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Build your Dream Team: Leadership based on a passion for people.

by Candela Iglesias Chiesa

It’s Monday morning and you have a knot in your stomach as you think of going to work. You recently started a new job as a team leader. You were very excited in the beginning, but it has been a tough week.

Your team members don’t seem too happy with you, people have been skipping meetings, you’ve been drowning in emails and requests, two of your team members are not even talking to each other and your new boss wants you to present your team’s plans for the year when you have barely a plan for next week.

You are realizing you actually have no clue how to be a team leader. Sure, you’re great at what you do, and you’ve been a great team player. But nothing in your professional training taught you how to do this. “This” being putting together a team. Actually, putting together an amazing team.

How do you bring together disparate characters and create something bigger and better than the sum of the parts? How do you achieve the goals you’ve promised to the organization and to yourself, goals which can only be accomplished through teamwork? What do you do when conflict explodes? How do you ensure that managing your team’s request doesn’t eat up all your time? Unless you actually studied for a career in management or business administration, chances are you were never taught anything about team leadership and managing people.

This book is for you if:
a.You have just started as a team leader (at work, in a sport or a hobby, or when volunteering) but have never learned about leadership and management in your career.
b.You have been a leader for a while but are currently facing a crisis period and feel you don’t have the tools to resolve it or if you want to learn new ways to strengthen your team, get better results, and build a better work environment.

This book is a practical guide to accompany you through the process of becoming a great leader and putting together a dream team. It will show you how to:

-Identify the leadership skills you already possess and build on them.
-Successfully transition from team member to team leader.
-Get rid of overwhelm and learn to manage your time.
-Achieve your team goals through smart planning and follow-up streategies.
-Manage the team formation process to create a strong, cohesive team.
-Maintain smooth communication by establishing solid systems.
-Help your team members avoid or overcome demotivation and burnout.
-Resolve conflict constructively.

This book focuses both on developing the mindset that can help you become a great team leader, and on building the strategies that will help you reach your goals, maintain team spirit and communication, and prevent conflict.
This is the book I wish I had when I started as a team leader years ago. I’ve put together all the best strategies I researched and tested through my own journey as a leader.

After reading this book and testing the practical ideas in it, within weeks you’ll see positive changes in how your team relates to you and to each other. You’ll feel empowered. You’ll have a clear vision of who you want to be as a leader and what you want your dream team to look like, and most importantly, the tools and the plan that will make that vision a reality.
My goal with this book is that you will find simple, easily-implementable solutions to the problems that now seem insurmountable. That tomorrow, instead of dreading your team meetings, you’ll start looking forward to interacting with your team. That when the next quarter comes, you’ll have a clear plan of how to create an amazing opportunity out of those dull personnel reviews. That in a few weeks from now, the grey cloud of dread, boredom, and stress hanging over you every Monday morning when you have to hit the office will disappear and the sky will look bright blue as you go re-join that dream team of yours for another week of astounding successes.

The journey starts here. It’s a fun one.

Stock Market Investing: 2 Books in 1 (Stock Market Investing for Beginners & 8 Habits of Highly Successful Investors)

by G. Smith


Intentional Thinking: Control Your Thoughts and Produce the Results You Desire

by Dale East

Free Audiobook: Live the Life You Deserve, with Intentional Thinking!

You know:
…there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing.
…you’re capable of so much more than you’ve achieved.
…you’re stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage.

Fear and worry are preventing you from being who you know you can be.

You’ve worked hard all your life and still never enjoyed the results you should have achieved. You’ve seen others achieve more with what seemed like much less effort. You know the highly successful people that make it look easy and natural.

This book is for people who know there is more to life than their current experience. People who want a step-by-step, action guide. A plan to gain control of their thoughts, and produce the results they want.

There are so many things that could be standing in your way.

You could be fighting off limiting beliefs installed when you were a child. Or a giant fear that prevents you from taking action. Even when you know that action could be life changing.

Maybe you suffer from a constant state or worry that has you stuck in a rut you can’t climb out of.

The problem is, you are what you think.

Your mind is out of control. Overcoming fear of failure, worry and an inability to take action on your dreams and desires seems impossible.

The good news is, there is a system. A step-by-step process, you can use to take control.

You can control your thoughts, and create the results you want, for any area of your life.

“Intentional Thinking” is the answer.

This is my story! It’s how I, and thousands of others around the world, are moving toward the life we all seek using intentional thinking.

I give you the skills, that will allow you to finally control of your thoughts. Commit to this action plan, and your life will never be the same.

You will learn to…
*Conquer your critical thinking and inner voice, (whose job it is to keep you stuck).
*Change your thinking, so you can erase thoughts that no longer serve you.
*Begin to think intentional thoughts, to move toward the life you desire.
*Find freedom from fear, worry and stress.
*Happiness is a choice that you choose anytime you want.
*Find passion and fulfillment, to create the life you dream of.

Follow the information in this book and you will find a new level of peace, joy and happiness…today.

New opportunities will open for you. And without fear, you’ll be able to take action on those opportunities.

I take you by the hand, and give you a step-by-step formula to take control of your thinking.

You’ll learn how to keep only thoughts that serve you, and how to release old thought patterns that sabotage your success.

Before you buy this book I have a few questions for you: What’s stopping you from taking control of your thinking?

Why not take control of the results you get in your life?

Why not have the life you dreamed possible?

Be intentional about your future.

Get “Intentional Thinking” today.

“Scroll to the top and click the “Buy Now” button.”

Self-Help Publishing Blueprint: How to Write & Sell Short Self-Help Books on Amazon for Beginners… Even if You’re Not a Writer.

by Gerald Hostein

Attention: Non-writers who want to make money via Amazon Publishing




The good news is you don’t need any new skills or publishing knowledge to get started

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The What, Why & How book format and how it can help you to never run out of ideas to write about

– How to choose the best category for your first ebook

– How to choose sub-topics to target so you can carve out your own niche of small but hungry book buyers

– The formula for coming up with a book title that sells

– How to upload your book from start to finish

– A guide on how to write your book description

– How to double your sales overnight via the “Money Magnifier” technique

– How to choose and get a great book cover for as cheap as possible

– How to run a KDP promotion… the right way


If you’re an action taker and you’re now ready to make extra money while working from home, then this book is for you.

Scroll Up & Download Your Copy Today!

Essentialism: Essentialism Made Simple. Pursuit a Simpler and Happier Life (Blissful Living Book 1)

by Anthony Wright

Feeling stressed out and tired all the time?

It is quite likely you answered yes to this question. Life ain’t easy, that’s the truth.

And we make it even harder ourselves with unnecessary and unimportant stuff.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a solution to all these problems?

Trust me, there is! I won’t lie, some of these tips will be hard to do because you are so used to doing them or having them in your everyday life, but it will get easier in no time.

Material, emotional and even electronic cluttering that is taking a toll on your mind and body, stuff you think you need in your life, but are just hindering it.

Here’s some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book:

  • How to declutter your house and work enviroment of all the unnecessary stuff.
  • Find out why having 1000+ friends in your friend list is not important.
  • Do you have toxic friends?
  • Easy to follow daily exercises.
  • Discover why you only need the essential things in life to be happy.

Follow me on a journey of self-discovery and blissfulness.

Life is too short.

Enjoy every second of it!

Scroll back up and read the question again. Now imagine that in the near future the only answer to this question will be “no”.



It is no secret that some of the greatest people of all time have had the ability to maintain a good attitude even during the most difficult of circumstances.
Having a good attitude can help you to attain success quicker, make you feel happy and accomplished, draw good things to you and help you to develop great relationships with other people. This book will guide on the attitudes you need to develop in other to attain success in your life and career.
The secrets shared in this book will help harness your attitude and make it beacon of bright light that others will naturally want to be around and emulate.


Self-Discipline: How to Develop the Mindset, Mental Toughness and Self-Discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL

by Dominic Mann

Learn the high-level techniques used by the U.S. Navy’s top psychologists to train Navy SEALs into the most self-disciplined, toughest, grittiest warriors in the world.

If you would like to have the indomitable will of a U.S. Navy SEALâ?¦ and do it even if you’re (currently) lazy, undisciplined and couldn’t motivate yourself out of a paper bagâ?¦then this book will show you how.

Discover the self-discipline techniques of the deadliest SEALs

U.S. Navy SEAL training is the toughest in the world. It’s so tough that over 80 percent of SEAL trainees quit.

To help get more SEAL trainees through the grueling training program, the U.S. Navy hired some of the world’s top psychologists to identify the key traits of the toughest, most successful SEALsâ?¦ and teach these powerful techniques to SEAL trainees.

And guess what?

In this book, you’ll learn those exact techniques.

How will you learn to develop the mindset, mental toughness and self-discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL?

Here’s a small sample of what you’re about to learnâ?¦

  • How to set goals like a Navy SEAL (and why it will 10X your grit)
  • How SEALs mentally prepare for their toughest missions
  • How SEALs “shut down” the instinctive fear of drowning and remain calm in life and death situations

And much more!

Transcend your limits. Operate at the edge of what’s possible.

What could you do with an unwavering level of self-discipline?

Well, you no longer need to wonder, because by the time you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll know:

  • The 4 keys to extreme mental toughness (created by the U.S. Navy’s top psychologists specifically for Navy SEALs)
  • The 7 principles Navy SEALs live by
  • How one Navy SEAL had an instructor trying to make him quit during the infamous “Hell Week” by giving him thousands of harsh exercisesâ?¦ and how he still made it through

And much more!

“Do today what others won’t; do tomorrow what others can’t.”


  • What you can learn about mental toughness from a multimillionaire who randomly invited a Navy SEAL to live with him for 31 days
  • How Navy SEALs use humor to increase their mental toughness (and how you can too)
  • A special bonus chapter: “The SEAL Cheat Sheet”

And much more!

To unleash the SEAL within and conquer your most ambitious goals, scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW!

P.S. Get ready to 10X your grit.

You Can Beat the Market: By uncovering new ways to profit in the markets (Traders World Online Expo Books Book 6)

by Larry Jacobs

This book is a guide to various ways to beat the markets from successful traders who presented at our Traders World Online Expo #18. The book is filled with many explanations giving you many of the tools necessary to become successful.
Many of these traders have been beating the markets for many years. And now with this accessible guide they show you how. You are about to discover investment opportunities that many trading experts miss.

This book is your personal treasure map to special ways to trade the markets.

Home Buying: What most people fail to consider: Don’t be most people

by Rafael Chase

If you’re in the market for a new home or thinking of renting a home/town-home etc. You probably have already researched,read,watched videos,HGTV,DIY, etc., and now you’re all ready to close a live happily ever after. [BUT WAIT!!!].
Before you sign that dotted line or grab those shiny keys, you should consider all these other factors we outline in this book, that no one ever tells you or talk about. No Realtor or website would ever mention this nor are they legally obligated to tell you. Because its really not a â??needed’ selling point to the seller. But if you consider these tips along with all your other information, we promise to save you a lot of stress,anger,time, and most importantly MONEY.

How to Become More Linkable… …and Likeable on LinkedIn

by G. Scott Graham

Learn critical elements of a strong LinkedIn profile then set goals to maximize your presence on LinkedIn. This eBook includes two worksheets and the offer of a free social media coaching session which includes a review of your LinkedIn profile.

How to Make Money Online: how to make money from home in 7days (Make Money Working from Home Book 1)

by Jerry Muton

In this book, you will find a simple step-by-step system with which you can consistently earn a fortune monthly from the internet without sweat in just 7 steps in 7 days!

This book exposes simple techniques and strategies ordinary people just like you from different walks of life – are making an absolute fortune working from the comfort of their home: with no technical experience and no knowledge about computers

 You are about to discover  the tricks the super internet marketers use everyday to pull down the big bucks! And now you can use these tricks too, starting today, to quickly and easily generate more income from the comfort of your home.

If you are ready,
grab your copy now and let’s get started!

ECOMMERCE ENTREPRENEUR: How to Make a Living by Starting Your Own E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Career… Dropshipping, Etsy & Teespring Bundle

by Erik Malik

Learn 3 E-Commerce Business Models for Beginners

Inside this 3 in 1 bundle you’ll discover:

– How to choose a profitable product to sell
– How to never worry about inventories ever again
– The only 3 criteria that will guarantee that you’ll only choose awesome products to sell
– How to sell your products via FREE Facebook fan page marketing
– How to apply some ninja SEO tactics to rank your website faster on Google and get more customers online!
– How to fulfill customers orders fast!

– Learn the basics of starting an Etsy business
– Product research for surefire profits
– How to start your own ETSY business from scratch
– Discover what makes a great product great
– How to find products that sells
– Where to find product suppliers
– How to create a listing that converts into cash
– How to market your business through Facebook… Free!

– The exact step by step instructions to make money selling tshirt
– The TOP 10 method of finding a market – this will guarantee you that you’ll make a killing in your category!
– How to choose a target market for your tshirt selling business
– How to sell your tshirts via free Facebook Fan Pages
– How to market your tshirts via other people’s fan pages
– How to sell your shirts via Vine marketing
– How to do basic FB ads and why you should do this only after creating your FREE FB fan page

This is the best time to start an e-commerce business.

Download your copy now and start implementing the lessons today!

Sistema de Trading para opciones binarias: Sistema para ganar dinero en Binarias (Spanish Edition)

by Willy Abreu

En este libro se explica el primer sistema exclusivo de opciones binarias que combina los 3 factores mas importantes del trading; acción del precio, ejercicios psicológicos y dos estrategias técnicas que generan la rentabilidad. El autor detalla 12 reglas imprescindibles a la hora de hacer trading. Se explica un sistema de gestión monetaria que hace la rentabilidad constante, presenta muchas imágenes de entradas y finalmente se presenta las recomendaciones del autor para optimizar los resultados de las operaciones.

Food Truck Business: The Ultimate Guide To Create A Sustainable Food Truck Business Plan – Run, Grow And Be Successful In Your Food Truck Business! (Food Truck, Passive Income, Truck Startup)

by Lucas Stone

Food Truck Business (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

The Ultimate Guide To Create A Sustainable Food Truck Business Plan – Run, Grow And Be Successful In Your Food Truck Business!

This book is meant to help you begin and grow A Sustainable Food Truck Business Plan – Run, Grow as well as Be Successful in Your Food Truck Business that will help sell quickly and make money quickly and also help you to compete with the already established businesses.

In this book, The Ultimate Guide to Create a Successful Food Truck Business will put you to learn what is involved when it comes to dealing with a customer and the foods that are easy to sell on Food Trucks and the benefits that come with it.

Download your copy of Food Truck Business by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

How To Write and Publish a Kindle Book in 37 Minutes – Without Writing a Word!

by Rob Hillman

Write a Kindle Book in 37 Minutes – Without Writing a Word! Shows you how easy it is to produce and publish a book on the Kindle platform with very little effort. The author walks you through one of the easiest methods you can use to publish your book for all the world to see. If you already know how to publish a book on the Kindle platform then this book is not for you , The purpose of this book is to show new authors just how easy it is to get their own book published on the Amazon store.The BONUS chapter that is included also has some fantastic tools for you to use to fast-track your Kindle books. You will see just how easy it is to write a kindle book and publish it in a very short time. Each reader can also join the Easy Kindle Riches membership site (for free) where they will find even more helpful information and tips to help them succeed in publishing a book very quickly.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.