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Coaching Questions: How to Find Your Method to Become a Successful Coach

by William Stone

Do you want to be the best Coach?
This book will answer your questions.
It will be your way to success.
Tactics, techniques of motivation, secrets of the best schools.
You will learn how to help other people to reach their life goals.
After 1 hour of reading, you’ll understand that this is the book you have been looking for all this time.
Successful Coach will share his secrets.
Take a chance to expand your horizons!
This book is unique!

The new evil of our societies is confusion. New technologies and social changes impact our lifestyle irreversibly. The paradigms with which we grew collapse, and we doubt if the options we have selected are the ones we want. This indecision causes a profound emptiness on a personal level. Coaching is the search for that answer, all aspects of life are viewed from the eyes of whole inner conversation. This book presents a comprehensive overview of all facets of coaching. It is also an invitation to share it from the side of the coach, as a profession holds enormous potential; As a way of life is a source of deep inner knowledge.

How to find your method to be a successful coach is an understandable approach guide about all aspects to know about coaching, its definition and scope, the benefits to society, its potential as a professional activity, their particularities and differences other growth techniques, different styles and trends, the main skills that identify a good coach and techniques used to impact and transform the life of each person.
From the powerful interview questions, coach makes the coaches finds answers to different aspects of your life in which you are willing to increase his level of excellence, through its own success definition, Causing unlocking his mindset through the confrontation of beliefs that shaped his personality and created habits, this is the kick start to effectively address the process of change, through it designs and establishes a conscious action plan creatively, sets deadlines time and commits based on his free decisions, both in the personal and in their performance in organizations, he exploits his ability to lead more effectively and becomes the dynamic force of a team, projects his action potential to create change towards a stage of success, and a prosperous way of life.

Passives Einkommen durch Nischenseiten: Wie Sie damit im Schlaf Geld verdienen und noch heute starten können (Der gro�e Nischenseiten Guide 1) (German Edition)

by Christina Sorg

Nischenseiten sind eine lukrative Einnahmequelle

Dieses erste Band beschäftigt sich mit dem â??Wieso?” und den ersten Schritten in Bezug auf Nischenseiten. Wir gewinnen zusammen einen ersten Ã?berblick und wagen – nachdem die grundlegende Basis gelegt wurde – die ersten Schritte in die Welt der Nischenseiten und des Passiven Einkommens.

  • Sie werden nach der Lektüre dieses Bandes in der Lage sein, die gröbsten Fallstricke zu umgehen und allgemein informiert an das Nischenseiten erstellen herantreten zu können.
  • Ebenso eignet sich dieses Band für Menschen, die sich einen Ã?berblick über die Welt der Nischenseiten aneignen wollen, aber nicht vor haben tatsächlich welche zu erstellen – beispielsweise technisch Interessierte, Medienrechtler oder einfach nur Neugierige.
  • In den anschlieÃ?enden Teilen geht es dann in die Tiefe und um konkrete Fragestellungen bei der Nischenseitenerstellung – Schritt für Schritt.
  • Viele Konzepte und Ideen werden hier vorgestellt, sowie nötige Grundlagen gelegt. Beispielsweise kann ein Missachten des Kapitels â??Rechtliches” teure Folgekosten nach sich ziehen, sofern man es achtlos überspringt.
  • In einfachen Worten, wird alles Nötige an Grundlagen erklärt. Nach dieser Lektüre werden Sie in der Lage sein, mit dem nötigen Know How an die eigentliche Nischenseitenerstellung heranzugehen.

Viel Freude bei der Lektüre!

A Students Guide to Adjusting to Campus Life

by Ross Edwards

This eBook will show you methods and techniques to cope with campus life.
Your first year in college can be a period loaded with new and energizing encounters. It can likewise move you in ways you could possibly anticipate.
So you’re heading off to college brimming with good faith. Or you’ve begun, and now the vacation is over. On the other hand, you’re headed and brimming with fear. Your psyche is loaded with inquiries like: Will I make companions? Will I have the capacity to keep up in classes? Will I coexist with my flat mate?
Well you’re not alone. Nearly all new students are worried like you and it is for good reason: First year of college is a time of great change and adjustment
How one juggles life occasions and scholarly necessities can influence one’s involvement in college. Research has demonstrated that students who alter well to their tertiary surroundings have better odds of performing great scholastically.

SHAPES: CIRCLE: Shapes Picture Book for Kids (Math in Real Life)

by Caroline Angit

Have you always wanted to teach your child shapes in real life but do not have the time to do so ?

This picture book includes many circles that can be found in our daily lives ranging from ferris wheels, doughnut, flower to moon. Each picture is accompanied by a short sentence. For example:

Circle can be fun and thrill!
Circle can be bounced and rolled.
Circle can be found up in the sky.

Why not take a look at this book to save you some times and have fun reading together with your child!

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