Free horror Kindle books for 14 Dec 16

Beyond the Gates of Toyland: War on Christmas #3

by Edward Lorn

The War on Christmas comes to an end.

Under The Dream House

by Victoria S. Hardy

After receiving the house as an unexpected anniversary gift from her husband, Lacy realized she had been dreaming of the house since a tragic accident in her childhood. Every detail of the house matched her dreams, except one. Her dream had come true, so why was she so afraid?

Il vampiro immortale: Il segreto dell’eterna giovinezza (Italian Edition)

by M. I. Writer

Una scelta difficile: diventare immortale, oppure conservare la propria umanità?

Anche la ricerca dell’eterna giovinezza nasconde dei pericoli!

UNwarranted Horror

by Martin Alcaide

Life can be confusing. Death, madness and passion are all entangled in it. Life is all about misery, horror and fearâ?¦ When you don’t know what a door is hiding from you, your fear is UNwarranted.
If you like stories that may make your blood run cold, this is your bookâ?¦ Or notâ?¦ Here nothing is what it’s supposed to be.

Stained: (A Short Chiller)

by Kayla Krantz

Blackouts have always been Melissa’s problem, but now she has a new one. People are missing, and she isn’t entirely convinced she’s not responsible.

Everly (Everly Series Book 1)

by Meg Bonney

Madison Rosewood on her 18th birthday is about to graduate and head off toward a big, bright future that any kid would kill for: a full ride on a track scholarship, the world’s greatest best friend, and an aunt that has always provided for her. The problem? Madison just wants to find her birth parents, even if it costs her all of the above.

When her Aunt Ruth is kidnapped and taken to a hidden world called Everly, all of Madison’s plans are put on hold. Guided by a mysterious stranger, Madison and her best friend follow Aunt Ruth’s kidnappers through a portal into Everly. Traveling through fairy lit caverns and towering oak tree forests Madison quickly realizes that behind Everly’s beauty is a world of magic, violence, and shocking truths about her family.

There, armed only with an enchanted sword and a sharp tongue, she battles her way past deceptive witches and bounty hunters to attempt a dangerous rescue that changes both her and Everly’s future forever.

The Seventh Word

by S. Smith

The First Word came with Cain, who killed the first child of man. The Third Word was Pharaoh’s instruction to the midwives. The Fifth Word was carried from Herod to Bethlehem. One of the Lost Words dwelt among the Aztecs and hungered after their children.

Evil hides behind starched white masks. The ancient Aztec demon now conducts his affairs in the sterile environment of corporate medical facilities. An insatiable hunger draws the demon to a sleepy Louisiana hamlet. There, it contracts the services of a young attorney, Jim David, whose unborn child is the ultimate object of the demon’s designs. Monsignor, a mysterious priest of unknown age and origin, labors unseen to save the soul of a small town hidden deep within Louisiana’s plantation country, nearly forgotten in a bend of the Mississippi River.

You’ll be gripped from start to heart-stopping finish in this page-turning thriller from new author S.L. Smith.

With roots in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this horror novel reads like Stephen King’s classic stories of towns being slowly devoured by an unseen evil and the people who unite against it.

The book is set in southern Louisiana, an area the author brings to life with compelling detail based on his local knowledge.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Zombies: Zombie Fighter Jango Book 1 (Zombie Fighter Jango series)

by Cedric Nye

Jango doesn’t know it, but his vacation is about to go right to hell. However, the growing hordes of ravening undead aren’t the only problems Jango is facing. His mind is breaking apart, and he is losing his grip on reality.
With bloodthirsty panache, Jango kills humans and zombies alike with whatever weapons he can find.
As his mind splinters, and then breaks,you will find out that THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH ZOMBIES.
Get your gear, because THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN!!


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