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by Margarita Meyendorff

The daughter of a Russian Baron, Mourka (Margarita Meyendorff) was born in a Russian displaced persons camp in Germany – far from the opulence of Imperial Russia which was her birthright.

Her father danced with Anastasia, attended balls and military schools but a series of wars destroyed this privileged existence – and her parents were themselves displaced- forced to flee the ancestral estates and run through Nazi Germany.

After the war, under Allied occupation, Mourka was born in a German Displaced Persons camp and from then on, life became a series of extraordinary moves: As a tiny immigrant girl, Margarita’s first American home was the estate of an eccentric millionaire impresario which served as a temporary enclave of Russian aristocrats – given quarters in elephant stalls.Her childhood ran like a roller coaster of highs – performing as a rooster to applause for the Russian Orthodox audience and lows – coping with her traumatized and disturbed parents.

At 18, Mourka escaped to the road- most often taking to the stage where she found her natural footing, but then always on the run – moving, displaced around the US and then Europe – hitting ecstatic highs as a performer and lows in her personal life.

In her search, she tours the country as a gypsy performer in a caravan and goes from a rusted trailer back to her ancestral castle…seeking, always seeking her rightful place and some sense of peace. Can she ever “unpack” and feel she is truly at that place which always been so elusive: HOME. She carries with her a suitcase filled with documents and treasured memorabilia, her Russian legacy.

Margarita Meyendorff’s journey is thrillingly personal yet universal-the journey we all take, to find our true selves and safe haven.

Unbreakable Dolls

by Julie McDonald

Eight true stories of amazing women in Northern Arizona who have not been written about before. Bess Siler, (cover photo) was born in poverty in Michigan. She became a Harvey Girl and went on to become a prominent business woman and property owner in Arizona. Belle Mexicano’s life on the reservation is fascinating as well as her traditional Navajo wedding. Beautiful Cherie Blair, rodeo champion and American All Around Cowgirl of 1940. Jane Pendley’s (Slide Rock State Park) fairy tale life in Oak Creek Canyon. Ermelinda Zanzucchi came from Italy to the mining town of Jerome. Gracie Hatcher, along with 5 small children, fled an abusive marriage and racial prejudice in Louisiana. Reader favorite Elizabeth Heiser, a colorful woman who spent a winter alone with her horses at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.* Along with each story is a humorous short story about Arizona written by the authors father, V.G. Benson.
*An expanded story with more information and more photos is available as a single story eBook, Elizabeth Heiser: Cattle Rancher & Cougar.

See You Back In Bright Lights

by William J. Moylan

The true story told by Jack Quinn. Upon arrival in Rhodesia in 1972 as an immigrant Jack knew he would at some point have to do national service. A requirement laid down by the government. Jack didn’t realise that within two years, he’d be serving in Rhodesia’s killing machine, the Rhodesian Light Infantry 3 commando 13 troop. Afterwards continuing with the 2nd Rhodesia Regiment C company. This is a true story, an epic one, of a man fighting for survival in one of Africa’s never to be forgotten wars. Written in fiction format the reader will enjoy the horror sadistically humorous sides of war. The way men survive the horrors twisting it to their own effectively overcoming the nightmares of conflict.

At that very moment the same rpd terrorist gunner opened up again. Firing a long salvo into the tree next to me inches above my head. The firing was loud bullets whizzed over my nut as his rpd proceeded to chop down the tree that I had taken as a prize piece of real estate to protect me. Bits of dirty brown bark and wood flew off the tree. I was drenched in a shower of wood chips. The tree shook violently from the impact of the bullets smashing repetitively into it.
I found total fear in those few seconds! Unable to move I tried to push myself into the earth. And did my best not to shit in my shorts!
I couldn’t move, if I did, I was dead!

Serial Killer X: True Stories of Serial Killers Who Have Never Been Identified (Murder, Scandals and Mayhem Book 13)

by Mike Riley

Serial Killer X: True Stories of Serial Killers Who Have Never Been Identified

According to the FBI, at any given time there are estimated to be 35 – 50 serial killers active in the United States. Although this is a frightening statistic, even more frightening is the fact that some of these killers are never identified. They are able to continue their homicidal sprees without ever being caught.

Gathered here are the true stories of some of them including their victims, their murderous methods, the investigations and theories and the current status of their cases.

In some cases, the killer has been given a nickname by the police or the press and in some cases, the crimes themselves are named. In all cases, the actual identity of the killer has not yet been found and they have never been brought to justice.

Some of the cases included here are:
The Atlanta Ripper
The Freeway Phantom
The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders
The Frankford Slasher
And moreâ?¦

Certainly this is not a complete list and presumably, more are being added each day. Any fan of the true crime genre will find the stories here fascinating and chill producing.

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Hillary’s Darkest Secret

by Dana Thompson

It is the skeleton in the closet that Hillary Clinton talks very little about.
Back in 1975, Clinton was a court-appointed defense lawyer for the forty-one-year-old Thomas Alfred Taylor.
Taylor was guilty of raping a twelve-year-old Kathy Shelton.
It would be the first case for Clinton as a courtroom lawyer and she would later state that she wanted the court to excuse her from having to represent Taylor which was denied by the judge.
Subsequently, there were “procedural failures” in regards to the trial evidence on the prosecution side of the aisle. Hillary would then argue for a plea bargain for Taylor, lessening his charges from rape to the mere “unlawful fondling of a minor.”
But what really happened behind the scenes during Shelton’s trial? Did Hillary know that Thomas was a rapist? Did she work to conceal forensic evidence that would caused her to lose the case?

Zodiac Rogue (Cold Cases Book 2)

by Dave Conifer

It’s only been a few weeks since reporters Joe Jonas and Abby Reno escaped with their lives after outing the cabal that killed Kennedy. Now they’re on the run and all they want to do is survive. But when the road ends in a foggy coastal town in Northern California, one of the assassins is there waiting. It’s Bremer, the one they thought was dead.

Bremer isn’t out for blood this time. Not theirs, at least. Things have gotten complicated. Now Bremer claims his name is on the same hit list theirs are on. He’s got another score to settle, and this time it’s personal.

Sensing that the hunters are closing in, the reporters agree to a proposition. If they’ll use their investigational skills to uncover proof that Bremer’s boss committed a brutal murder, they can walk away. But the deal is fraught with danger. The decade-old killing is anything but ordinary. Now they’re back in the crosshairs with nowhere to run.

Writing the story of the century is starting to get old.

Queen Victoria’s Creatures: Royalty & Animals 1800-1918

by Christina Croft

From a garrulous parrot that embarrassed an Archduke, to an injured fawn carried home in the arms of a Queen, animals featured largely in the lives of the royal families in the halcyon days of the European monarchies. Disruptive dogs, bothersome birds, faithful friends, family pets, livestock and working animals all had their place in palaces, but while these were generally treated with respect and affection, princes saw no incongruity between wilfully slaughtering other creatures for sport.
Throughout the 19th century, hundreds of thousands of birds were shot for entertainment, and, as empires expanded, hunters were proud to exhibit their trophies of more exotic animals, the heads and skins of which were boldly displayed on palace walls. This, too, though was the era of a growing awareness of the need to respect and protect our fellow creatures, and a number of royal voices were raised in defence of â??our dumb friends’. One Queen purchased a large number of caged birds, solely to set them free; while a Duchess took in so many strays that the stench of her home became unbearable to visitors.
Sometimes amusing, sometimes tragic, the stories of these animals are each, in their own way, deeply moving, and, perhaps, in the retelling, we, too, can be reminded of the message of Queen Elizabeth of Roumania:
“If man really imagines that he is the lord of the creationâ?¦surely he has, before all, a tremendous responsibility toward his inferiors and must, perhaps, sometime give an account of the way in which he has treated these animals. If eternal retribution is a reality, if we are responsible, what shall we then suffer for the way in which we have treated God’s creatures.”
This book is dedicated to the thousands of unknown and innocent creatures who gave their lives for Man’s amusement, and the thousands more who continue to suffer such abuse today.

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