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Bug Out Bag: Disaster Survival Guide For Beginning Preppers

by Miles Bennett

Is Your Family Ready For A Disaster?

Can I ask you a few questions?

If a severe thunderstorm left you without power for several days and your drinking water was contaminated because of heavy flooding would you be able to survive?

What if you had to move your family to your roof due to rising floodwaters? Would you be able to last until help arrived?

Be Prepared!

Sadly, most people aren’t prepared for any type of disaster. This book will change that by teaching you what you need to have ready-to-go in a Bug Out Bag to keep you and your loved ones alive for seventy-two hours until help arrives.

Bug Out Bag Contents

The problem I found with current Bug Out Bag books is the contents sugested are not needed or are outdated. For instance, some will tell you to have change available so you can use a pay phone.

When is the last time you even saw a pay phone?

Others will advise jamming a bag full of stuff like snares, axes and other items that really belong in a survival kit, not a Bug Out Bag…

A bug-out bag is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours when evacuating from a disaster. It is also known as a 72-hour kit, a grab bag, a battle box, and other popular names include “Personal Emergency Relocation Kits” (PERKs) GO Bag and GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bag. The focus is on evacuation, rather than long-term survival, distinguishing the bug-out bag from a survival kit, a boating or aviation emergency kit, or a fixed-site disaster supplies kit. – Wikipedia

This book is not a survival book; it is a book that show’s you EXACTLY what you need to have in your bag to wait it out until help comes.

The Right Stuff

You see the key to a functional Bug Out Bag is having the right items while keeping the bag manageable. After all, if your bag weighs 60 pounds what are the odds you will be able to grab it and take shelter in an emergency?

Bug Out Bag contains the essential items necessary to sustain life but as a bonus I also include Nice To Have items if you want to enhance your bag’s contents and don’t mind the extra bulk.

Don’t get caught like I did years ago when vandals sawed through power lines causing my family to be without electricity and water for two days. Buy this book and prepare yourself today!

Ship of Fools

by Cesar Vitale

After a night of heavy drinking, a young Philosophy undergrad is abducted by the Ship of Fools — an alien spacecraft that drifts through the galaxies in search for answers to the ultimate questions of life, death and the meaning of the universe.

Ship of Fools is a 14,000 word novella originally published as an ongoing story on Reddit’s Writing Prompts forum by user /u/psycho_alpaca.

The Arena (Colonel Russell series Book 3)

by William Haggard

â??Very good and very intelligent, spy and political fiction. Plot, pace, suspense and set-piece action without flaw’ – Independent

The City of London is Britain’s financial beating heart and a nest of gossip, intrigue and greed. The Government has always been powerless to control its activities. But when a sinister foreign company looks set to take over one of Britain’s oldest banks, which in turn controls government secrets, Colonel Russell’s Security Executive is faced with a dilemma – to watch, wait and let the free market operate, or to act and cross the invisible line into the Arena . . .

Written fifty years ago, William Haggard’s remarkable City of London thriller is as relevant to today’s financial sector as it was in the Sixties. The Arena is the third in William Haggard’s Colonel Russell series of hugely acclaimed Cold War thrillers – now available in digital version for the first time.

For fans of Ian Fleming, John le Carré, Charles Cumming and Frederick Forsyth.

Praise for William Haggard’s Colonel Russell series:

â??Here at last we have an adult Ian Fleming’ – Sunday Express
â??Could hardly be bettered in its chosen field’ – New Statesman
Authentic and alarming. Fulfils one’s worst apprehensions about big-business morality. Warmly recommended’ – Sunday Telegraph
â??Utterly compelling. . . like reading a Bond from M’s viewpoint’ – HF magazine

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