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SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?: Tools To Help You Make Practical and Emotional Decisions When Thinking About Separation and Divorce

by Cherie Morris JD CDC

Are you confused about whether you want or need a divorce? Do you want to learn what you will need to consider if you should decide to move forward with a separation or a divorce? If so, this book is for you. It helps you evaluate many of the most important factors involved in this critical life decision. You will be asked to consider your specific life circumstances, through various exercises, to evaluate your own emotional, financial, parenting and even career concerns as you weigh your decision to proceed.

If you make the decision to divorce, you will also find valuable information about what is involved when moving forward with a divorce. We examine the main components of a divorce agreement and include consideration of spousal support, parenting plans, division of assets and liabilities and health insurance. In addition, we provide real help to take each step that may be right for you.

At this moment, you may feel that you are unable to share your thoughts about your marriage with your closest family and friends. Or, if you do, you may get lots of conflicting advice when it comes to the topic of divorce. Your loved ones mean well but having this book will be a more personal and objective resource on a decision that is very personal to so many. In addition, the authors, Cherie Morris and Vicki Vollweiler, work with individuals and support groups and are able to offer additional support after you have finished the book.

The investment in this book is, easily, one of the most valuable decisions you may make in your marriage and potential divorce. We are here to help you, right now. Explore with us and reach out to us, as needed.

Cherie and Vicki
[email protected]

The Bumpy Journey: How to Survive and Thrive in your Baby’s First Three Years (parenting books,baby books for new moms,parenting,baby books for new dads,raising … girls,raising boys, Book 1)

by Cheryl Jerabek

Are You Prepared For The Great Challenges Of Being A New Mom?

Do you Want To Know The Secrets for raising a Happy and Healthy Baby, Without Losing Your Mind?

Having a child is one of the most miraculous and amazing experiences imaginable. It can also be the source of endless frustration and confusion. With all those sleepless, restless long nights with your baby crying with his demanding voice when you’re already overtired and your eyes are Burning, you can feel your nerve jump and the anger about to burst inside of you.

Many parents of infants and young children are overtired and overwhelmed. Especially when you’re a first time mom, the frustrations and confusion are at their pinnacle.

Do You Know the Top Commons Fears All First- Time moms Have ?

  • Will I be a good parent?
  • Is My baby getting enough to eat?
  • Is my baby sleeps too much or too little?
  • Is my baby developing normally?
  • Will life ever be the same for me and my partner?
  • Will i be financially able to provide for my child?
  • Is my baby safe enough
  • You may have questions about everything from diaper duty to how to get your child to sleep. This book will answer all these questions and more.

    Are you a Married Single Mom?

    Most married new moms feel as overwhelmed and alone as single moms. With all the additional household chores that come with a baby, parenting can feel like the hardest job there is.

    If you feel frustrated with your baby or if you suddenly lose patience after he takes hours to go back to sleep, making you sometime feel angry… Or if you feel alone and overwhelm and it seems like you’re the only one that has to deal with everything you’re dealing with, this book is written to help you.

    What are some Benefits you will gain from this book?

    • You will Develop and keep a strong relationship with your partner after the baby comes
    • You will have more time for sleep
    • You will provide a safe environment for your child growth
    • You will learn How to Monitor your baby Growth & development
    • You will learn everything about feeding your baby
    • You will know when and How to discipline your child
    • And Much More

    Having this book around is like living with a parenting expert. You can just look up your problem and know that you are getting the right answer.

    See what other new moms said after getting this book.

    “This is a great and easy read for parents to be and I found it really helpful as I am expecting in a first baby. Would recommend for those tips and tricks to all parents.” By Shane on November 22, 2016

    “A great guide for expectant mothers …learn helpful tips on how to take care of your baby. Learn what to expect in the early years and how to prepare for the different challenges which may arise.There are important points to learn as well such as the impact on your relationship including sex life, finances parenting styles and top 25 list of essential baby items” By Ally Gold on November 10, 2016

    “I’ve seen so many books about handling newborns and even kids on their first year but rarely do I see someone come up with a guide on how to handle children until the age of 3. This period is definitely crucial as the kid starts to develop his or her thinking. This book can be potentially useful for new parents who are looking to raise their child right. It offers tips on how to keep one’s cool, all about safety of the house, battling exhaustion and even maintaining the love and healthy relationship despite being busy with the child. The title is true that it is one bumpy journey but this book can play a role in making it a tad easier.” By Jade Aro on November 2, 2016

    Once You Get This Book, You Will Wonder How You Ever Managed Without It. Get Your Copy Right Now!

    Effective Parenting Raising Kids with positive traits: Education and Childcare

    by Darrel Taylor

    This book describes 10 Ways to become the ideal parents.
    It also describes 5 avoidable parenting mistakes and 5 Proper ways on raising your kids.

    When Love Hurts and It All Turns to SH#T – How To Rebuild a Broken Heart When You Can’t Even Find the Pieces

    by Simeon Lindstrom

    The unimaginable has happened: your partner has cheated


    What you never could have dreamed of yesterday is suddenly a cold, vicious reality today.

    So, your partner cheated. They lied to you, broke a promise and reached out to someone else for attention or sex or love. And you’re devastated. But if the cat’s out of the bag and your partner is in front of you, begging for forgiveness and another chance, then this book will show you what that actually means.

    This book is for those people who want to know how to keep on going, despite a betrayal.

    Even though you might feel your heart and mind pulled in a million different directions right now, my hope is that by the end of this book, you have found a new clarity, a fresh calm, and a clear sense of how to move forward.

    With compassion, self-awareness and concrete commitment, a relationship can survive any disaster. Even cheating. Of course, the hard part is finding out how to be compassionate, self-aware and committed!

    Through a series of exercises that focus on compassion, self-awareness and concrete commitment, you and your partner can heal from betrayal and start building a future that is more authentic and honest than ever beforeâ?¦together.

    The House That Love Built – Unearth The Foundation Of Love And The Fundamental Principles Of What Makes Love Strong Enough To Last A Lifetime

    by Simeon Lindstrom

    This book is unlike any other relationship book you’ll read, but it’s about the only thing that matters: love.


    If you are a human being who has ever connected to another human being, then this book is for you.

    Whether you are struggling with romantic relationships, work colleagues, family or friendships, this books outlines three fundamental principles for authentic connections and fulfilling relationships.

    Using exercises that focus on authenticity and compassion, you can start building a web of connections around you that supports your truest self. This is the house that love can build â?¦and this book will show you how.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    In your mind’s eye, picture a house…

    You can make this house whatever you want it to be: grand or humble, multiple stories or made of a single room, beautiful or run down.

    Once you’ve visualized everything, ask yourself, is this house suitable?

    Well, you might naturally ask, suitable â?¦for what?

    In this book, we won’t be talking about the best, most correct way to build “houses”. Instead, we’ll look at what makes something like a house suitable in the first place: whether it suits the needs of the family living there.

    This is a book about relationships, but perhaps not in the everyday way we use the word “relationship”. In the chapters that follow, we’ll look at a set of three fundamental principles of real loving relationships. These are the kind of human connections that stand the test of time, and this book is about how you can start creating them right now, no matter what your “house” looks like.

    This book takes an approach that’s a little different from what you’ll see in other books about love, relationships or family. Following relationship advice can sometimes feel like building a house for a family that doesn’t exist, or one that you’ve never met before. It’s like deciding that a house is suitable for someone’s needs without knowing what those needs are.

    In this book, we turn things around and look at the family first, and then consider the best house for that family to live in. Because no two people are the same, and no two families are the same, the “best” will never be just one thing.

    Before we continue, I want to address a thought you might already be having: “wait a second, I don’t have a family yet, I’m just looking for advice about how to make the relationship with my wife/husband better.”

    Here’s another principle that we’ll begin this book with: everyone is in a family.

    Here, we’ll understand a family as any set of emotional connections. That’s it. If you’re unmarried and have no children, you may not consider yourself as having or being part of the classic family, but you are nevertheless surrounded by a constellation of connections and relations to other people that defines your experience and gives your life meaning and character.

    To get the best out of this web of “relations” â?¦ that’s the topic of this book.

    To improve this family and help it fulfill its potential, we’ll be looking at the connections between people, rather than the people themselves. These kinds of families are living, breathing entities and they are always changing. And this means that no matter what your situation is right now, you can take steps to help that family grow and develop into something else, something amazing.

    Using three key principles that underlie all human interaction and connection, we’ll look at kind, compassionate and intelligent ways to start taking control of the relationships in your life. Whatever problem you’re dealing with right now, the principles in this book will help you tackle them with compassion and awareness.

    The Book of Good Deeds: 30 Random Acts of Kindness, Ideas for Children & Their Parents (Parenting & Relationships 1)

    by Anthea Peries

    This good deed book for children and parents will help you or your child to record their random acts of kindness (either using a separate notebook or, see paperback version of this same book), good intentions and experiences with the whole family and within the community. There are suggestions and ideas, plus suggested activities inside the book. This book can make a perfect gift for a friend and their child or, as a treasured keepsake of your own, to look back on over the years with your own child when they grow up. 
    In this fast paced, ever changing world, fill it up with wonderful new experiences, good vibes and stay grounded. There are so many awesome things to do with your child, and this book can help to shape character building and good old fashioned values, so make those lovely memories together! It can be so easy to forget the incredible, special things your child will have done, so help make it a special journey for them too so you and your child will be able to look back, relive and build on the memories of all their good deeds.

    Rethinking Budgeting – How to Escape the Poverty Mindset and Create a Lifestyle That Works for You

    by Simeon Lindstrom

    This is NOT a book about money…


    … It’s a book about thinking about money.

    In this book, you will NOT find a few quick ways to save a hundred bucks this month, or learn how to cheat the system here and there to save on your utility bills. But what you might find is a new way to think about yourself, the money you make and how it all fits into your broader worldview.

    This book in particular was written for those of us who might not have grown up with the right financial role models, or who have ingrained habits that are holding us back.

    So much budget and personal finance advice out there is about solving problems using the same thinking that created them.

    In essence, it’s just about being more efficient at keeping yourself stuck in the same old mindset and repeating the same old mistakes. Not about how to actually break away from those mindsets, or learning why exactly you make the mistakes you do.

    This is why I won’t be making suggestions about how to dilute your fabric softener to save money or how to shop around for interest rates. For the curious, that information is easily available, usually for free.

    Instead, this book tries to go a little deeper.

    It starts with a fact that many personal finance guides out there avoid like the plague: that we are NOT all created equal, we aren’t all coming from the same place and we’re not all blessed with a basic, neutral understanding of what money is and how to use it.

    In fact, most people stay poor not because they don’t know to dilute their fabric softener or get the best interest rates. It’s because they’re thinking poor, and they don’t know how to think in any other way.

    Of course, I’m not suggesting that generations of institutionalized poverty comes down to nothing more than attitude. Certainly, people who’ve never had the opportunity to develop a different mindset are at a disadvantage. But what I am saying is that if you identify as having grown up poor, the only way “out” is to change your mindset.

    It’s beyond this book to explain why you have that mindset to start with, and in most cases, it’s nobody’s “fault”.

    Nevertheless, we are all equal in one fundamental way: at every point, no matter who we are or what we’ve endured in the past, we can make conscious, beneficial decisions for ourselves.

    No matter what, we can act now in ways that will make tomorrow better than it was today. No matter how broke we are now or how much we’ve struggled, there’s nothing to stop us from stopping, taking control, and thinking our way into a different lifestyle, one choice at a time.

    That is what I hope to show you in this book.

    So, if you’ve tried all the standard budget advice out there but still feel stuck in a financial rut, this guide can show you how to get to the root cause of why that is.

    You can learn how to start undoing those habits and start creating a lifestyle that actually supports your goals and dreams. By understanding the different relationships we can develop to money, we can start to unravel self-limiting beliefs and habits that keep us trapped beneath our potential.

    This book is not about cutting corners or saving a little extra each month – but it is about reworking your deepest thoughts about yourself, money and your place in the world.

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    Important Wedding Planning Ideas: Prepare yourself for every aspect of your wedding to ensure that your day is perfect

    by Wendy Elkins-Hall

    Important Wedding Planning Ideas: Prepare yourself for every aspect of your wedding to ensure that your day is perfect

    This Wedding planning book explores every essential element when planning a wedding, to help you achieve your perfect day. Inside you will find:
    -Ideas for your wedding planning on a budget
    -Example wedding checklists so you can create your own
    -Wedding night ideas
    -Wedding invitations – the various types
    -Factors to consider when choosing bridal shoes
    -Wedding cakes and alternatives
    -Cheap wedding dresses – how to save on costs
    -Plus size wedding dress suggestions
    -How to save on wedding flower costs
    -Wedding gift ideas & thank yous – how to deal with these
    -Determine whether you need a wedding planner and what questions to ask
    -Wedding vows – what to do if you plan to write your own
    -A comprehensive list of top wedding websites for planning purposes
    -Wedding decorations – ideas for table and room decor
    -Roles and responsibilities of the groom and groomsman
    -Saving and planning for a honeymoon
    And much, much more!

    Are you in the process of planning your big day, but the idea of a wedding confuses and overwhelms you?

    This book will assist you in understanding the entire wedding process. This will be the most important day of your life, so it’s only right to consider all the options available to you and focus on the most important aspects in order to plan and prepare. Get great ideas, keep things into perspective, then prioritize using the suggestions and tips that will suit you and your day. Treat this book as your handbook and guide throughout your wedding planning progress.

    A wide range of wedding subject matter is covered

    Every effort has been made to cover not only the wedding day itself but also the traditional parties and celebrations leading up to the day right through to the wedding night and the honeymoon.
    Many ideas are covered within, including choosing a wedding planner and what questions to ask, cake styles and deserts, bridal dress styles, unique weddings and unconventional weddings, music and dancing. Wedding favors, brunch or lunch and many more.

    Do you need some suggestions or tips to help you achieve a wedding within a tight budget?

    Throughout the book, you’ll find helpful suggestions to help you achieve your big day within budget and help remove some of the financial stress that an event such as this can cause. Suggestions as to how to save money on wedding dresses, rings or invitations can be found within the book.
    If you are lucky enough to have a little extra money to play with then you will also find lavish suggestions to suit also.

    Gain further ideas for your wedding decorations

    An important ingredient of any wedding is the decorations, you will want your decorations and styling to fit the theme of your wedding to enhance the venue, compliment the wedding experience and leave a lasting impression. Learn some great wedding decoration ideas for your reception and tips on centerpiece table decorations.

    Feel confident about the upcoming day and feel relaxed

    Use the information in this book to feel empowered, become more creative and plan well. Remember you do not need to make sacrifices in order to achieve the wedding of your dreams, if you are armed with the right ideas.
    This book is full of hints and tips to help you achieve a wonderful and enjoyable wedding experience that you, your future spouse and guests will enjoy.

    Take a major step forward with your planning and confidence today: Scroll up and buy now!

    Available to read on all formats: Kindle, Android, IPhone, tablets, PC & MAC

    Chasing Horny Toads: Desert Christmas Tales

    by Melinda Rucker Haynes

    Rucker family Christmases in 1950s Arizona weren’t nearly as civilized as that other Christmas Story. Follow the Horny Toad Chaser as she falls on and off Santa’s Naughty List, steals candy that wasn’t, on her first desert sleigh ride, and hunts the perfect tree with a machete. Does she put her eye out? Perhaps. Award-winning author, Melinda Rucker Haynes has lived the funny and heartwarming tales of her family celebrating the holidays their way in a tiny Arizona town on Route 66, the well-known Santa Claus flyway.

    How To Be An Amazing Dad: 101 Ways To Become A Hero To Your Kids (Whatever Their Age!)

    by Ellis Wilson

    LEARN:: How To Become The Amazing Dad That You Always Wanted To Be

    Do you worry that you’re not being as great a dad as you could be? Most dads want to be the best fathers that they can to their kids, but sometimes work, life and money get in the way. But here’s the best-kept secret of fatherhood! Children don’t care about any of that, they just want you.

    This e-book is a compilation of 101 tips, tricks and strategies all geared to help you to become an amazing dad.

    It brings together a collection of ideas to get you thinking about new techniques, different ways of approaching fatherhood and possibilities which perhaps you’d never even considered before.

    DOWNLOAD:: How To Be An Amazing Dad – 101 Ways To Become A Hero To Your Kids

    (Whatever Their Age!):

    • 101 Practical, Achievable, Essential Tips On How To Become An Amazing Dad
    • 101 Hilarious, Thought-Provoking, Moving, Controversial Quotes On Fatherhood
    • Essential Resources And Further Reading, Thoughts And Reflections From The Author
    • Simple Layout, Gets Straight To The Heart Of Each Tip
    • â??Read In One Sitting’ Or â??Refer To Daily’ Format – It’s Up To You How You Use It.

    BONUS CONTENT:: Inside This Book :

    Free bonus 1 inside this book: Grab the full colour, fully loaded, printable PDF version of ‘How To Be An Amazing Dad’ via a special link at the end of the guide.

    Free bonus 2 inside this book: Grab the full colour, fully loaded, printable PDF version of ’21 â??Quick Fix’ Strategies for Getting More Things Done In Much Less Time!’ via a special link at the beginning of the guide.

    Would You Like To Know More?

    Download now and become the amazing dad that you always wanted to be.

    Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

    Invisible Child

    by Mary Hayward

    Few books are actually written by the victim, but this is one. This is a true story written by me. My name is Mary and I was born to London poverty.
    Inspiring and uplifting, this book has it all. An emotional roller-coaster with an unexpected twist of romance that comes but once in a lifetime.
    Begging for food at the age of 8, with my 4 year old sister I starve.
    It is a battle of wits, and a struggle to survive the horror of hunger. Betrayed, my life falls apart. The legacy of my childhood I am abandoned alone and cast out onto the streets, a single parent homeless with a child of my own. It is the story of heartbreak and struggle, invisible to the welfare state. Yet something within her fights, and she breaks free of her miserable life.

    Das Weihnachtspferdchen (German Edition)

    by Martin J.M. Bock

    Das Weihnachtspferdchen
    war der Star am Weihnachtsbaum, ohne das die Bescherung nicht vollkommen war. Eine Institution in der Familie. Doch dann geschah das Unglück und das Pferdchen wurde in eine Kiste im Keller verbannt. Dort träumt es seit vielen Jahren von seinem alten Glanz und Ruhm. Seine Hoffnung: eines Tages wird der Deckel seiner Kiste aufgeklappt, um es wieder an seinen angestammten Platz am Weihnachtsbaum zu hängen.

    Die Kinder sind zur Oma, der Baum steht und schon bald wird er in festlichem Glanz erstrahlen. Nur die Farbe der Kugeln und Bänder muss noch entschieden werden. Jedes Jahr das selbe Drama. Aber zum Glück müssen ja noch so viele andere Dinge erledigt werden.

    50 Delicious Homemade Baby Food Recipes: Baby Food Recipes That Are Easy For You and Loved by Babies (Baby Recipes, Baby Cookbook)

    by Winter Beal

    This is the Ultimate Baby Recipe Book

    The book will provide an easy to understand guideline and introduction to baby foods. You will learn unique, tasty, and easy-to-make combinations that your baby will love.

    The cookbook will offer you natural and organic healthy recipes starting from your baby’s infancy to toddler-hood.Perfect for babies of all ages.

    The Delicious recipes in this book a won’t break the bank and will promote your baby’s development.

    Starting to feed your baby solids can be a stressful time. This book will not only give you an easy DO and DON’T list with Proven combinations that your baby will love

    This book contains:
    -Available recipes for babies of all ages
    -Delicious recipes that are full of nutrition
    -Recipes that will encourage growth
    -Food that babies just LOVE!

    Delicious Recipes such as:
    Chicken and Leek Puree
    Berrybeet Mash
    Baby Mango Banana Puree
    Banana Yogurt Baby Food
    Chicken, Sweet Potato & Carrot Purée
    Baby Vegetable Medley
    and more

    Start Making Recipes your baby will love and DOWNLOAD NOW: 50 Delicious Homemade Baby Food Recipes

    Autism Unwrapped: #Autism Tips

    by Stella Waterhouse

    Autism Unwrapped is a compilation of articles that look at some of the difficulties that face by children on the Autism Spectrum; offering a number of useful tips and hints that you can use to support and enhance your child’s progress.

    The Perfect Guide to Achieving Developmental Milestones in Babies and Indigo Children: Learn the Proper Nutrition, Baby Games, and Other Protective Measures Needed to Rear an Exceptional Indigo Child

    by Steven Kozak

    “This eBook has made my life with my children easier” (Stacey, J.)

    “I would highly recommend this eBook to others. It is a very good read” (Ashely, L.)

    “I saw results instantly when I used the techniques from this book with my 4yr old daughter. The book is an easy read and the effects were an increased level of peacefulness & reasonability in my child. This book is for those who are willing to take a chance on a spiritual-level energy approach to supporting their children. There is nothing in the processes which I would consider difficult or uncomfortable. It was worth the time to take a chance and I’m so glad that I did!” (Kathy, P.)

    Some parents are selected by the cosmos to raise children of exceptional talent and skill, children destined to shape the future in ways not yet revealed. These children are born as aged, wise souls, known as indigo children, and to be the custodian of one is an honor of the highest order. In order to properly nurture an indigo child, and first an indigo baby, into the world changing life force they will one day be, the proper steps should be taken from the very beginning. Today you can learn the proper nutrition, mind stimulating games, and other protective measures you should be taking in order to rear your infant in the manner most fitting for any child of the light.

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    by Melony S. Pirs

    All of us worry about our kids learning to control their emotions. After all, it’s emotions that so often get us off track and into trouble. And of course we need to just say No sometimes. Kids can’t run into the street, throw their food at each other, or pee on their baby brother. But setting limits on children’s behavior doesn’t mean we need to set limits on what they feel.
    In this book i will tell you about ways to understand your child.

    Two Hands

    by Irit Gur Atzmon

    Best friends like to play together. Sometimes they argue, but that’s OK. It’s all right to disagree on things, but it’s important for friends to make peace with each other – So they can play again!

    QUIET WOMEN: In the Silence Come the Answers: Stories for Every Woman from which to Draw Strength, Find Peace, and Discover Her True Self

    by Vickie Paouncic

    Are you experiencing a challenging time in your life right now? Do you need uplifted? Do you need to find peace and strength in your current situation?

    We all need to know there is hope. Hope for better days ahead. By knowing others have been through the same or similar situations, we can find strength and push through those challenging days. We need encouraging words. We need to feel loved. We need to know our greatness within.

    The stories of Quiet Women: In the Silence Come the Answers will help you find the strength and hope you need- right now. By reading Vickie’s own story of her father’s death at age 4, her stepfather’s sudden passing at age 14, and her husband’s stroke at age 41, as well as other brief stories of various women (and a few men), your perspective on your own situation may change to one of inspiration and reassurance.

    You will discover more of yourself through the end of chapter self- reflections, affirmations, and bible verses. It is through knowing our own selves and hearing empowering stories of others that we find the strength to succeed through those challenging times.

    Now, may you look within these pages to be inspired and find the peace and strength that is within YOU!

    Harvest Of The Spirit: July – December

    by Oladapo Rotimi

    This is a book for every parent who knows their kid will celebrate twenty-fifth birthday
    All parents should have their kids read this book on their twenty-fifth birthday.

    We Beat Leukaemia

    by Melody Berthoud

    My son Andrew was only three years old when he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Now he’s a healthy, happy six-year-old. We Beat Leukemia is my honest account of chemo, childhood and being a mummy to cancer – written over 1235 days from diagnosis to remission.

    I started writing daily posts to record the highs and lows, frustrations and elations of his childhood cancer treatment. My posts and photos form this book. I’m sharing my family’s experience to raise awareness of childhood cancer (and the UK charities who can offer so much), but also to offer support to families facing the challenges that any child cancer diagnosis brings. I hope to make a difference in the cancer community.

    Christmas Eve Day

    by Tina Moreland

    Not wanting her children to spend their whole day waiting on Santa, a mom comes up with lots of fun activities. The children enjoyed Christmas Eve day without wishing the night would hurry.

    Hathor’s Mega Awesome Book of Breastfeeding In Public Comics (The Comics of Hathor the Cowgoddess and Mama Is… 2002-2013)

    by Heather Cushman-Dowdee

    A collection of more than ten years of Hathor the Cowgoddess and Mama Is Comic cartoons. Every comic about Nursing in Public, or NIP.

    The Christmas Thief

    by John Finan

    A short Christmas book.
    Archie Scrope is the part time burglar known as “The Christmas Thief” because he only burgles at Christmas, when all the loot is placed in full sight around a tree covered with bright shiny lights to act as a further enticement! It’s not his fault he burgles then, is it? One night he comes across an old Father Christmas statue dressed in a green coat with a wreath around his head. The “Old Father Christmas”, “Old Man Winter”, “The Green Man”; who you don’t see nowadays. Santa Claus reigns supreme.
    This changes Archie Scrope’s life and brings back the meaning of the old Christmas.

    Know Your Mate & Enjoy Marriage (Relationship Non-Fiction)

    by Randall Foreman

    This short book has GREAT TIPS for achieving an exciting and long lasting relationship.
    I promise you won’t put it down once you start reading it.

    FURTHERMORE I’VE GOT SOME EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU. You can have the great marriage (relationship) you’ve been hoping for in just days – yes days. But wait – you are going to enjoy the time of your life. Just picture you and your spouse driving out of town viewing the beautiful landscape, listening the birds sing or dinning at a restaurant having a date or taking a walk along the beach like in time past. There is a new spring in your steps and a lively gleam in your eyes again. Your friends and family begin to stare and delight in the seemingly new vigor in your relationship.

    Right now, I want to get this book out to the public so couples can have the remarkable transformation my wife and I experienced. Your life is about to get better beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

    Get it NOW and see the remarkable transformation in your relationship.

    Ten Warning Signs that your Partner Wants to Leave You (Warning Signs – Self Help Book 3)

    by Yvonne Jayne M.Ed.

    There are warning signs when your partner is thinking about leaving you. They are often subtle signs, because a partner on the verge of departing, is often secretive. If the signs are recognized, there is a way to salvage a relationship when a partner is losing interest. If the signs are ignored, the relationship is on its way to the junkyard.

    Through Teddy’s Eyes

    by Sandra Salter (Conti)

    Told though his own eyes and words, this heart wrenching story follows an eleven year old boy (Teddy) through his eight month battle with Leukemia. The author (Teddy’s mother) wrote the book as a promise to her son that his story be told and as a way of coping with the tragic loss. Originally intended to be read by and to children, the book can be read by people of all ages, especially those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or who has someone who is critically ill. The book stresses the need for love and support in times of crisis from family, friends and caring individuals.

    Following is a brief excerpt from the Author’s Note at the beginning of the book.

    He wanted so badly to get better. The question he asked most often was “Why?” “Why me?” “What did I do that was so bad?”
    How do you begin to explain why to a child, when you, yourself can’t begin to comprehend a reason.
    What happens to a child and his family and friends is something everyone should be aware of. Everyone! Parents, grandparents, hospital staff, bill collectors, employers.
    I’m writing this book, I suppose, to give my son’s death some meaning. To help me understand and accept my loss. Though I know in my heart that it’s only temporary.

    â??Through Teddy’s Eyes’ is a book that should not be missed.

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