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Historical Romance: Clean Western Romance: Stealing My Heart (Inspirational Love Inspired Pioneer Second Chance Romance) (Westerns Frontier Sweet Historical Short Stories Book 1)

by Johanna Jenkins

20 Special Bonus Stories Included!
There are not many people that dare travel alone in the Wild West, but Bruce Jackson is one of them. With an unquenchable passion to spend his days in the rough desert, he stumbles upon a small town in the middle of nowhere. There, he meets the Red-Haired Thief, Mindy Rowe, a woman that gets by with stealing money from banks in small, remote towns. However, what will happen when she threatens him with a gun to save her from that town’s sheriff? Can what starts out as a peculiar adventure, end up being a day that changes both their lives?

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ROMANCE: CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE: The Rancher’s Virgin (First Time Cowboy Western BBW Romance)

by Ava Walsh

Love is like a shooting star – catch it before it’s gone.

New York is Brie’s life. But when her mother suddenly dies, the 18-year-old doesn’t have a choice. She moves in with her family at a ranch in Texas to start over. Turns out that the ranch owner is one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever laid eyes on.

But she has to forget about him. She’s too young and inexperienced for him, not to mention his son’s nanny.

Little does she know that her aunt’s got it all planned out.

Ranch owner Lance is every woman’s dream with his tousled hair and blue eyes. But underneath the muscles and sun-kissed skin, this wounded cowboy hides his scars. He’s focused on his work and his little son. He has no time for love.

But everything changes when he sees Brie that first day, all curves, beauty and warmth.

Is this wrong? Is this right? Despite their age difference and working relationship, Lance and Brie can’t deny the attraction.

Will Brie be able to move past her loss and start her first relationship? Can Lance let his walls down and give into his feelings? Can they be a family and enjoy a simple life of love and joy together?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

The Rancher’s Virgin is a 17,000-word stand-alone story in a series of cowboy romance books, featuring cowboys and virgins. Other parts of the series:
The Cowboy’s Virgin (more coming soon!)

The books each have an HEA and include stargazing, hot cowboys and steamy love scenes. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Clean Romance: A Light Shines in Manhattan (Clean & Wholesome Happy Sweet Holiday Love Inspired Romance) (Inspirational Second Chance Women’s Fiction Short Stories Book 1)

by Johanna Jenkins

This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger and comes with various bonus stories at the end.

Jessica Stone grew up in the South Bronx to an alcoholic mother and an abusive father. Determined to overcome her dysfunctional childhood, and the poverty she was born into, Jessica became a successful and wealthy real estate agent with an apartment in Manhattan. At thirty-two years old she has it all. The large apartment, the expensive sports car, and money in the bank. But, despite her continuing achievements, there is something missing in her life.

Nothing can fill the hole in her heart or the void in her soul. Known by her colleagues at work as being a loner and “the Ice Queen,” Jessica longs to find some kind of happiness, but it constantly eludes her. Meeting Ryan Steele, a successful investment banker, appears to bring a small glimpse of joy and a promise of romance, but Ryan too is bogged down with his own demons.

Then, a chance encounter with a mystery woman and her friends, changes Jessica’s life forever. But will Ryan accept Jessica now that God has transformed her? Or will Jessica have to make a choice between the new life she has found, or her old life with Ryan?

++ 20 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++


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Out of the Frying Pan – A cozy little romance … with murder on the side.

by Michelle Griep

“A laugh out loud mystery with quirky, lovable characters who find themselves in all sorts of trouble. The storyline is believable and comes with descriptions of mouth-watering food, which makes for a delicious plot! A cohesive and fast-moving novel.” 4-Stars! RT Book Reviews

When the chef of Sunset Paradise Retirement Village ends up dead, life for sisters Fern and Zula Hopkins is whipped into a froth. Their zany attempts to track down the killer land them in hot water with Detective Jared Flynn. Should he be concerned about their safety or the criminal’s?

But there are deadly ingredients none of them expect. Drugs. Extortion. International cartels. And worst of all…broken hearts–especially when the Hopkins sisters’ niece KC arrives on the scene.

Before the snooping pair gain any headway with the case, it becomes crystal clear that the sisters share a mysterious secret that takes life from the frying pan and into the line of fire.

To Kill for a Dream (The Stolen Years Book 3)

by Ryn Shell

Recently expanded, Book 3 of The Stolen Years, is an Australian historical adventure of love and loss, cultural heritage and the land.

Based on a true story.

Iain Fife is a cattleman, politician, and heir to the Fife Downs Cattle Station. But, can he help Jarrah, and save his sister and her children, Emily and Harry, from criminals and himself and from an unwise infatuation?

BONUS: Back of book Glossary of Australian Words

With the word billabong = waterhole, in the publisher’s name, you will know that this book contains Australian words, e.g. station = ranch.

The Geisha with the Green Eyes

by India Millar

By 1850, Japan had been closed to the outside world for centuries. It was a secret, hidden world. And deep within Edo (now Tokyo) was Yoshiwara â?? “The Floating World.” The center of pleasure. And within Yoshiwara was the Hidden House. The place that only the very wealthiest could afford. The place where the geisha wereâ?¦special.

And in the Hidden House lived Midori No Me. Half Japanese, half foreign Barbarian, born to captivity. She was trained to dedicate her life to serving the wealthiest men in Japan. Defiled at thirteen when her virginity was sold to the highest bidder. Possessed by the greatest actor in the kabuki theater. Stolen from him by the most powerful yakuza in Edo.

The geisha who escaped from the Floating World.

The Geisha with the Green Eyes.

If you enjoyed “The Valley of Amazement” by Amy Tan or “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden, you are sure to love “The Geisha with the Green Eyes,” a sensual, sentimental, and fascinating historical romance by author India Millar.

INDIA MILLAR started her career in heavy industry at British Gas and ended it in the rarefied atmosphere of the British Library. She now lives on Spain’s glorious Costa Blanca North in an entirely male dominated household comprised of her husband, a dog, and a cat. Millar enjoys writing about strong women who fight for what they want. In addition to historical romances, India also writes popular guides to living in Spain under a different name. Her Romance Noir series is highlighted on her website,

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Unlikely Soldiers Book One: (Civvy to Squaddie)

by Deb McEwan

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars!

“A fascinating and enthralling look at Great Britain in the 1970s as experienced through the eyes of Guy, a North Yorkshire teen, and Mouse, a Welsh girl. I had a marvelous time reading Unlikely Soldiers and am looking forward to the next book in the series. It’s most highly recommended.”

Cheesecloth is considered high fashion, young teenage girls are in love with the Bay City Rollers and the middle-aged are outraged by Punk Rock.

Naive Michelle Warbutton longs to see the world; already world-weary, Guy Halfpenny is desperate to escape from his.
Both have limited choices.
Their paths aren’t destined to cross until they join the British Army – where sexism is rife, some have to hide their sexual orientation, and political correctness hasn’t been invented.

Discover how lives are shaped, friendships forged, and loves won and lost in this compelling adventure of humour, passion, and tragedy.

Painted Mountain: An Early American Adventure

by Ken W. Henderson

Josh Mosby lost his family to the hostile Shawnees, led by the most infamous savage on the American Frontier. Taken prisoner by the Shawnees, he eventually escapes with the help of Tobahana, a Seneca warrior who is also a captive. They both have one thing in common; they were both taken prisoner by the hated Scarface, scourge of the Shawnee Nation. They vow to send the Shawnee devil to the spirit world of the damned, but after a year of dangerous encounters with Scarface, he still held his reputation as most feared warrior by both Indian and white man. Meriah, the sister of Tobahana, is captured by Scarface, who uses her to get to Tobahana. She eventually falls in love with her brother’s young white friend who helps save her from the evil Scarface. Miskka, the old Cherokee, becomes their best friend and survives many battles, hoping he will somedayreturn to his own people near the sacred Painted Mountain.

Brothers of the Forest: An Early American Adventure

by Ken Henderson

Brothers of the Forest takes you back to the early days of the American Colonies; a time when survival was an everyday struggle. In the vast green forests and mountains west of civilization, two frontiersmen, Josh Mosby and his Seneca friend, Tobahana embark on a dangerous mission that takes them deep into Shawnee Territory to rescue a group of hunters who were captured by the great Shawnee Chief Black Fish. Among the captives was none other than Daniel Boone, the most famous American pioneer of all time.
Based on real people and events in our colonial history, this story tells how settlers along the vast reaches of the American frontier depended upon one another for protection, food and companionship. Men and women who survived the country with all its dangers, became strong enough to succeed in opening up the frontier for all who would follow.
Men such as John Finley, Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone risked their lives to blaze the first trails into the wilderness of western Virginia and Kentucky. They survived Indian attacks, capture and torture by the Shawnees in their quest to find new lands for settlement.
This is the story of how they survived their first trip into the wild frontier of Kentucky and the men who were brave enough to risk their lives to save them.
Join these brave frontiersmen as they journey into the dark and bloody land of Kentuckey.

Darcy and Elizabeth What If? Collection 2

by Jennifer Lang

A collection of three clean novellas. All the novellas in the Darcy and Elizabeth What If? series are separate, standalone stories. They can be read in any order. Contains Mr Darcy’s Hallowe’en, Twelve Days of Christmas and Winter at Netherfield Park

#4 Mr Darcy’s Hallowe’en
What if Mr Darcy’s ghostly mother felt guilty about betrothing him to Anne de Bourgh in his cradle and tried to bring him together with Elizabeth?
When Elizabeth’s aunt Philips decides to hold a Hallowe’en party, Mr Darcy’s deceased mother uses the events leading up to the occasion to bring Mr Darcy and Elizabeth together. As Hallowe’en approaches, a sprinkling of magic shows Elizabeth what it would be like to be the mistress of Pemberley.
Contains a new epilogue (October 2015)

#5 Twelve Days of Christmas
What if Elizabeth had married George Wickham?
Five years after marrying George Wickham, Elizabeth is forced to flee. She seeks refuge with Charlotte Lucas as her family have been killed in a fire, but Charlotte is not at home . . .
Mr Darcy, having inherited Rosings on the deaths of Lady Catherine and Anne de Bourgh, finds a frightened young woman living in the parsonage. Her perfume reminds him of the Netherfield ball. But can the young woman in the parsonage really be the former Miss Elizabeth Bennet? And what will happen when he falls in love with her?

#6 Winter at Netherfield Park
What if Mr Bingley had not left Netherfield Park after the Netherfield ball?
When Caroline Bingley has an accident on the morning after the Netherfield ball, Mr Bingley remains at Netherfield Park and Mr Darcy remains with him. They are soon joined by Miss Darcy, who becomes friends with Elizabeth. When Elizabeth learns the truth about Mr Wickham from Georgiana Darcy’s own lips, things begin to change. But is this enough to ensure a happy future for Elizabeth and Mr Darcy?

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