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Shadows of the Heart

by Danny McWhorter

What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is my family. Since I got started writing back in 2007, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life. I enjoy writing about my experiences with anxiety and depression, what interests me, and other people. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with the world. I have learned everyone needs to know that they are not alone. With each passing day, I become stronger and I look forward to a bright future. No matter where it may take me.

twenty days & nights: poems from an ordinary life

by c.b. eady

A poetic exploration of family, love, and death spanning a twenty day period in the emotional life of this Canadian author, designer, and mother.

The Ideation of Six Feet Under: The Wade Radford Poetry Collection 2015-2016

by Wade Radford

Chaotic, Opinionated, Anarchic- Wade Radford, once known for his underground independent films & writing has been M.I.A for two years.

â??Ideation of Six Feet Under’ documents his personal, raw, and brutally honest Poetry and Prose over the last two years (2015-2016).

Hand selected from notes written on his mobile phone memos, laptop and scrap paper, this collection represents a variety of thoughts, from personal struggles, heart break and fundamental beliefs.

Largely respected as a â??D.I.Y’ artist in film, Wade formally released books from his bedroom as well as releasing â??read aloud’ poetry online to a worldwide audience.

This collection is a candid representation of experiences that digs way deeper into private emotions than his previous â??Political’ 2014 release, â??Master Crotch & The Sex Hungry Human Minions’.

After a battle with Depression & falling in love for the first time, ‘Ideation of Six Feet Under’ provides something we can all relate too!

This is Wade.

*** Note Kindle release of ‘The Ideation of Six Feet Under’ differs from the Paperback in that it does not include pictures***

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: – A Parody

by Serena Silenced

Just for fun. You are about to enjoy a parody of the classic – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.
This short poem is not intended for children.
Hope you get a laugh!
Merry Christmas!
– Serena

A Confederacy of Joy: Poems

by Juan-Paolo Perre

Juan-Paolo Perre is the 2014 Legacy Poetry Award Series selected author. Evoking the haunting spectre of Federico García Lorca’s duende, this auspicious debut collection hums of a humane music with themes both personal and universal. These are the poems of a soul seeking and of one searching. They are the poems of the prodigal – who journeys out eager into the world and returns having found it once again in shades bucolic, melancholic and buoyant.

One can clearly see in these poems his ancestral bloodline: from Pablo Neruda to Hart Crane and Walt Whitman to Philip Levine. These poems clamour with a sure and pervasive vision.

In fact, these are, in their purest essence, love poems: sometimes solemn as prayers and more often than not, rhapsodic; the love of words, of place, of persons past and present and a love for and of a world which seems always in a miraculous flux between the sacred and profane.

Like incantations or the lingering lyric of a departed balladeer, they are the poems written by a new type of visionary – one that sees the world but then dares to step back into it – taking his place once again but now militantly hopeful and armed with a certain kind of impenitent joy.

Born in Siena, Italy, Mr. Perre emigrated as a child to London, England and then later to New York City. An acclaimed polymath, he regularly engages in “a nifty, polymathic juggling act” with a variety of art forms.

Walking The Edge: An Off The Shelf Collection

by Andrew Sparke

The collected work of a vibrant writers circle from Birmingham. A taster for individual poetry collections in preparation or already published

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