Free humour Kindle books for 14 Dec 16

QUIPS FROM Politics OR The 2016 Presidential Candidates

by Bob D’Esposito

Quips about the remaining candidates in the 2016 presidential election

Quips From Seinfeld Scripts: OR Not a Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables Season 2

by Bob D’Esposito

Quips written based on each episode of the TV series ‘Seinfeld’. This book contains the entire set of episodes (12) from season 2. Subsequent seasons will be released as they become available.

Christmas Memes EP1: Memes The Best 2016 (Christmas Memes Series)

by Miss Cha Cha

Memes : Christmas memes EP.1- Funny Memes
: (Funny Memes, Funny Jokes, Comedy Books)

Happy Christmas memes, whatever you’re doing this year make sure you check out these funny Christmas memes and jokes.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, Welcome to this hilarious Christmas memes EP1.

The most common meme is an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption.
If you’re looking for this kind of Memes and want to be sure you laugh at the twisted hive mind of the internet underworld, then this Book is for you!!

In this book you’ll find the best and funniest memes on the internet of 2016, compiled all together!

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ADVENTURE TIME: Best Memes and Jokes (for ADULTS!)

Download this book for free if you have Amazon Prime/Kindle unlimited!

Also 29 BONUS books inside!

So you like comedy?

It’s time to let your self go into the funny stuff!

If you’re checking this book out…
You are definitely one of those die hard cartoons fan. This book offers you a big load of one of the funniest cartoons out there Adventure Time and its funny jokes and memes.

I encourage you to take faith and download
this great and funny, best and unseen memes filled comedy book, which You wont regret!

“ADVENTURE TIME: Best Memes and Jokes” is a great compilation of jokes and memes illustrated in funny pictures. However, this book if for ADULTS as it includes various rated R jokes.
You will find great PICTURES with funny memes, hilarious jokes and quotes all in one place
Let the laughs beginâ?¦!

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Which Is NOT True? – Тhe Quiz Book: From the Creator of the Popular Website (Paramount Trivia and Quizzes Book 2)

by Nayden Kostov

The book will be a strong and faithful ally preventing social awkwardness by arming you with plenty of icebreaking pieces of trivia, suitable for any occasion. You can use it to organise pub or family quizzes, or use it as a prep tool to give you the edge when participating in these.
My goal was to write a quiz book that would stand out with interesting, educational and fun content; a book that would both entertain and challenge. The concept is based on the well-known multiple choice format, with an added twist by introducing the “Which is NOT true?” approach for the half of the questions. This approach has its merit in allowing you to learn two crazy facts about people, places or animals by answering a single question.
The book is not meant to be “your go-to” book for facts. I assure you however that it is loaded with fun and verified facts presented in a manner that can provide you with hours of entertainment. All the material is fresh, and is not simply recycled from my previous publication. Life is too short to settle for the run-of-the-mill. This book will show you just how fantastical and funny the real world is.

Minecraft: Battle at Creeper Fields – A Minecraft Novel

by Mari Cinco

Captain Leon and his men are sent by the Lord of the Diamond Village on a quest to Emerald City. What should be an easy task is a perilous one as in between the two kingdoms is the Creeper Fields, a long stretch of flat land with no place to dig under, hide in or gather resources. Leon and his men must rely on what they have to build forts by nightfall, manage a short food supply and beware of traitors in their own team. Will they make it to Emerald City in time to send the important message? Read and find out!

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Dirty Bar Secrets: Vol 1 Looking for a spot to sling

by Tha Guy

Want to know the secrets of the bar? This book contains secrets that only bartenders know! Dirty Bar Secrets is filled with the juiciest stories of the wildest and craziest bartenders in the country. Learn from the best bartenders in the country on how to deal with bad tippers, Europeans, rednecks and every other bar guest who just don’t understand the rules and etiquette of the bar scene.

Killing the Kardashians: A Satirical Novella of Modern Day Banality

by Todd Houghton

When sociopathy meets stupidity Keeping Up with the Kardashians suddenly becomes Killing the Kardashians.

The Stars of Killing the Kardashians:
Eric Ryder: Host â?? Your Momentary Glamour Messiah aka the Self-Aware Narcissist
Elizabeth Betan: Co-host â?? Mary Magdalene aka the Girl who Loves Shiny Things
James Ford: Cameraman â?? Judas Iscariot aka the Predestined Betrayer

The Satirical Guests of Killing the Kardashians:

Kim Kardashian: The Filth aka the Queen of Selfies/Banality
Kourtney Kardashian: The Slop aka the Monotone Mother
Khloe Kardashian: The Pig aka the Bride Who’s Never a Wife
Lieutenant Waterman: The Lout aka Keanu Reeves Lover/Henry Rollins look-alike
Ronda: The Girl with the Golden Fists aka the Only Person Eric Fears
Kanye West: The Ghetto Pope aka the Unaware Narcissist/Eric’s Evil Twin
Iggy Pop: Michigan’s Beloved Son aka the Creator of Everything Cool

Quips From Seinfeld Scripts: OR Not a Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables Season 1

by Bob D’Esposito

Quips written based on each episode of the TV series ‘Seinfeld’. This book contains the Pilot and the 4 episodes from Season 1. Subsequent seasons will be released as they become available.

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