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Pond Building Book: The Complete Guide on Building Perfect Backyard Pond

by William Anderson

It is a dream of hundreds and thousands of homeowners to build a pond in their backyards. Many are already having them installed each year. Why is everyone so obsessed about a simple hole in the ground filled with water? Well, it is because the soothing sound of waterfalls and the pleasant sight of water flowing brings a sense of tranquility to every heart. Not only personal pleasure but the presence of a pond right in your property will also bring your guests’ appraisals. During the summer, you may feel like soaking your feet in the coolness of the water. The bright sunlight will lure you to spend some time outdoors, particularly in a garden.

The garden would look close to nature if you add a pond along with a waterfall or a fountain. You may even release some colorful fish in the pond and plants some aquatic plants to give it an exotic view. An organic look can be achieved by designing with stones, water lilies, and moss. However, before you begin collecting all the aquatic plants and ornamental water animal varieties, like frogs, fish, snails, and tadpoles, you need to dig the pond itself and buy all the tools and equipment. The pond can be of any shape and size and you can easily build it yourself. All you need to do is to follow the instructions mentioned in this book. In a nutshell, this book discusses in details about the following things:

-basic information about backyard ponds
-different types of backyard ponds
-construction methods of ponds with waterfall or fountain, and water garden
-maintenance methods of the ponds and water features
-ideas to design a pond and a water garden

Christmas Crochet: Amazing Crochet Patterns for Holidays: (Crochet Stitches, Crochet Patterns) (Crochet Projects Book 1)

by Amber Hooks

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Christmas Crochet

Amazing Crochet Patterns for Holidays

There is nothing more merry than crocheting Christmas items. The holidays offer a ton of awesome ideas for decorating, gift giving, and keeping warm with items crocheted from the heart. Decorating the Christmas tree with adorable crocheted ornaments and creating a beautiful crocheted mantel scarf are just some of the ideas you will find in this book.

You will find something for everyone as you look through the beautiful Christmas items in this book. Each item has been selected to fill your home and your heart with holiday cheer. No one can resist Christmas crochet angels or any of the other homemade happiness that comes only once a year! This book includes:

  • Crochet wreath ornament
  • Plenty of adorable handmade ornaments
  • Sweet Snowman ornament
  • A beautiful mantle or table runner
  • A crochet string of lights

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