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Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Over 50 Quick and Easy Recipes

by Samantha Schwartz

Create the Most Delicious Recipes using a Pressure Cooker! Tasty One-Pot Recipes! Often prepared in one-third the time.

The pressure cooker brings a real culinary capability to your kitchen skill repertoire. If you like one-pot meals, the pressure cooker is the right solution for you. The pressure cooker is one of the most versatile kitchen tools. The benefits of pressure cooking are numerous: Your food retains most of its valuable nutrients so your meals are healthier and better. Pressure cooker prepares your food quickly, with very little fat or water.

Prepare main dishes and desserts with these pressure cooker recipes found in the Pressure Cooker Cookbook.

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The Bigger Arms Blueprint: 28-Day Arm Specialization Training Program

by Alain Gonzalez

If you want to blast your arms into new-found growth, you have to zig when other programs are zaggingâ?¦

Throughout the years I have found the best way to accomplish noticeable growth in the armsâ??or any muscle-group for that matterâ??is the one-bodypart-at-a-time approach. Mix that with the 7 Growth Factors I’ve outlined in this book, and add more muscle to your arms in the next 4 weeks than you have in the last 4 months.

Just imagine that in a few short weeks, your shirt sleeves will become tighter around your arms; random women will be asking to touch your biceps; and your friends and family will be amazed by how much bigger you look.

Have you ever seen a dude with arms that practically rip through his shirt sleeves and think, “damn, that guy is jacked!”?

Well in just 28 days, you’ll be one giant leap closer to getting that same reaction from your peers.

This guide is going to help you break through any arm growth plateau, in as little as one month, with a few unconventional methods that you haven’t seen elsewhere.

The Dark Science Of Psychological Warfare: How To Always Keep The Upper Hand On Anyone Psychologically

by Madison Taylor

Do you want to know how to gain control over people? Do you want to learn how to become the master of your own life? Do you want to be able to avenge yourself when you are wronged, without going to jail? Then you should learn about the art of psychological warfare.

This book is your ultimate guide to using psychological warfare at home. Psychological warfare has been employed by governments in war since the beginning of time. Ancient documents like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War are examples of the timelessness of psychological military strategies. But psychological warfare is not just for the military. This book shows you how you can adapt the military art of psychological warfare to win your own personal battles.

Psychological warfare can help you win in love, business, money, and even self-improvement. It enables you to become indestructible. You can take down your enemies without having to use any physical force. You will emerge the victor in all areas of your life if you are able to defeat the people that rise up against you.

This book will also show you the flip side: how to defend yourself against psychological warfare. You are not the only person with access to psychological warfare methods. It is possible that you are a victim. But you do not have to tolerate this warfare. Overthrow the people that think they can manipulate and hurt you.

Begin your journey into the dark science of psychological warfare today. You will become a stronger person by the time you set this book down. You will certainly never be the same.

2017 Anvil and Forge Buying Guide (Blacksmith Books Book 4)

by Terran Marks

Quickly find the perfect anvil at the right price without wasting hours of your time.

What if you could find an anvil for less than $300 that actual working blacksmiths swear by?

What if you could easily know the difference between anvils from different companies?

Best-selling author of The DIY Blacksmithing Book, Terran Marks, presents a handy, informative guide to finding and buying the right anvil and forge for you. Based on years of hands-on experience and conversations with other blacksmiths, Marks answers the questions: How much is a good anvil? Do I need to spend $1000 on a forge? Where can I get the best prices?

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Where to get the best price on large anvils (and why you might want to go big)
  • How to avoid expensive shipping costs (there’s one website that offers Free Shipping on most orders)
  • What the benefits and disadvantages of coal and gas forges are (and which one is easier to start with)

Buy this guide to get the best price on an anvil and forge without wasting hours of precious time searching.

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Growing & Using Good King Henry

by G. Scott Graham

Scott Graham provides is a detailed guide for growing the herb / vegetable Good King Henry. Graham also outlines growing conditions, maintenance requirements, harvesting and uses for this little-known plant.

Intermittent Fasting: Lose up to 1 Pound a DAY, Get a Beautiful Lean Body and Master Your Hunger

by Steve Blum

Introducing The Ultimate Weight Loss Hack: Intermittent Fasting

Have you ever binged on food?
After having a feast and getting yourself quite full, do you feel good and energetic, or is it the other way around?
This secret biologic hack is getting popular and popular for a reason. With intermittent fasting, you will binge on food, but you will feel great afterward. In fact, it will HELP you lose weight!

If you are like most people, you probably feel like you tried it all. You tried to cut calories, you did your cardio, ate your greens, counted some carbs, and what’s not. If you found your way to this page, you probably look for something you can finally stick to in the long-term. Something sustainable which generates RESULTS. In this book, you will find one of the most effective methods for weight loss, and even muscle growth. It’s called intermittent fasting, and it will change your life.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • What really matters when it comes to weight loss
  • How to gain more muscle, optimize fat loss, and achieve super-human focus
  • How to finally break free from a food-driven lifestyle
  • How to unlock key hormones that are vital to your fat burning process
  • And much, much more!

You may not be aware, but you actually fast every day. This was how the term, breakfast, came about. It is the meal that is intended to break the fast that you voluntarily subject yourself to while you sleep. All you have to do is extend this fast a little more, and you will be shocked by the results!

What’s inside

  • Everything you need to know about fasting
  • 100 cute text messages you can use in the process!
  • Different approaches and methods of fasting
  • Essential Tips to Make the Diet Work
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Intermittent Fasting
  • And Much, MUCH more!

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Dating Advice: 10 Conversations to Have Before You Get Serious To Achieve Relationship Success

by Elisa Armstrong

Have you ever learned something about a boyfriend or girlfriend and thought “Why didn’t I already know about this?”

Would you have made different choices?

If you’d known how they are when they get angry would you handle things differently? If you’d known how they handle money would you have better expectations for your life together? If you’d known that they want their family to be intimately involved in raising their children would you have set up different boundaries at the beginning of the relationship?

The only way to know these things early on in a relationship is to talk about them. In this book author Elisa Armstrong shares ten conversations that you need to have before you get serious with someone. She’ll walk you through conversations like:

– Do You Like to “Talk Through” Your Feelings or Do You Like Space to Figure Out How You Feel About Something? (Chapter 3)
– What is the role of alcohol (or other substances) in your life? Do you see that changing? (Chapter 6)
– How Involved Is Your Family in Your Life Now and How Involved Do You Want Them to Be in the Future? (Chapter 10)

And many others! You never need to go blindly into a serious relationship. You deserve a partner who matches with you on these and other important questions. Just as importantly, your partner deserves to have these conversations with you too. Reading this book and sharing it with someone you love is the next step in building a love that will last a lifetime.

The success or failure of your relationship is primarily up to you. You have to live with yourself and your choices your entire life and few things are as important as the people you surround yourself with. Don’t make another relationship decision until you’ve read through this book and answered the questions honestly.

Blogging Profits: 45 Powerful & Profitable Blogging Tactics That Cost $5 Or Less

by Marc Pierce


Starting a blog is the first introduction into making money online for many. However people believe that making money from a blog is hard, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most blogging information on the web will provide you with outdated information that might be fun, but not very profitable. When I first started blogging, I tried all of these tactics and soon learned that they were horrible for actually making a profit.

At that point, I sought out the best information I could find and paid thousands of dollars studying what makes blogs successful and what doesn’t. After years of studying, I started implementing my own strategies and before I knew it, I had an amazingly profitable blog.

I have been making money from various blogs ever since and will show you 45 Proven tactics that will make your blog profitable that will only cost you $5 or less

In this book You will learn:
-How to predict the profitability of your blog from the first day you start it
-How to build a loyal following
-How to create multiple flows of income from one blog
-How to make your blog post go viral overnight!
-How to make passive income by becoming a blogger
-Powerful methods to market your blog
-Secrets only the top blog writers know

This book will prove to you that Blogging can be more than just a passion project. Allow me to be your guide and show you how to make money from the comfort of your own home. Select the ‘buy button’ NOW

The End of Fear Itself: How to Crush Your Limitations, Manifest Success, Achieve Health, Happiness, & Save the World

by Steve Bivans

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to succeed in life?
    Why is the world so messed up?

Are you pursuing your dreams? Or is there something you’re not doing, right now, that you really want to do, feel you should do, or need to do to achieve success in some area of your life? In your work, your business, your love life, your relationships, your mental & physical well-being?

   Why aren’t you doing it?
Is it a Fear of Failure?
   Do you fear that you’re not qualified, knowledgeable enough, smart enough, or strong enough to be successful?
   Are you afraid of criticism? Are you worried that the people around you, your family, your friends, will not support your goals?
   Is success just too difficult to achieve? Is the process just too long, or do you not know where to start?

 Would you love to make a difference in the world, but think that the problems are too many, too complicated? Is violence, poverty, greed, environmental destruction just Human Nature?

What Will You Discover?

  •     The 5 Myths about the world’s problems, and Fear Itself.
  •     The root of all of your problems, and the world’s problems.
  •     A handful of proven methods to root out and remove your Fears and any that you encounter in the future.

   Why is Fear so Important?
Because it is a toxic Tree, growing in a Forest of Fear, with roots reaching out to infect everything in our world. The Tree of Fear is the root of all violence, poverty, racism, greed, ignorance, depression, anxiety, stress, negative self-talk, and every other conceivable human problem.

    Why Am I Writing a Book About Fear?

  • Because I struggle with achieving success
  • with staying focused
  • with distractions
  • with brain-spin and overthinking
  • with Fears abundant.
  • Because I know I’m not alone in those Fears.
  • Because I know the world can be a better place.
  • Because I know Fear is preventing us from creating the world we could have.
  • Because we can’t fix the world; we can only fix ourselves: one individual at a time, looking inward, not outward.
  • Because I genuinely want to help people to live a life of freedom, not of Fear.

What Is this Book Really About?
This book is about why we need to, and how we can, end Fear Itself. Fear is the only real problem we face, but we can conquer it, if we are willing to do the work.

Who Am I?
I’m not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. I’m not a sociologist.
     What I do have is years of experience analyzing people’s lives, first as a friend, then as a personal coach and strategic advisor. Much of what I do is informed by years of training in the history and art of war. I’ve spent the last eight to ten years examining it in detail as a graduate student in history, and decades longer as an amateur. And is there anything humans do more driven by Fear than war? Probably not.

Is this Book for You?
Yes. This book is for anyone who has ever suffered from Fear, which is everyone living on this planet.
I offer this book to those who are struggling in some area of their life: be that work, business, money, relationships, health, you name it. At the root of that struggle is a Fear, most likely several. Every block to your success in life is based on Fear. Don’t believe me? Read the book!

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is the time to End Fear Itself!

Goal Setting Success: The Tiny Book Designed To Help You Realize Your BIG Dreams: Goal Setting Made Easy (Workbook included, goal setting guide, goal setting for beginners 1)

by Jonathan Reid

Learn How To Create A Personal Vision, Define Your Goals And Finally Achieve Them With These Simple Yet Powerful Techniques That Anyone Can Easily Implement Into Their Daily Routine

Goal setting is one of the most fundamental principles of successful living. In the plethora of personal development activities, setting goals is indeed one of the most vital. The truth is you won’t achieve anything if you don’t aim for something. Various thinkers, philosophers, leaders, celebrities – successful people – throughout the centuries have expressed its importance. Consider some of them below:

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.” – Tony Robbins

“If you don’t set goals for yourself, you are doomed to achieve the goals of someone else.” – Brian Tracy

Ask someone if they believe that setting personal goals is important and you will always receive the standard “Yes of course” answer. However, most people today undervalue the significance of this activity. They go through life without a clear direction on where they want to go. Drifting through existence, they just follow the crowd on what’s in and what’s out and eventually get lost at sea with the feeling of being “stuck”.

It’s one of the greatest difficulties of mankind. We all want to get somewhere, we all want to achieve something, we all want to be successful but the majority of us aren’t willing to take the first step – which is figuring out where we want to go and setting goals to get there. No wonder so many of us right now are in a place where we don’t want to be, doing things that we don’t want to do and living a life that we don’t want to live. The majority of us are aimlessly wondering around hoping something good will happen within our lives instead of us doing the necessary work required to set, achieve and eventually realize our goals and dreams.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to stay this way lost in limbo forever. You can make a choice right now not to live your life at the mercy of the people or the circumstances around you. You can take control at this very moment but that is only if you’re willing to take the first step towards successful goal setting.

Outlined in this book are various principles and teachings that aim to help you set worthy goals for yourself. Each chapter has carefully designed sections to help you ask yourself the tough questions that need to be asked and to help teach you simple yet powerful strategies and habits that will help ensure you stick to your achieving your goals once and for all.

Here Is An Outline Of What You Will Learn…

Chapter 1: Discovering your Personal Vision
Chapter 2: Defining the Meaning of Goals
Chapter 3: Outlining the Importance of Goal Setting in your Life

Chapter 4: Adapting Goal Models
Chapter 5: Essential Habits in Setting Goals
Chapter 6: Acquiring Goal Setting Mindsets

Chapter 7: Harnessing the Power of Focus
Chapter 8: Exploring the Importance of Actions
Chapter 9: Persevere! There is No Other Way

“Most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” – Jim Rohn You don’t have to live your life anymore like “most people” mentioned in this famous quote. Use this book as a guide and finally realize the life you deserve to live.

Spanish Novels: Muerte en Buenos Aires (Spanish Novels for Beginners – A1) (Spanish Edition)

by Paco Ardit

Looking for Spanish Novels?

I know how tough it is to find good books to help you learn a new language.
You usually don’t have a large vocabulary.
You aren’t able to read long and complex novels intended for native speakers.

You’d like to go right to the fun stuff, but maybe it’s too hard for you now.
A typical beginner’s Spanish reader isn’t interesting or just plain boring.
But this book is not like that.

Learning with Spanish Novels is easy and straightforward. Forget about difficult long texts with English-translations. This book for Spanish learners is not like that: it will take you to the next level in no time! That means less effort and struggle on your way to fluency in Spanish. Improving your Spanish can be lots of fun.

An Easy Spanish Book Both Fun & Easy

Muerte en Buenos Aires is the 3rd book of the Spanish Novels Series. This Spanish reader is packed with useful expressions you need in everyday situations: greetings, buying things, talking to friends, etc. Anyone who already knows the basics of the Spanish language is ready to read this book. I assume you have a general knowledge of personal pronouns, articles, and some common verbs/nouns in Spanish. Actually, the only verb tense you need to know is simple present.

A detective story that takes place in Buenos Aires. A woman is murdered in her own flat without apparent reason. The case seems very difficult and there are no clues. Miguel – a private detective – starts working on it and comes up with a crazy plan to catch the murderer.

This easy Spanish book will show you the most used grammar structures in different situations. As the difficulty level is just right you will learn and enjoy it at the same time. There’s no doubt about it: A beginner Spanish book is the perfect place to start practicing the language.

Why Spanish Novels

  • Short sentences
  • Short chapters
  • Easy vocabulary
  • Simple grammar
  • Everyday dialogues

An elementary Spanish reader in SIMPLE Spanish.

Sample sentences:
Miguel es un detective privado.
�l tiene 32 años y vive solo.
Su ídolo es James Bond.

Learn Vocabulary With a Spanish Easy Reader

Muerte en Buenos Aires includes a short guide to download and install a FREE Spanish-English Dictionary. You can then look up the meaning of any word you don’t know and add it to your vocabulary lists. Reading short stories in Spanish using Kindle’s dictionaries is easier and fun.

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Dating Advice: 11 More Conversations to Have Before You Get Serious To Achieve Relationship Success (10 Conversations Book 2)

by Elisa Armstrong

Have you ever learned something about a boyfriend or girlfriend and thought “Why didn’t I already know about this?”

Would you have made different choices?

If you’d known how they are when they get angry would you handle things differently? If you’d known how they handle money would you have better expectations for your life together? If you’d known that they want their family to be intimately involved in raising their children would you have set up different boundaries at the beginning of the relationship?

The only way to know these things early on in a relationship is to talk about them. In this book author Elisa Armstrong shares eleven more conversations that you need to have before you get serious with someone. She’ll walk you through conversations like:

– Do You Believe that Girls and Boys Should be Raised Differently (Chapter 2)
– If You Spend the Day Doing Nothing, Do You Feel Good About Yourself (Chapter 6)
– How Should We Handle Money In Our Relationship? (Chapter 11)

And many others! You never need to go blindly into a serious relationship. You deserve a partner who matches with you on these and other important questions. Just as importantly, your partner deserves to have these conversations with you too. Reading this book and sharing it with someone you love is the next step in building a love that will last a lifetime.

The success or failure of your relationship is primarily up to you. You have to live with yourself and your choices your entire life and few things are as important as the people you surround yourself with. Don’t make another relationship decision until you’ve read through this book and answered the questions honestly.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Handbook

by Dr. Karl Disque

The Save a Life Initiative has just released its newest course: Basic Life Support. This manual is based on the 2015-2020 Basic Life Support guidelines published by the American Heart Association. The Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Handbook is a comprehensive resource intended for health care professionals currently enrolled in a Basic Life Support Certification or Recertification Course. It serves as the primary training material for BLS Certification and Recertification courses. Although it is primarily intended for professionals to use during their courses, the handbook was also created to serve as daily resource material for health care professionals. Information covered in the handbook includes Basic Life Support instruction for adults and children, AED usage, airway obstruction and rescue breathing techniques, and more. Specific Algorithms for BLS and more are also included within the handbook. All material included in this handbook is delivered in a manner meant to enhance learning in the most comprehensive and convenient way possible.

DIY Holiday Gifts: 30 Best-Kept-Secret Homemade Holiday Gifts To Make On a Budget!

by Rose Michaels

Dreading Holiday Shopping Madness?! Today You Can Enjoy Making Creative Holiday Gifts In the Comfort of Your Own Home Your Friends and Family Will Love!

The holidays are a stressful time. Allow â??DIY Holiday Gifts’ to impart thirty best-kept-secret instructions for creative, interesting and yummy gifts to give to friends and loved ones. Every year you find yourself wandering the aisles at the local Holiday-song-blaring department stores.

This year, stay at home with your glue gun, your crafty scissors, your hot cup of cocoa, and your ideas. Keep a Holiday movie blaring on the television, watch the snow fall out the window, and create do-it-yourself beauty gifts for friends who look to “natural” elements to feel well and look well. Create several do-it-yourself decorations for around the house, and toss together a few recipes for your baker friends. Furthermore, create kid-friendly gifts for your family’s children.

Vamp up your holiday spirit. Create personalized, from-the-heart gifts. Don’t dip too deep in your pocketbook, and let everyone know how much he or she means to you this year. Let your creativity be your guide!

Here is a sample of the gifts you will learn how to make:

DIY Beauty Gifts:
DIY Vanilla Bean Bath Bombs
Peppermint Super Sweet Sugar Body Scrub
Pretty-Gift Felted Soap
DIY Natural Body Butter
Jasmine Clove Perfume
Soothing Lavender Bath Salts

DIY Around the Home Gifts:
Iron-On Silhouette Personalized Tote Bags
Do-It-Yourself Essential Oil Diffuser
Personalized Notebook
Decorative Fabric-Covered Hat Boxes
Classic Cake Stand
DIY Adorable Sock Snowmen Decorations

DIY In-the-Kitchen Gifts:
DIY Peppermint Flavored Coffee Syrup
DIY Vanilla Flavored Coffee Syrup
Kitchen-Ready Vanilla Extract
Bustling Holiday Brownie Mix in a Jar
Ultimate Wild West Cookie in a Jar
Sweet Treat Salted Caramel Sauce


MIND CONTROL: Manipulation, Deception and Persuasion Exposed: Human Psychology (Manipulation, Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Subconscious Mind, Psychopath)

by Jeffery Dawson

Best Seller! – Don’t Let Others Control You – Learn the Secrets of Mind Control – Now In Paperback!

â??â??â?? Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now! â??â??â??

Do you feel manipulated? Do you always get less than others in your business deals? Is it time to start fighting back?

When you download MIND CONTROL: Manipulation Deception and Persuasion Exposed, you’ll learn if you’re being brainwashed by others. This book helps you know who in your life is using mind control tactics, and to what expect. You’ll learn how to read people and discover the important concepts of “freezing” and “unfreezing”.

Propaganda is all around us. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify it in education, religion, politics, and sports. You’ll learn how these techniques are also used by those who pollute our land, water, and air.

When it’s time to fight back, you can try many techniques:

  • Know the Personality of the Person
  • Four Basic Personality Colors
  • The Power of Emotions
  • Do not Lie; Tell Half-Truths
  • The Deception Tool-Box
  • Develop a Dynamic Personality
  • Appeal to Everyone with Humor

This improved second edition of MIND CONTROL: Manipulation Deception and Persuasion Exposed teaches you to become a master of influence. You’ll discover an essential tool kit for persuasion, tips for playing mind games, and learn how to manipulate others.

Download MIND CONTROL: Manipulation Deception and Persuasion Exposed now, and start getting what you really deserve!

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Try It Now! CHICKEN SALADS Volume 2: Recipes for Healthy Living

by Howard Mills

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of the healthy eating lifestyle. Thank you for downloading my book. This amazing book contains a compiled list of 25 High Quality chicken salad recipes that will make your taste buds dance. Each recipe meets restaurant quality standards in the comfort of your own kitchen. These Chicken salad recipes will hold your hand and guide you down the path of healthy living.
Hope you all enjoy these fabulous recipes! You also receive a added BONUS: A list of 10 more healthy foods for women.

The Complete Book of Lipsticks – How to make your own lipsticks (Cosmetic Making 4)

by Jan Benham


Contains everything you wanted to know about lipsticks with historical titbits, and ingredients used in the making of natural lipsticks with 100% natural colourants.

How to make Aromatherapy Lipsticks with the safe use of essential oils!

Learn how to make organic lipsticks with healthy and all natural ingredients.

Also included: how to start your own cosmetic making business.

Recipes included are Baby pink, Bella rosa, Spice, Rudy, Coco la creme, Chocolate kisses, (made with real chcocolate) and Goth.

Intermittent Fasting: The Beginners Guide To get your perfect Body Fast and Easy (Fasting, Fitness, Health, Motivation, Sixpack, Abs, Diet Book 1)

by Jorge E. Waters

Intermittent Fasting – The ultimate way for easy and sustainable weight loss!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for a limited time for FREE. Regularly priced at $2.99.

You’re about to discover how to get the body you really deserve! You want to impress that one person, live healthy and be more productive? Forget all these “Diet Gurus” because this book shows you fast and easy what you need to do in order to get the success everybody wants, you need this book!

So many people complain about their belly fat, their wide hips or their small muscles, but nobody knows, that it is in fact easier then anybody thinks. Just follow these perfectly ordered steps to accomplish your goals of a fit, healthy and aesthetic body.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What exactly is Intermittent Fasting
  • All the health benefits of a Intermittent Fast
  • Mistakes to avoid to get a perfect start and fast results
  • Strategies to even tune Intermittent Fasting to its greatest with popular Diets
  • A step-by-step-guide on how to choose the perfect Intermittent Fasting Method for your daily life
  • How to sustain your positive weight loss results on a long term
  • And much more!

Download your copy today!

Many People followed all these steps and got the results they ever dreamed of. And it is in fact that easy! Read only these few pages, follow the instructions and see immediate results! I can promise you – you will love it – and everybody else will recognize it!

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Do it now!

The Big Book Of Essential Oil Recipes For Healing & Health: Over 200 Aromatherapy Remedies For Common Ailments

by Mel Hawley

When it comes to alternative medical treatment, essential oils are indispensable for every home. They are natural, inexpensive and 100 effective for optimum healing and health. Synthetic substances contained in expensive drugs merely cover up symptoms but damage vital organs in the name of side effects. Essential oils are not like that.

Proven to be 50 times stronger than herbs, essential oils heal at a cellular level, passing through the skin and straight into the circulatory system and cells to bring lasting healing and restoration without side effects.

There are over 200 recipes in this big book to help you cure everyday ailments. From simple Coughs and Colds, headaches, fevers to pains, digestive problems and emotional issues, you will never have to spend lots of money on medications anymore. What’s more, there are also plenty of information on essential oils to help you benefit immensely from their diverse usage.

As a matter of fact, everything you need to know about essential oil for healing and health can be found in this big book. It’s worth every penny!

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.