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Mi Navidad a la Venezolana (Spanish Edition)

by Maria Astrid Rosanes

Un libro inolvidable como tus navidades venezolanas.
Porque las navidades venezolanas van más allá de las tradiciones, disfruta de este libro y compártelo con tus seres queridos para que estas festividades sean inolvidables.

The Men’s Guide to Divorce: Surviving Biased Courts & The Influence of the Radical Feminist Agenda On American Family Law

by Sean McGowan

Are you a man going through a contentious divorce? Are you sick and tired of being treated unfairly by the biased family court apparatus? Does it feel as if your rights and needs don’t matter at all?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then The Men’s Guide to Divorce is for you.

A man gets divorced in the United States every 10 to 13 secondsâ??In about the time it has taken you to read to this point, yet another man’s marriage has ended.

If you are a man in America who is going through a divorce there is one truth you need to come to grips with from the start,

-You have two strikes against you already.

Why you ask?

Two reasons, you are a man and……you are a man. American family courts give you those two right off the top, and that is the most generosity you should ever expect to receive from the biased family court system in America today.

Divorce can be an extremely emotional, stressful and sometimes ugly process. One during which men must make some important decisions and take the steps that can make or break their prospects for being happy and prosperous in the future. Decisions about the division of assets and debt, the marital home, child visitation and custody, tax liabilities and more.

The increasing influence of radical feminists and their equally radical anti-male agenda over the past two-plus decades, has made this process even more treacherous for men who find themselves embroiled in a divorce.

The Men’s Guide to Divorce is written in an easy to understand style that dispenses with the politically correct double-talk to give you a specific, detailed action plan for every phase of the divorce process that every man should follow to ensure their legal, financial and emotional security in the years after they divorce.

If you are a man facing a divorce you owe it to yourself to be armed with the truth about the biased political agenda and legal weaponry arrayed against you.

If you are indeed one of those men, READ THIS BOOK before it’s too late! You will be glad you did.

My School My Father: everyday parenting


This book is to bring back the quality time which parents can spend with their children, because by spending that time and interacting them on a daily basis, they can build them into responsible and thoughtful human beings.
This book revolves around conversations between a father-son duo on various topics they witness in their daily life. The story’s setting is that of a middle class family of four. The father Mr. Rama Krishnan Nair is working in an FMCG MNC and is natively from the state of Kerala. He is settled in Delhi from past 20 years with his wife and two children. The daughter, Smitha has just graduated from a popular city school and is looking forward for higher studies abroad. The son, Prashantan is in high school and is a very inquisitive child.
The father-son duo often gets into discussions where the son always wants to know more about the topic of discussion. Mr. Nair by his own ways of explaining the reasons tries to broaden his child’s thought process. The conversations which happen reflect a lot on the healthy relationship which the father-son duo share and the confidence the child have on his father.
This is an attempt to bring back that culture of face to face discussions and conversations in a family to overcome the booming hazards of the so called electronic social world.
Every conversation ends up with a question or a doubt in the mind of the child or an answer which the father is about to say. This book is not a read -through work only but a workbook where any of the parents or the children can complete the conversation to check if the â??human values’ are in place or not.

A Simple Plan for Christian Parenting

by Gwen Miller

Passing on your Christian faith and values to your children should be your principal parenting goal. Be intentional about raising your children to be whole-hearted followers of Christ.

Languages of the World: A Multi-Lingual Introduction to Letters from Around the Globe

by Brian P. Sheets

Languages of the World is a series of books, incorporating eleven (11) languages, designed to gradually educate your child in basic verbal concepts during their pre-school years.

Using English as the base language, this book, A Multi-Lingual Introduction to Letters from Around the Globe (Volume 1), begins the journey by providing you the tools to introduce your child to the basics of communication – the alphabet.

What are the benefits of this book?
– Your child will learn the proper sequence of letters in the alphabet.
– This book includes phonetic aids to teach the child how to correctly pronounce each letter in English.
– Sample words are provided to show the usage of the letter in a word.
– Pictures are provided as a visual representation of the sample word. The pronunciation and usage of vowels and consonants are included.
– As a multi-cultural book, eleven (11) languages are included in this book series, representing those spoken by the greatest number of people and for which there is a higher social interest through travel. This not only provides your child the opportunity to learn letters & words from foreign cultures, it also provides people from other cultures an opportunity to learn English.

This book series is intended for children, but designed for parents. You are encouraged to use this book as a tool in furthering the education of your child so they have every opportunity to succeed in life.

Why? Because, their success is a direct reflection on the time devoted to educate them during their formative years.

Enjoy the journey!

ABC ALPHABET WITH SPACE: kids children (Learning book for Toddlers & Preschool)

by I am ABC

From an astronaut in Cartoon space, A-Z astronomy: Learning the ABC with the help of the planets, moons etc astronomy


A-Z early learning Book

Billy and Santa are Autistic

by Walter Wimberly

An autism diagnosis can be a challenging thing for a parent to hear. As difficult as it is for a parent to accept, siblings, family members, or other children who meet someone on the spectrum may have a difficult time relating to them. They will see them acting differently than other children, and being treated differently and wonder why.
While every child on the spectrum is unique, and will show different characteristics, there are many things that most autistic children have in common.
The purpose of this book is to show that while autistic children sometimes behave differently, they can do many things really well (and sometimes even better than non-autistic children) and can excel if given a support system that works with them and their strengths.
Santa is a natural example of someone who is probably on the spectrum, and holds a special place in children’s hearts. Hopefully this book will show that someone on the spectrum isn’t so different after all.
We write this book for our two sons who are on the spectrum. Hopefully they will be accepted by others, just as we accept them.

It’s complicated: Christmas Series Romance Novels (4 in 1) books collection (Romance Novels series)

by Rose Fox

Looking for love? Read and maybe you will find out an answer.
Can love be found online? What happens when comes something unexpected between friends? Or is there love that lasts a lifetime?
The bored housewife, looking for excitement, sick of her routine days, decides to look for it online. Will she find love online?
The two friends, when they face an unexpected and devastating truth. What will become of their relationship and their love?
Or the fat Annabelle which was made fun of only because of her weight.
Did she find a cure with the man she thought he had loved her?
It turns out that he was fed up with her too, because she was fat and she’s taking a revenge on him, using her diet, till the surprised end.
Now, about the question if there is love that lasts a lifetime – It turns out that the answer to this is Yes, butâ?¦here it involves with a loss, heartbreak and it deals with the parental love that knows no limitsâ?¦
Here some stories of love, kind of the true love.

My Ex Is A Nutter: And there are kids involved

by Jack Jennerson

Are you struggling to see your kids thanks to a psycho ex-partner? Are your children being brainwashed against you?

A trusted, no-nonsense guide to dealing with access issues, parental alienation and everything else a Nutty Ex can throw your way.

My Ex Is A Nutter will take you through each stage of a relationship breakup that involves children and a stupidly difficult ex-partner. You’ll learn strategies that will help you cope and manage the situation in the short, medium and long term, with the aim of ensuring you maintain a solid, decent relationship with your child or children.

Written using the experiences of over 55 parents that have suffered at the hands of an aggressive, narcissistic, useless or simply crazy ex-partner, My Ex Is A Nutter will provide you with an easy to understand resource that will assist you in nipping early stage breakup and access / custody problems in the bud, through to detailing simple methods that can be used to keep you sane if you face an ongoing challenge.

Ë?Ë?Ë? You are not alone:

Many people have faced the issues that you now find confronting you, so share in their hard-won knowledge and learn the techniques that will allow you to move on with your life and do the best you can for your child.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Find The Poop : Potty Training Book For Toddlers

by Rachel Mintz

Fun book for toddlers while sitting on the potty!
Finding the poop around the house!

Potty Training Book For Boys & Girls
Shumpy the frog has been without diapers for a few days, he missed and left poop piles all around the house…
The kids need to find the pile in each page.
Getting familiarized with the fact the poop goes in the potty, while playing a game.

This training is not a potty guide book, but a fun picture book were kids spot the piles.
Great for those who do sit on the toilet seat, but don’t have patience to wait, the book can be a fun way to pass the time.
Training the children to sit on the seat, pants down, and do their thing, in a friendly and playful way.

What ever potty methods are working for you, there is always room to make it fun for the toddler baby too.

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