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LEAN for Schools: A handbook for academic fitness

by Gary Stepanek

LEAN for Schools is a unique work that adapts the LEAN efficiency principles of business and industry for use by the educational community. LEAN practices have a proven track record of success and are used by world class companies worldwide. LEAN has been integrated into a remarkable variety of business models with proven results and has transformed the global marketplace
LEAN for Schools seeks to bring this success to the academic community and help schools maximize their efforts, eliminate wasteful practices and reduce costs. LEAN for Schools will show you how to add value for your school’s staff, students and parents through Total Quality Management practices, employing a “One Piece Flow” mentality that emphasizes individualized instruction and the effective use of teamwork system wide.
LEAN for Schools leads off with a description of the 5S program that will standardize your work environment providing a more stress free and efficient workplace. This simple 5 step philosophy has great professional and personal applications for “pilers” and “neatniks” alike. You will learn techniques for eliminating from the classroom clutter and antiquated resources that actually impede learning and how to construct a structured yet flexible environment that will support diverse instructional methodology. Strategies for; sorting, scheduling and sustaining your new workplace are discussed along with the need to monitor your progress, anticipate problem areas and how to avoid them.
Additional chapters explore expectations for teachers and students as well as the workforce in general which highlight the need for both mutual respect and accountability throughout your organization. A hallmark of LEAN culture is the cultivation of innovation and initiative for all team members which includes students whose active involvement is required in order to close the learning cycle. Student discipline, teacher obligations and administrative support are among the many issues discussed in these chapters.
Traits of Leadership outlines the characteristics required to be a successful, transformative leader capable of taking your school to a new level. LEAN workplaces empower all of its members to become actively involved in continuous improvement and decision making. Education is highly relational and developing intra/interpersonal communication skills is essential for productive, creative learning community. Administrators must navigate a minefield of data and attitudes in order to support the needs of students, staff and their local communities. These topics as well as the LEAN hierarchical model, dissent, eq, traditional leadership theories and political pitfalls are all included in Traits of Leadership
Getting the right people in the right places will help administrators build energetic and bold teams that expand the limits of what your school is capable of achieving. Teamwork is a foundational principle in the LEAN program which values the active contributions of all staff members to improve levels of service and prepare for the future. Teamwork discusses how personality profiles help form well rounded teams, what functions teams can perform, the need for redundancy and how important “voice” is for all stakeholders in your school.
The chapter entitled “We are all in this together” focuses on defining a unified goal along with establishing a balanced sense of urgency in order to reach your goals. Supporting each other in a quest for personal excellence and recognizing the importance of our individual contribution in helping our school reach new levels of performance are critical elements in the creation of powerful professional learning communities.
LEAN for Schools is designed to help your organization promote a culture that embraces change, celebrates diverse talents and abilities while creating a unified workforce focused on your unique and specific goals. LEAN schools live by the simple question, “How may we help

CHRISTMAS COLOURING BOOK – 10 Days Till CHRISTMAS COLOURING and COUNTING Activity Book (Suitable for 3-5 Year Old,Perfect for Preschool and Nursery)

by T.M. Hazel

10 Days Till Christmas Colouring Book- CHRISTMAS COLOURING and COUNTING Activity Book (Suitable for 3-5 Year Old,Perfect for Preschool and Nursery)!!!

This Kindle Edition of The Book is Not Intended to be Used as Interactive Application that is capable of any type of “interactivity” on any device.

It is a Preview to the contents of a FREE PDF which contains the same illustrations in high resolution. This PDF can be accessed by following instructions at the end of this book. You will be able to Print the entire book or separate pages that you like.

The Same Illustrations can be obtained in the Physical Copy of this Book – A Paperback Copy is AVAILABLE as a SEPARATE Purchase. Extra Bonus Pages are included in the book, so your child can enjoy colouring more:)

Holidays are Coming. so why not entertain your Child with something Interesting and Engaging. This 10 Days till Christmas Colouring Activity Book is perfect for learning the numbers, counting days and having fun colouring illustrations whilst keeping Christmas Spirit while learning.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Holidays!!!

How to Download Kindle Books to Any Device: Download Kindle books to device or computer. Easy to follow steps with screenshots.

by Jack Dempsey

How to Download Kindle Books

In this book you will learn how to download Kindle book to your computer, Android, iOS or Kindle devices.

To make it easy to follow there are high resolution images and screenshots added to this book.

Following these instructions should only take you a few minutes.

Downloading Kindle Books does not require any technical skills on your part. Just follow the instructions and you should be able to download and enjoy Kindle books on any device.

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Learn Spanish Cartoons: Phrases for Beginners

by Elliot Carruthers

Learn Spanish phrases and words with funny cartoons. Get a definition and a pronunciation. The funny cartoons make remembering easy. Learning Spanish has never been so much fun!

Idioms For Kids

by Elliot Carruthers

Learn new idioms with cartoons and simple explanations. Perfect for kids and ESL readers. Each idiom has a fun cartoon and a simple step-by-step explanation. Learning idioms is fun!

What is Amazon Prime? Making the Most of Your Amazon Prime Membership!

by Katrina Abiasi

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Amazon Prime and whether it’s right for you.

In addition you’ll also learn how to take advantage of your membership to Amazon Prime and get the most benefit from it!

Included in this book:

  • What is Amazon Prime?
  • Amazon Prime Membership Cost
  • Benefits of Amazon Prime
  • Value vs. Cost
  • Is Amazon Prime Right for Me?
  • How to Make the Most of Your Membership
  • Tips
  • Family Share
  • Cost Comparison

…and MUCH more!
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