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Invisible Symbiosis: An Artificial Intelligence Thriller

by Folco Chevallier

Can things really remain under control when you create a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence ?

In a very near future, Leo Cameron, Silicon Valley genius on the verge of launching a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence, jumps one night from the Golden Gate Bridge for no reason. Months later, he wakes up from a coma with a new heart and no memory of what happened.

Even worse, his personality has changed drastically. Pressured by his partner and shareholders to recover his memory as soon as possible and finish his project, Leopold discovers that he has absorbed the character traits of his heart donor – a donor who hides an incredible secret.

While the clock is ticking to release his Artificial Intelligence or else face criminal prosecution for fraud and deception, Leopold is forced to take drastic measures to thwart the unstoppable flow of events and the heart-pounding dangers of his own creation.

If you like heart-stopping tension and final twists then you’ll love Folco Chevallier’s latest science fiction novel.
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