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The Vietnam War: Soldier Stories: Untold Tales of Soldiers on the Battlefields of the Vietnam War (Vietnam war, soldier stories, Gunship Pilot, Marine Corp, Vietnam History, Vietnam memoirs)

by Ryan Jenkins

The Heroes from One of our Most Controversial Wars, The Vietnam War



Both Sides of the Story
Vietnam is one of the most hotly debated wars. Should we have been there? Did the people of Vietnam really want our help? Did our presence there really help them? These are questions that will haunt the history books for many decades or even centuries to come.

What we do know, is that some men that fought in this highly unpopular war were heroes. They put their own lives on the line, often making the ultimate sacrifice, to save the lives of other men in their units. When thinking of Vietnam it’s important to remember that many of the men there volunteered to avoid being drafted or were unwillingly drafted into service. Others volunteered under a sense of patriotism and believed in the leaders of our country. Regardless of their reason for being there, many of them fought and died.

These are the stories of the heroes. These are the stories of just a handful of men that put the good of their unit above their own personal safety in hopes that they could help one more man go home at the end of it all. Countless lives were saved through their bravery and if nothing else, their sacrifice should be remembered and honored. Soldiers on both sides gave their lives for a cause that many would question for decades to come. Here we look at those that fought, those that lost, and why this war was started to begin with.

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Comments From Other Readers

“There’s so much negativity surrounding the actions of immoral men that were there that we forget that many of them were good men, moral men. Books like this one are needed more than ever. It’s good to finally read about the good men that served in that war.” – Leslie (Oklahoma, USA)

“This book brings that simple fact into the light where it should be. There was little noble about this war other than some of the men that laid their lives on the line to save each other and the innocents that they came across. We should never forget that. Bravo to the author” – David (Illinois, USA)

The Nero Prediction

by Humphry Knipe

It is a time when Rome rules the world and astrologers rule Rome with their eerie doctrine that is part astronomy, part superstition and all powerful.
It is 48 AD and the Romans are searching the Museum of Alexandria for a sixteen-year-old who, according to court astrologers, is destined to play a fateful role in the future of the empire.
Tigellinus, handsome and ruthless, discovers Epaphroditus, a library slave who was born at the fated time and sends him to Rome to become the young Nero’s personal assistant.
There Epaphroditus battles court intrigues and struggles with the question whether Nero is the Christian’s Antichrist who “fiddled” while Rome burnt or a musical genius trapped inside a Caesar .

“Not since Marguerite Yourcenar and her novel Memoirs of Hadrian has there been
much of anything that actually places the reader, spirit and soul, in the time period
written about. Knipe fruitfully evokes the dreadful, constellated world of the hubristic yet musical emperor, making for a most vivifying and engaging read.”
รข??Jaye Beldo

Timeline of Antiquity

by John Rudd

Covering the Age of Antiquity from the advent of the first Olympiad in 776 BC to the approach of Alaric to the gates of Rome and the impending end of the Pax Romana in 409 AD.

The Timeline of Antiquity is a concise and easy to understand timeline of the historical period known as Antiquity. John Rudd produces an accurate, detailed timeline for any student of history to explore, loaded with illustrations and optimized for the Kindle(s) and Kindle for iPad/iPhone.

World War 2: Navy SEALs: True Stories from the First Navy SEALs: The Amphibious Scout & Raiders (Navy SEALs, World War 2, WW2, WWII, World War II, Service, BUDS, American Sniper Book 1)

by Ryan Jenkins

These are the First Navy SEALs, learn the stories of their fearless courage in WW2



Hollywood tends to have a romantic vision of the way war works. War is hell. This book takes a look at one aspect that has gained little attention in the modern age, the Underwater Demolition Teams, also known as the UDT. The brave men that signed up for these early teams faced real dangers that many of the modern Special Forces teams face, without much of the equipment that is carried. For many of them it was a death sentence. These were the first Navy SEALs.

Find out about the early pioneers in the field from Italy. While the Italians were not on the Allied side in WWII their ideas paved the way for other countries to develop their own teams. Italy had a different method that included torpedoes.

UDT’s weren’t just all about blowing things up. They also played a vital role in recon missions. Sneaking onto beaches and landing sites was dangerous work that they willingly accepted in order to help others land safely. Read about their daring New Year’s Eve mission that could have saved hundreds of lives.

When called to, they enjoyed the thrill of clearing the path for other soldiers and Marines hitting the beaches, much like modern day Rangers. This was a deadly and dangerous business though. While you may have heard about the Marines being the first boots on the ground, for many battles it was the UDT that blew the obstacles out of the way for them first!

Grab a copy of this book and see how the first Navy SEALs fought in World War 2.

Comments From Other Readers

“This is an awesome book that talks about units that you never see covered in regular education. My grandfather was injuried in Ohmaha so I try to read up all I can about the actions on that beach. I was amazed to read about the history of the so called “Frogmen” that were on the beaches first. It’s truly an amazing history that the author works hard at brigning to life.” – Charlie R (New York, USA)

“This is a well-written book about the brave men of world war II. Imagine venturing into places that the average person wouldn’t want to go. Imagine venturing into that same place under fire and without weapons. Imagine you’re wearing nothing but swim trunks and carrying just a small dive knife. Imagine doing all this all the while knowing you may not go home. These are what the men of the Underwater Demoliton Team did time after time in WWII. This book truly brings their story to life”- Ian M (Ontario, Canada)

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Death Industry of Ancient Egypt: Everything You Need to Know About the Horrifying and Intriguing Ancient Civilization (History Revealed Book 2)

by Anna Smith

Few cultures conjure as much intrigue and horror as that of the Ancient Egyptians. The civilization that sprung up along the banks of the Nile around 3000 BCE was among the most powerful on Earth. Though much of Egypt was an uninhabitable desert wasteland, the river was a life source that nourished soil and watered crops. It gave birth to a society of farmers, doctors, builders and soldiers, whose achievements and inventions were greater than any seen before. They created one of the first writing systems, were among the first to practice science, and their art was a blueprint for the Renaissance masters. But the achievements that the Ancient Egyptians are best remembered for are their towering pyramids and gory mummification rituals. Death was an industry, and a booming one at that.

World War 2: Soldier Stories Part IX: Tales From the Lesser Known Battlefields of South East Asia (World War 2 Soldier Stories Book 9)

by Ryan Jenkins

The Untold Stories of the War in South East Asia!

How much do you really know about the war fought in the Pacific? Too many people view the war solely from the perspective of the European front or think that the battles raging in the Pacific were only fought in or close to Japan. They associate the American’s as being the few fighting those battles.
This book hopes to dispel some of those facts. There was much more to the Pacific front than that.

Learn about the slogan “Asia for the Asiatics”. Who coined it? Why weren’t all of the nations in Asia on board with this idea? Find out why many groups thought it should have been a slightly different perspective and why they resisted occupation under that banner.

Find out who the Coastwatchers were. What vital role did they play in the war? How did one Coastwatcher earn over a million dollars throughout the course of the war? These brave men faced immense danger for the sake of winning the war.

Read more about the Asian Trail of Tears. Men still have not been recovered from the depths of it. Not only was it a source of brutality, but also revealed an unexpected ally that delivered mercy and peace to men who were injured or dying.

You’ve heard of tanks, warships, cavalry charges, and fighter planes. What about bicycle troops? Find out who used them and what their surprising advantage was.

There are many lessons that we can learn from the battles fought in the Pacific. Make sure you know the full story though!

Comments From Other Readers

“Every county tends to generalize history based upon their own involvement. It was good to finally read the perspective from others. This information isn’t readily found in your average text book. Written for the average reader, this book is easy to drill through even if the subject matter can be heavy. There’s value in learning from our past regardless of who the story comes from.” Randy (Wisconsin, US)

“You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from a little book. There’s much to be found in this one. I was shocked to read about some of it. The rest you can find in snippets through school but not much more than a teaser. History needs a voice. Books such as this give that voice.” – Oliver (Sydney, Australia)

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