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The Lion of Mortimer (The Plantagenets Book 3)

by Juliet Dymoke

Weak in battle, powerless at court and absent in the bedroom: the English crown has rarely sat less easily than on the head of Edward II.

Inheriting the Plantagenet throne in a powerful position, Edward needs a wife to continue the dynasty – but the beautiful, charming Isabella fails to stir his heart like his close friend Piers Gaveston.

Slighted and ignored, Isabella takes a new lover: the ambitious nobleman Roger Mortimer. Seduced by Mortimer’s treachery, Isabella plots with him to murder her husband and take the throne.

With the Plantagenet line in danger of coming to an end, it is up to the young William de Montacute to bring Mortimer down and restore the crown to Edward’s son and heir.

The Lion of Mortimer is the third in Juliet Dymoke’s dramatic and emotional Plantagenet series, an epic chronicle of love, heroism, loyalty and betrayal bringing to life one of the richest periods in English history: a time of power struggles and compelling courtly intrigue.

For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick.

Clean Historical Romance: Reluctant Mail Order Bride (Westerns Second Chance Arranged Marriage Frontier Romance) (Clean & Wholesome Pioneer Love Inspired Western Short Stories Book 1)

by Johanna Jenkins

This is a standalone short story with no cliffhanger and comes with various bonus stories at the end.

Clara Grace longs for only one thing: to be free. She longs to be free of her father who has always resented her; she longs to be free of the house which still contains the ghost of her older sister who passed on a year ago. But, when her father announces that he placed a personal ad in her name seeking a husband out west and, what’s more, he has accepted a proposal on her behalf, she can’t help but think that this is not the freedom she imagined. Even though the letters Alfred Bell has written to her father (who wrote to the young man under Clara’s name) are eloquent and reveal the his intelligence and polite manner, Clara is reluctant to accept that she will be happy with a man she has never met. When she meets Alfred, however, she discovers that, like her, he is at the mercy of a demanding father. Now, Clara must make a decision. Will she stay with Alfred and face the demands of his family with him, or will she strike out to find freedom on her own?

++ 20 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++


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The Duke Finding Love: Historical Regency Victorian First Time Romance (Virgin Inspirational Marriage Romance Book 1)

by Rachel Brant

The Duke Is Searching For True Love… Will He Find It With This Common Villager?

The duke is used to being wanted by women. One of the ladies that grew up in the village was among one of the poorest families hoping to be with the man that is now the duke but he never ever noticed her. All these years she’s been saving herself for that special someone.

The Duke leaves England for many years and is now coming back to find a wife. They run into each other on his return and he’s mesmerized by her beauty. The only problem now is as she gets to know him, she absolutely can’t stand him, he’s obnoxious, conceited, and seems to only care about himself.

She knows by marrying him all her family’s problems will be taken care of, but at what price?

When the Duke is asked to go on a dangerous mission the Duke fears what might happen. In the days leading to him going, he shows his vulnerability and starts to open up more and more to the lady. She’s now starting to see the boy she wanted to be with when they were young.

Will the Duke become the first man the lady will sleep with?

This Is The Updated Extended Version Of The Best Selling Short Story The Duke’s Search For A Wife By Rachel Brant.

1066: The Conqueror’s Folly

by Charles Beuck

Many long days had passed since Stamford Bridge, and the confidence of the English soldiers in their King remained high. Oft repeated was praise for the daring speed with which the King had stolen a march on the Norwegian’s who had thought York to be safe from his reach.
The King’s army had struck the Norwegian troops like a lightning bolt, catching the invaders completely by surprise while the Derwent River divided their army. Waving charge after charge forward, Godwinson had battered them to pieces with his mighty cavalry. Ultimately the shield wall had fractured, and the Norwegian infantry had been forced into launching an ill-fated counter-charge. By the end of that day of heavy fighting, King Harald Hardraada of Norway would die from an arrow to throat, and Godwinson’s brother Tostig would reap the traitors’ death he deserved. So complete was his victory, the invaders were virtually wiped out.
Upon learning of still another challenger to his throne landing to the south, Godwinson had left the paltry survivors of Hardraada’s army to flee to from whence they came, and force-marched as many of his soldiers as he could to meet this new threat from Normandy√Ę?¬¶

Christmas – The Story Is Told

by George C. Dagnall

Have you ever wondered what was going through the hearts and minds of the people in the Christmas story? Christmas – The Story Is Told tells the story as seen through the eyes of those who were there. This novella retells the drama of Jesus’ birth starting from the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth and continuing to the Holy Family’s return from Egypt in a single chronological narrative.

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