Free fiction Kindle books for 13 Dec 16

Chaos on Kariba: Houseboat from Hell

by Hilary Chase

If you like bad language, graphic sex, fake characters, murder and mayhem – this book is not for you.

If you enjoy an entertaining drama with real people, living real lives, loving and living and overcoming everything life throws at them, then definitely BUY this book. You will find a life-and-death drama, played out in an exotic location where danger is always lurking. You will meet strong, attractive characters whose lives have been touched with terrible loss but who have managed to survive.

The setting is Zimbabwe and the author clearly has a great knowledge of the scenery and wild life. The people in the book are strong characters, but the vast Lake Kariba, teeming with fish, hippos and crocodiles cannot fail to be the focus of attention.

As a thank-you, at the end of this book is a link to a gift of another book. Hope you enjoy it.

Small Tent in the Rain: Sleeping Bag Tales

by MaryAnna Craved

How do you enter a small tent when it’s raining?
Naked. You have to undress outside and wring out all your wet clothes.
You quickly wipe yourself and then crawl into the sleeping bag.
With someone who will warm you up.
The only problem was there were three of us and only one sleeping bag.
Two girls, my best friend and I, and one guy, my prince.
But the sleeping bag can hold only two. And that is only if they snuggle up.
At first, there were the two of us, the girls, alone.
We warmed up. You can imagine how.
Then he came.
They warmed up. You can imagine how.
Then she left.

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