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NLP: Stop Dieting: Reprogram Your Eating Habits for Permanent, Effortless Weight Loss (Diet, NLP, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness, Eating Habits Book 1)

by Modern Psychology Publishing

â?? Bonus Free Workbook Included with Step-by-Step Guided Exercises â??

Are you tired of your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle always failing? Do you feel like no matter what you do, no matter how many diets you try, you just can’t get results? Do you always end up stuck, back in the same negative habits of unhealthy eating?

If you have tried countless diet plans, but they have all failed; If you need to keep telling yourself â??I’ll start my diet tomorrow’; If you can’t seem to lose weight, and don’t know why; you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a term for this.

It’s called subconscious sabotage.

You see, you don’t need the willpower of Gandhi. You don’t need calorie counting, or fad diet plans, or expensive â??cleanses’ to become your authentic, healthy self.

The fact is, YOU have the ability for drastic positive change, but change doesn’t come from the next biggest diet craze. Powerful, lasting change comes from within; from getting in touch with your own psychology and getting down to the root of the problem!

We’ve all been there; thinking that this next diet will be the one that works, the one that sticks for us and will help us lose weight. And yet how many times has this worked? Why not bypass all the bu*****t instead, and learn how to lose weight the easy way?

The trick is getting your body and mind to work in harmony with each other, instead of sabotaging your efforts!

That’s where NLP comes in. NLP is an extremely powerful tool that can help rewrite our negative habits, and turn them into positive, healthy ones. By getting in touch with our root programming, we are maximizing our chances of success by instructing our subconscious mind to work towards our intentions, instead of against them!

In this book you will learn:

â?? How to reframe inner resistance to weight loss

â?? Techniques to implant suggestions into the subconscious for maximum, rapid effect

â?? The most effective visualization techniques to create healthy eating habits

â?? The importance of setting a conscious eating habit and how to do it for best results

This book is highly actionable, with step-by-step exercises for each technique and a Free Workbook included, to guide you on your journey of self-mastery and increased health.

After reading this book you will be able to:

â?? Set a personal NLP anchor specifically for weight loss

â?? Use the Swish Technique to gain control over unhealthy habits

â?? Use the Timeline Technique to get rid of emotional eating

â?? And much, much more!

So if you are ready to get down to business, and learn how to take advantage of powerful NLP strategies to help aid you in your weight loss journey, why not get started learning today?!

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Secrets of Happiness, Inner Peace and Faith Quotes (Life Changing Quotes Book 2)

by Sukhmani Grover

This one is a Collection of Life Changing Quotes on Happiness, Inner Peace and Faith handpicked by the Author. These quotes are full of wisdom and thoughtful guidance that will help you uncover the secrets to Happiness , lend a helping hand in establishing lasting Inner Peace and Developing Unshakeable Faith.

You will discover the keys to permanent Happiness and Inner Peace that is immune to the outside circumstances and happenings of this physical world. While there is no substitute to the lessons you gain from first hand experiences in life, but learning from the experience of others can often show you the right direction or provide enough food for thought to help you discover the secrets to Happiness and Inner Peace within you. And developing strong Faith in this journey will always help you bear the turbulent weathers of life, providing you enough hope that there is sunshine behind the dark grey clouds.

Secrets Book Launch Journey to the Ultimate Success Book 2 Links Included: Secrets of Sucess

by Ndeye Labadens

Ndeye has given solid nuggets of very useful information which authors should know before launching their books. She provides all the necessary information for a successful book launch leading to best seller status. The URLs she has given are very helpful resources, especially for first-time authors.

Peggy Lim

There certainly are a number of solid ideas which provide direction for first-time authors. What an advantage to be able to learn from someone else’s success, and not have to make the same mistakes they did. Ndeye leaves a solid trail of bread crumbs which I am committed to following to success myself – Thanks to the author for the help

Bruce Langevin

A quick read and a practical guide for those wanting to test their hand at becoming an author. This book will help new authors avoid the many pitfalls that can happen when you’re trying to get a book to print. There are also great resources to help you navigate the various aspects of book publishing.

Tiffany Allen

Public Speaking: Deconstructing The Art Of Public Speaking (Communication, Public Speaking, Small Talk, Body Language Book 1)

by Ian Berry

Public Speaking Made Easy

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.
Here is what you’re about to discover…
Public speaking is a true art and one that takes a lot of time and effort, in order to master. A wise person once said that all great speakers were bad at first, which clearly suggests that experience equals improvement. Ever since we are young, we are taught to communicate and engage in social interaction, voicing our own opinions regarding this subject. In a way, public speaking is a refined form of social interaction and one that requires a lot of preparation, in order to make sure that you are reaching your audience in a proper manner.
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become an inspiring public speaker and communicate your own views/opinions to other people. It contains a wide range of useful suggestions, so you will gain a lot of knowledge regarding public speaking. It is a wonderful reading experience and one that will leave you feeling richer in the end.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Public speaking 101: tips, secrets and principles of effective public speaking
  • Basic skills necessary for public speaking
  • How to overcome your fear of public speaking and develop confidence
  • Common traps to avoid when speaking in public
  • Art of public speaking: talk tools
  • How to prepare for a public speaking event
  • What happens when you are out there (on stage)?
  • How to deliver a speech and connect to the audience
  • Lessons to be learned from famous public speakers
  • Public speaking and visual aids
  • Much, much more!

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Crochet: Learn to Create 15 Magical Crochet Stuff for Your House: (Crochet Patterns, Crochet Projects)

by Annabelle Joy

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.


Learn to Create 15 Magical Crochet Stuff for Your House

Crochet is an amazing craft to make different items, such as cozies, rugs, bottle, holder, snowflake, etc. You can get peace of mind by creating different things with your hand. Crochet has some health benefits, and you can enjoy every benefit with the help of 15 magical crochet items for your house. You can try these projects at home to improve your crocheting skills and decorate your house. It is a good way to earn money because you can sell these products in the market. This book offers:

  • Beautiful Crochet Cozies
  • Crochet Christmas Decor
  • Beautiful Crochet Rugs
  • Colorful Crochet Pillows
  • Crochet Dreamcatcher and Organizers

Download this book and get the advantage of 15 beautiful projects to decorate your house with these magical goods of crochet.

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Romance on the Island: A Story about Building Relationships

by Terry Atkinson

Romance on the Island is an inspirational romance about Jim and Jasmine, a young couple newly in love, who dream of working towards a better life. When they start losing their way and their love for each other seems to be fading, they decide to go on holiday to an island away from the world of worries.

They take time out on the beautiful island to be together and review their lives and work things out in their marriage. None of their earlier romantic dreams had prepared them for the turn their lives took after this holiday on the island.

Their lives change in the most unexpected way, giving them a new beginning to their romance and a second chance to dream and create their lives together. An inspirational, clean romance.

High Noon

by Delilah Bronson

Leaving behind the idea of the barn maid and the cowboy, in “High Noon” we’re going to the wild west where everyone has a six shooter and there’s danger around every corner.

Enter Amanda, a girl who just rode in with trouble hot on her tail. She runs into the town’s Sheriff and explains to him that he’s her only hope.

Surprised to find out that Amanda is a great shot and could be the girl of his dreams, maybe Amanda and the Sheriff can make it out of this hot water and live happily ever after.

How to decorate your home: Inexpensive & Affordable ways

by Ryan Grant

This eBook has been created to give information on how homeowners and tenants can decorate their homes at either inexpensive or affordable prices.
If you are a tenant at a property, please contact the landlord or your local governing council for permissions on changing the decor inside or outside of the property.
I will be covering topics such as walls, floors, lighting, furniture, decorative objects, pets, the garden, something important to consider and I have also included just a few of my own ideas which I personally feel makes a house a home that little bit more.

Inspirational Messages: 22 Unique Patterns to Help You Release Stress and Stay Posititve (Inspiration & Relaxation)

by ArtyShock

In this book you will find 22 hand-drawn patterns from designers who are passionate about coloring. Together we strive to provide the best coloring experience for our readers and artists.

You can preview all the images here – “Inspirational Messages” was created to help people get charged with positive energy. You can have fun and use any technique that appeals to you.

In a modern world it is essential to find a way to release stress. Coloring provides an amazing opportunity not only to relax, but to become more inventive and creative. However we decided to take it to the next step and produce a book which is stress-reliving and super fun as well. Spooky, silly, stunning patterns are perfect for those who need some entertainment. We hope you will enjoy our original designs!

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