of America

by Marc Evans

Selling the Daughters of America

Despite what many Americans mistakenly think, human trafficking is a gross and violent crime happening in the United States, affecting thousands of young girls and their families. In this startling depiction of human trafficking devices and violence, Evans provides a straightforward look at the problem, and the day-to-day techniques used for recruiting and holding young girls in the hostile sex trafficking environments. This direct approach to what can be an uncomfortable and frightening subject, serves to educate the population about the dangerous crime that is silently sweeping the nation. Specifically written to raise awareness among all mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors, this book establishes a pattern with which young girls can arm themselves against trafficking methods.

Evans candidly reveals the specific operations of traffickers and the inner workings of their twisted minds. Using case studies and personal experiences, the book demonstrates the reality of human trafficking in our own backyards, and the specific measures young girls can and should employ to protect themselves from becoming victims.

This book paints a picture of the specific skills of traffickers and the terrifying world of their victims. Readers will finish this book with a heightened awareness of their surroundings, and the knowledge necessary to protect themselves and their families against this deplorable crime currently
targeting the daughters of America.

About the Author
Marc Evans, a 19-year veteran lieutenant with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), has conducted more than 4,000 sex trafficking-related investigations. During his extensive career, Marc spent many years working undercover, investigating pimping, pandering, prostitution, sex slavery and other heinous crimes. From operating as an undercover vice officer in Hollywood along the world famous Sunset Strip, to his supervisory role as the officer-in-charge of an LAPD Vice Unit, Marc has gained invaluable knowledge of sex trafficking-related crimes.

Marc shares his vast professional expertise to expose the inner workings of domestic sex trafficking and its role in the rapid expansion of forced prostitution that occurs on your local streets and behind the doors of brothels posing as legitimate businesses in your community. Marc’s raw and gut-wrenching experiences may shock your conscience. However, it is his belief that a shocked conscience can help a society understand the horrific acts associated with those who are selling the daughters of America.

Marc is a graduate of Saint Leo University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a master’s degree in critical incident management. He is an adjunct instructor at Antelope Valley College and has lectured at the University of Central Oklahoma and California State University – Northridge.

Marc has provided domestic sex trafficking training to members of Oxford University, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security, United States Courts, Utah National Guard, United States Navy, as well many police departments throughout the United States and Canada.

Marc was featured on various television series that include, MSNBC Investigates, Cops and LAPD-Life on the Beat. He was also awarded LAPD’s prestigious Life Saving Medal.

John Lennon Superstar Exposed: From The Beatles to The Bullets (Beatlemania Book 4)

by Joe Bensam

Why Choose This Book

Without John Lennon, there’d be no Quarrymen, much less the Beatles. It was his band. His love for music, rock â??n’ roll particularly, gave birth to the group that would sweep Britain, America and the world off their feet in what the press termed as Beatlemania. John Lennon is a legend, a not-so-perfect man who had battled personal demons since he was young and stepped out of the shadow of the Beatles to launch his solo career. This book will show you John’s colorful life from childhood to his death.

What’s Inside

John’s life is no ordinary. Discover:

-Why John felt unloved and unwanted when he was a kid, and the decision he had to make when he was just 5 years old
-John’s reputation as a bad boy and troublemaker at school
-How John and Paul struck a songwriting partnership and friendship that would dwindle just before the Beatles’ dissolution
-John’s relationship with the women in his life
-How John coped up with fame
-John’s obsession with Japanese avant-garde artist Yoko Ono and their crazy life together, and so much more!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Unwanted
Chapter 2 – The Quarrymen
Chapter 3 – The Beatles
Chapter 4 – The Hard Road to Fame
Chapter 5 – The Birth of Beatlemania
Chapter 6 – Parting Ways
Chapter 7 – The Two “Virgins”
Chapter 8 – Making It on His Own
Chapter 9 – The Family Man
Chapter 10 – An Unspeakable Tragedy

Why Buy Now

John Lennon’s life is an interesting read. While a lot of ordinary people may have had similar childhood experiences, John’s were different for how he turned out to be after the Beatles released their debut album. His life was a rich story of a poor man’s child from Liverpool who’d gone on to make a name for himself, so read on and share with his triumphs and failures, his happiness and pain, and his fall and redemption.

Begging (Invisible Child Book 1)

by Mary Hayward

My name is Mary, and my brother was James Phelge of the rolling stones rock band. He lived with Mick Jagger and Kieth Richards in Edith Grove.The book gives a rare insight into the home life I shared with my brother. The story starts in Edmonton, London. It is the story of heartbreak and neglect in the relentless struggle for food amidst the filth of poverty.

What is it like for a small girl to starve? When she needs help, she is abandoned and left to struggle alone. A powerful true story of this gutsy child fighting for the life of herself and her little 4 year old sister. At 8 Mary is begging for food and feeding the family. Yet something in Mary keeps going with sheer determination to win though using her own initiative, relying only on herself to keep herself under the social radar. This is the first of three books that chronicles this amazing story of courage and inventiveness, of this child.

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