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The Dollhouse Elf: Christmas Picture Storybook for Kids

by Mary K. Smith

The Dollhouse Elf

Natalie is the tiniest elf at the North Pole. Her job is to make dollhouses for Christmas. Because she is so tiny, she notices the small things and puts beautiful detail in her work. Santa needs lots of dollhouses and asks Natalie to make more and not waste so much time on the fine details. This really hurts Natalie’s feelings and she runs away. Will Santa, Vanilla the polar bear, and Brown Sugar the reindeer find her before Christmas Eve? Find out what happens… 

  • Excellent for beginning and early readers
  • Great for reading aloud with friends and family
  • Illustrated storybook great for a quick bedtime story

This book is especially great for bedtime, traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home!

About the Author
Mary K. Smith is a mother, a storyteller, and a kid at heart. During her childhood, her grandmother filled her imagination about stories of unicorns, fairies, and princesses. Those stories found a special place in her heart as she told those same stories to her children.

When her children grew up and had their own children, they shared those stories with their children, and now Mary shares those same stories with the world.

 “Think big. Live your dreams!” -Mary K. Smith

Have a Merry Christmas!

Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Steve and Wimpy Alex Book 1; unofficial Minecraft books for kids aged 6-14 (Wimpy Steve and Wimpy Alex Series)

by Wimpy Steve

What is it like to live your life as Steve inside the Minecraft world? Read his diary and experience it for yourself!

Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Steve and Wimpy Alex Book 1 takes you on a journey through the world of Minecraft as a complete noob and wimp named Steve seeks out adventure in his new world. But is it really his world? Or does it belong to Alex?

Grab your copy now and have fun reading about Wimpy Steve’s adventures including:

  • Building his first house
  • Meeting Alex for the first time
  • The time Alex and Steve tried to kill each other
  • What Steve saw when he accidentally broke into Alex’s house
  • How Steve’s house got destroyed
  • Why Alex and Steve were willing to work as a team to destroy the Ender Dragon
  • And much more!

Join Steve on his epic adventure when you grab your copy of Minecraft Diary: Wimpy Steve and Wimpy Alex Book 1 by scrolling up and clicking the buy button!

Read this entire book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited or Prime subscription! Don’t have a Kindle device? You don’t even need one! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone!

Disclaimer: Minecraft is a trademark registered by Notch Development and owned by Mojang Synergies. This is an unofficial work of fiction. The publisher is not affiliated in any way with Notch Development and/or Mojang Synergies.


by Aris Austin

Meet Shadow. He’s a little older and slower than he used to be, but he’s got a heart of gold, and he’s a good dog. People always tell him so. He’ll never hesitate to give your face a good licking, and there’s no one he loves more than his human, Brian.
Brian got a new puppy for Christmas though, leading him to abandon Shadow at the shelter he came from eleven years earlier. Shadow is devastated. Worse, the clock is winding down, even as a caring shelter worker helps him heal from the betrayal. Each day brings him closer to being euthanized in order to make more room at the shelter, and his fate rests in the hands of the very species that betrayed himâ??humans.
Shadow’s story is the story of countless real-life dogs that end up in shelters every year. In an effort to help save them, 20% of book sales will go to Love & Second Chances all-breed dog rescue.

Books for Kids: The Trip of a Lifetime: Kids Fantasy Books, Kids Mystery Books, Kids Adventure Books, Kids Bedtime Stories, Kids Free Stories, Kids Series Books for Ages 4-8, 6-8, 9-12

by Justin Johnson


Traveling to space is what Evan wants to do more than anything in the world. After all, he’s been to eight planets in nine years and would love nothing more than to get to all nine before Christmas morning.

But when he decides to go against his parents’ wishes, in a space ship that’s shaky at best, he finds himself in the last place he’d expect.

The Trip of a Lifetime is a holiday adventure that will have you and your children dreaming of sugar plum fairies and looking at the North Pole in new and exciting ways as you get ready for this Christmas Season.

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Ashley’s Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living With the Amish (includes 25+ rare photos of inside the Amish community and letters from the author’s Amish friends!)

by Ashley Emma

“Reading about…her adventure into the Amish community felt like an intimate behind-the-scenes tour.” –Marie Schaeller, bestselling author
“Highly recommended.” –Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in an Amish community? Now you can experience what it would be like to live with the Amish in this 100% true story.

Join bestselling author Ashley Emma as she travels to the Amish community of Unity, Maine and lives with Amish families. This unique journal literally gives you a genuine inside look into the Amish lifestyle with its rare photos. Come along on the fascinating journey as twenty-year-old Ashley learns everything she can about the Amish as she rides in buggies, shells buckets of peanuts, attends Amish church services, helps make 100 quarts of applesauce, learns Amish customs, and teaches in the schoolhouse. Most of all, she makes lasting friendships with the Amish which make the characters in her novels so realistic.
If you’ve ever been curious or intrigued by the Amish way of life or have ever wondered why they live the way they do, this book will not just tell you, it will show you what it means to be Amish. Join Ashley on this amazing Amish adventure and experience the Amish way of life for yourself!

Book 2, Ashley’s Amish Adventure: Attending an Amish Wedding, is now available!
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“An intriguing and riveting read! This book gives readers a very rare peek into life in an Amish community. The author personally immersed herself into the Amish life, in order to authentically portray their passion to contentment, simplicity and faith as the setting for an adventure of a lifetime. While it is an easy read, it is very intriguing and riveting! The author has a way of drawing a reader into every scene and keeping the momentum going. The characters she introduces us to are so real and relatable, despite the fact that they live such distinct lives from what would be considered main stream modern America! In fact, there is a sense of envy that causes an inevitable reflection on what we consider to be necessary and essential in our daily lives. It was a refreshing read!”
–Tracy Lee, author and pastor

“I LOVE these Amish books by Ashley Emma. They not only grab your interest and keep you reading, they give you a feel like you know a few Amish people and care about them. This is the most powerful step to understanding a culture different from your own. Thanks, Ashley, you have broadened my horizons and you made it fun on the way! There is also a homespun gentleness and honesty about the spiritual side of these differences. If everyone acted like this, Christianity would have a better world view and there would be less hatred in the world. There is nothing more we could ask for from a few books!”
–Chris McKay Pierce, author of Customer Service can be Murder

“A refreshing glimpse inside Ashley Emma’s writing process. Reading about her in-depth, genuine curiosity and appreciation for the people she met on her adventure into the Amish community felt like an intimate behind-the-scenes tour.”
–Marie Schaeller, bestselling author of Breaking the Chains of Silence

“If you are looking for insight into the REALITY of daily life in an Old Order Amish settlement then this published, personal journal is for you…
I have been around the people of the Unity Settlement for about a year now and can absolutely state that this journal has captured the flavor of the Unity Settlement and its people as well as their hospitality… This journal is a nice tool for those researching the reality of the Amish lifestyle. People who find this journal interesting may want to look into the life and works of Elmo Stoll, the deceased father of the Stoll brothers of Unity, Maine.”
–Pls1721, Amazon Customer

Diary Of A Squirtle 2, Evolution (Pokemon Books 2) For Children Ages 5-8

by Arwen Jason

And the adventure continuesâ?¦
All the action and drama in the first book of the series; “The Diary of A Squirtle: A trip to Earth”, is nothing compared to this new masterpiece. Beyond the storyline, we meet a Squirtle, who through constant training and perseverance, can now evolve into a Wartortle as he advances on the path of fate.
It’s been two years since the Pokémon invaded planet earth and defeated their arch enemy. Now, the bond between humans and Pokémon is ever strong. Pokémon yield to human control and wrestle each other to entertain their host (humans).
Squirtle is new to this whole event of combat for sports. The dairy of a Squirtle 2, is a unique and fascinating continuation of the first of the series. With fresh plot, suspense, and humor, we experience another dimension of Squirtle, as he wrestles head-on with different types of Pok̩mon Рsteel, bug, poison, electric, and so much more.
How will he survive? Would he even endure the first five minutes? How does he handle his weakness? And how best does he handle his temper when faced with natural enemy like the fire-typed Pokémon?
Adams, his human counterpart is not left out of the action. Adams and Squirtle share almost everything in common: pain, gain, and arch enemies.
A must book for every lover of Pokémon.

Alzheimer Reversal: Options for Better Living

by Eddie Neville

Alzheimer Reversal is not impossible. A number of hidden studies have been uncovered, that use natural remedies to significantly improve memory loss. Why wait for the FDA to green light a new medication – start your own research today and help yourself and or a loved one with memory issues.

BUNNY CHRISTMAS (Christmas Stories for Kids): Christmas Bedtime Stories, Games, Christmas Jokes, and More! (Christmas Bedtime Stories for Kids)

by Uncle Amon

Christmas Stories, Jokes, Games, and More!

Jack and Melissa Bunny are two bunnies that love Christmas. From decorating the tree, to helping Santa when he’s lost his toy bag, Jack and Melissa do whatever it takes to make other’s happy on Christmas!

~ Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited ~

  • 5 cute Christmas stories
  • Funny Christmas jokes for kids
  • Just for fun activities that kids will love
  • Santa Claus mazes and puzzles
  • An entire bundle of Christmas fun

This book is especially great for bedtime stories, traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud with friends and family!

Are you looking for a children’s book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with fun Christmas stories, jokes, games, and more? This children’s storybook has it all!

Story List & Activities:

  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Time For Tobogganing
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • The Lost Bag of Toys
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • Merry Christmas
  • Christmas or Easter
  • Funny Christmas Jokes
  • Santa Claus Maze 1
  • Santa Claus Maze 2
  • Santa Claus Maze 3

Best-Selling Children’s Book Author

Uncle Amon has created over 100 children’s books and counting! He has had several #1 best-sellers and finds most of his inspiration from his readers. Uncle Amon began his career with a vision. It was to influence and create positive change in the world through children’s books. Whether it be an important lesson or just creating laughs, Uncle Amon provides insightful stories that are sure to bring a smile to your face! His unique style and creativity stand out from other children’s book authors, because often times he uses his life experiences to tell a tale of imagination and adventure.

I always shoot for the moon. And if i miss? I’ll land in the stars.” -Uncle Amon

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ and spend some quality time with your child!



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Box Set for Children:The Snowman Paul Series (4 in 1 box set), bedtime stories, beginner readers, great rhyming stories, winter books collection: Vol. 1-4

by Yossi Lapid

On a snowy winter day, Dan builds himself a nice snowman named Paul. Dan and Paul become best friends and, together, they embark on a series of exciting adventures. Dan’s life will never be the same. This collection includes four picture books: “My Snowman Paul”, “Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics”, “Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday” and “Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall”.
Written in rhyme, the Snowman Paul book series celebrates the joy of winter through the evolving friendship between a young boy and his mischievous snowman. Whimsical and humorous, the stories touch upon serious themes such as friendship, peer pressure, family relationships and ethical values. Gorgeous illustrations complement the narrative and bring the stories alive. 

Children will fall in love with Snowman Paul! He is energetic and playful, he has big dreams and he is not afraid to be different. The award winning Snowman Paul book series will be a wonderful addition to your children’s bookshelf.

Lala Loo – The Magic Word (Lala Loo – The Baby Monster Book 3)

by Dan Zhou

Lala Loo is a baby monster exploring the world with a big heart to laugh, to learn, and to love.
In this book, Lala Loo learned a magic word to make friends everywhere.

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