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The Honeymoon (I Now Pronounce You Husband And Husband Book 2): Gay Comedy Hockey Best Friend Romance (Wedding Sports Bisexual Romance 1)

by Van Cole

The Wedding Was The Easy Part… But How Much Longer Can This Gay And Straight Man Convince People They’re A Real Gay Couple?

Meet Deny and Arne, they are a recently married couple with no secrets whatsoever â?¦aren’t they? The two hockey players have only recently arrived home from honeymoon to a whole heap of problems and already there are questions about the legitimacy of their union.

On top of this, 100% straight acting Arne has gone and got romantically entangled with another woman – on his honeymoon! Should he tell her about his marriage? What is he going to tell his son, whom he has only got into this situation in order to protect financially?

With investigations from the authorities, everything seems to be spiraling out of control. The lies that the pair has told everyone seems destined to bite them on the ass, hard, if they can’t get their stories straight.

The problem is that no one really knows that they are a couple yetâ?¦ except, of course, they aren’t really – are they?

This Is The Sequel To Van Cole’s Best Selling Story I Now Pronounce You Husband And Husband

Menage Romance: Paranormal Romance: Beastly Welcome (Bear Shifter Bad Boy BBW Romance) (Fantasy Menage Contemporary Romance Book 1)

by Lilly Wilder

She’s Not Happy With Her Man… So She Starts To Fall For Two Men…

Janine Wheaton has never been lucky in love and one disastrous relationship after another has left her jaded. She finds herself drawn to a charismatic man and now they are contemplating living together. She is unusually happy and that leads her to think that nothing was going to ruin that happiness. It’s not until she sees what he’s all about with her own eyes that she decides that getting a change of scenery is the best thing that she can do for herself.

She stumbles across Parker and Addison in a park after her car breaks down. She finds them in the mists of a fight club but it’s not until she sees them transform that she realizes that it’s not just any fight club. She wanted to run and never look back, but they weren’t going to let that happen.

Can she really find what she is looking for with two men that have more animal than man in their blood?

This Is A Romance Short Story With A FREE Bonus Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

birdland: Step 1

by P W LI

The problem with wondering through life is that sometimes you have to stop and realize where you are and when you do that it can be a scary thing. The general inertia of days and thoughts and pursuits helps us forget. In our movements, we end up finding that we need each other, need to share a meal, need to find a friend. These things are forever.

ROMANCE: Dragon’s Babe: Alpha Male Dragon BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Shifter New Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance)

by Rachel S. William

Who will she pick? Will she decide not to choose between the two men she finds
herself falling for? For A Limited Time 10 plus Free Books Bonus Included

Kate is your average girl. She grew up in a small town full of people who
constantly bullied her about her weight. Once she went off to college her
entire life changed.

She decided to be a burlesque dancer and it was the best decision she ever made.
It gave her the confidence that she never thought she’d ever have.

This same confidence is going to put her right into the arms of a dragon.
Two, actually. When she applies to work at a local club she can’t possibly
know what she’s getting herself into.

With two dragons fighting for her attention she suddenly finds herself in a very precarious situation. Who will she pick? Will she decide not to choose between the two men she finds
herself falling for?

Dragon’s babe is a standalone dragon shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

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by Matthew Hubbard

Phoenix Harper’s childhood was stolen at the age of ten. He was in fourth grade. He raced home to watch cartoons after school. He was sexually molested. No one believed him.

And then he blinked.

After college graduation, he is forced to return to his hometown. And his family. It’s like some higher being pressed pause on the remote control of his life. He’d spent so many years trying to forget what had happened, but the heat of the Alabama summer is slowly engulfing him.

Stuck in small town suburbia, he meets a cast of characters who alter his outlook on life. Each new encounter brings to light a part of himself he didn’t know he was missing. With the help of the cashier and the bag boy at the local grocery store, an elderly neighbor who sips sweet tea on the front porch, and his kid sister who acts like a crazed baboon, Phoenix will finally confront his past.

It’s time to discover what life is truly about.

ROMANCE: Underground Dragon Flames: Alpha Male Dragon BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance

by Rachel S. William

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Esme is all about appearances. With two parents who jointly own a fashion company,
she has no choice but to be. But aren’t we all? Isn’t there always a deeper secret we
use our mascara and our fashion labels to cover up?

For Esme, this secret is that she is not entirely human, or, in fact human at all.
Underneath the Parisian fashion scene is the Parisian dragon scene, an
underground network of fire breathing shape-shifters, Esme has but only to
phase to become a part of.

With her Age fast approaching, she must chose two dragon men to mate with so that
she may fully transform, only her budding interest in a human male has completely
distracted herâ?¦

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NOTE: This book contains adult themes and situations. It is meant for adult eyes only!

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