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Romance: Loving Her Wealthy Horseman

by Shannon E.


Clara is alone. Widowed and broke she has no idea what to do next until her friend proposes a proposition: to become a mail order bride. She has reservations. This man could turn out to be completely different from what she thinks. Even though she looks at the reasons why she shouldn’t do it she finds herself with no other choice.

Hopping on the first stagecoach out of the city she heads out of town and to the frontier. She meets Craig and finds out that things are not bad as she thought out in the wild. She meets not only the man she is supposed to come be with, but his daughter as well.

She develops a special bond with the little girl. On the other hand, Craig is seemingly seems distant and cold, trying to shield them both from his dark past.

Can they make their marriage work or will Clara be hopping on the first stagecoach back home to the city?

War Demon: Valley of the Djinn

by K. W. Ryan

“An impressive blend of a largely unseen preternatural being and the palpable horrors of war.” – Kirkus Reviews

When Lt. Matt Slayton leads Second Platoon on a hunt for a Taliban sniper in a remote region of Afghanistan, his men unwittingly unleash a demonic entity. As fighting intensifies and tensions rise, the entity stalks soldiers and Taliban fighters alike, steering both sides to a bloodbath.

The Ugly Bomb (The Broken Microphone Trilogy Book 2)

by H. Eugene

Our reporting heroine is back. In Book 2 of this smash hit trilogy, Brooke is asked to assist with research that dates back to WWII. What she finds is much more than she is prepared to handle. The history of the world has changed under the eyes of everyone. She must now race against a clock in which she doesn’t understand to save us all.

The Ugly Bomb awaits her.

Forward Together Penley

by June Hirst

The villagers of Penley in Yorkshire have endured the war years. They all â??did their bit’ led by a strong group of women led by their leader Florence Wilkinson from her domain in the Co-op drapery and her friend Jessie Dyson, owner of the General store and Post Office known as Jessies’s. Their shining endurance inspired the vicar to name them the Penley Pearls. (See Book 1; â??The Penley Pearls’) They welcomed evacuees, arranged functions to raise money for the forces comforts fund and the Spitfire fund. They upheld morale, discussed wartime recipes to supplement rationing and organised â??Make Do and Mend’ to supplement clothing coupons and they were always ready to give support. Major David Williams, who owns the coal mine, the textile mill, most of the land and houses admired them. Penley is his village and he is well respected. He has now acknowledged his love child Sorrel, whose mother was a gypsy, and his grandson Jimmy and also adopted evacuee Billy Jones, much to the delight of his daughter Jane and his housekeeper Doris Bintcliffe. (See â??As Time Goes By in Penley’)
Names of the fallen will be added to the War Memorial and remembered. Captain James Anderson, has returned wounded, and after his divorce has married Sarah Oldfield the village school headmistress. (See Book Two; â??As Time Goes By In Penley’) Ian Swallow has also returned wounded. He has been helped by Molly, now his wife and her friend Lily, both Land Girls at Fenby Grange, where he was being treated. (See Lily of the Fields) The two men have supported each other helped by the peace of Penley. Geoffrey Whitehead, the glamorous village hero, who crashed his Wellington bomber the same night as his son was born and who has been missing for three years, has escaped and returned, but he has issues to overcome.
The twins have made a new life for themselves after being abandoned by their husbands and arriving back in Penley carrying a baby on one arm and their possessions on the other to live with their parents Nellie and George Smith and their young brothers. Then their American G.I. lovers were killed, while invading Europe, but they are now almost qualified secretaries and have realised that their love for Bernard and Philip, two farmer’s sons is strong and enduring. (See; Book 3 â??The Penley Twins’) George and his friends Jack Graham, Tom Haigh, and Jim Wilkinson are very close as happens when friends work in a confined coal mine seam together. They and their wives have been friends since they were children.
The rural, almost feudal village has changed during the war years and now when Victory in Europe is declared they are ready to go â??Forward Together’ yet again ,as Winston Churchill urged the Nation to do during the war years. Geoffrey Whitehead and his friend Martin Moxon (See Minerva) are ready to go into civil aviation and predict life will change when it is available to everyone. It is May 1945.

Erinnerungen (Sammelband 1) (German Edition)

by Joachim Schroetter

Die ersten drei Tatsachengeschichten beschäftigen sich mit dem Leben in Danzig, der Heimatstadt des Autors und schildern in dramatischerweise die Besetzung der Stadt Danzig durch die Kriegsmächte, die Vertreibung die Flucht und die Vergewaltigungen, den Hunger, die Geburt des kleines Bruders, das letzte Weihnachtsfest in der Heimat und die Schrecken und das Leid, die Gefangenschaften und was dieser verheerende Vernichtungskrieg verursacht und wie die Menschen damit klargekommen sind.

Und von einem kleinen Menschliche Wunder. Und vielleicht sind gerade in dieser Zeit, der Erinnerungen an den Krieg, besonders wichtig und aktuell, denn das Leid des Kriegjahres 1945, ist das Leid der Kinder im Jahr 2013.

Die weiteren fünf Geschichten schildern das Leben, in der â??neuen â?? Heimat. Das erste Weihnachtsfest in der Heimat. Die unbeschwerte Jugendzeit und die Erinnerungen an Danzig.
Das aufkeimende Wirtschaftswunder, die Anpassung und Gewöhnung an die neue Umgebung. Das Schulleben, das Rationieren und Einschränken und dass der Krieg, der beendet war in vielen Familien trotzdem weiter ging. Und beschäftigen sich auch mit Wunder. Das Wunder von Danzig und das Wunder von Bern?

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