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Influencing Your World for Christ: Practical Everyday Evangelism

by Matthew Robert Payne

The mention of the word “evangelism” can produce any number of responses from people. Many Christians know that they should be sharing Jesus with their friends and family members but fear of rejection stops them.

Other factors also keep them from sharing. One of the most common reasons that people don’t win their friends to Christ, is not so much fear, as the fact that they don’t know how to evangelize people. However, you can influence your world for Christ without overwhelming your friends, without embarrassing yourself or without even being rejected.

One day, I sat down and decided to record this book on video so that people could see how I live my life and how I influence those that come in contact with me.

This process is not scary, and you won’t be rejected if you live out the keys in this book. Instead, the contents will actually free you up to be who you are with everyone that you know. Gone will be the masks that you wear for some people as they get to know the authentic Christian that you are.

I am no theologian and have never had formal training at a school, yet I have shared my personal faith in Jesus with thousands of people as well as shared personal messages from Jesus with many people through prophetic evangelism.

If you want to learn how to influence your world with the message of the Gospel with confidence, take a look inside. Your world and the lives of those around you will be impacted for God’s glory and the Kingdom!

Wicca Herbal Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Wiccan Herbal Magic with Herb Spells (Herbal Magic, Candle Magic, Book of Shadows, Wicca for Beginners)

by Valerie W. Holt

Discover the Realm of Wiccan Herbal Magic

Add These Herbal Spells to Your Book of Shadows

People underestimate the power of herbs. Wiccans, on the other hand, know that it’s one of the most accessible and effective types of magic around! There’s a rich history of ancient cultures using herbs because of it’s magical essence. Ancient cultures used herbs for medicine, they had healers, some called shaman, in their communities to harness herbal magic.

That being said, not all herbs were created equal. Some have different properties than other do when it comes to magic spells.In this book Valerie W. Holt, will teach you about the magical properties of the most popular herbs used in Wicca magic. You’ll learn how to easily use them in your very own spellwork.

Here’s a quick look at what you’re getting:

  • The Ancient Art of Herbalism
  • Getting Acquainted with Herbs
  • An Herbal Grimoire
  • You’ll enjoy a practical section towards the end of this book, and much more!

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    Wicca Candle Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Wiccan Candle Magic with Candle Spells (Wicca Candle Magic, Wicca Supplies, Wicca Books, Wicca Altar)

    by Valerie W. Holt

    Discover the Realm of Wiccan Candle Magic

    Add These Candle Spells to Your Book of Shadows

    People underestimate the power of candles. Wiccans, on the other hand, know that it’s one of the most accessible and effective tools for magic around! Candle magic is one of the most beginner friendly magical arts for anyone who needs a starting point in the realm of Wicca.

    In this book Valerie W. Holt, teaches you the wonders of fire and how you can use candles as your helpful messengers. You’ll learn how to easily use them in your very own spellwork.

    Here’s a quick look at what you’re getting:

  • The Wonder of Fire
  • Preparing for Candle Magic
  • Candle Magic and Spells
  • Do you want to know which candle colors are the right type to use? No problem, it’s covered, as well as how to consecrate your candle so it’s ready for candle magic!

    You’ll enjoy a practical section towards the end of this book, and much more!

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    Mail Order Vixen: Book 2 Kansas Brides

    by Barbara Goss

    ABIGAIL LIVINGSTON arrives in Hunter’s Grove to marry Scotty McCabe and discovers he was shot and killed just days before her arrival. Determined to find the murderer, she finds herself butting heads with the impossible constable, Cole Johnson.

    COLE JOHNSON, livery owner, finds himself as acting constable after Constable McCabe is shot. When McCabe’s mail order bride arrives, he finds her bold and overbearing. He vows to avoid her at all costs.

    Yet, despite their instant dislike for each other, they work together to find the killer, and discover, while investigating, they might actually like each other.

    Mail Order Bride: Katie (Orphan Brides Go West Book 3)

    by Vivi Holt

    When tragedy strikes, Katie finds herself pregnant and alone in 1800s Boston. Unable to trust anyone, she and the baby face a dismal future.
    Norwegian immigrant, Kristoff, owns a thriving business in Sacramento. Even with all his success something is missing, and he longs for a companion to share his life. But after the California Gold Rush, eligible women are hard to find.

    When Katie arrives in California she’s sure that marrying Kristoff is the only way to care for the baby growing inside her. She wants to be honest with him, but she’s afraid if he knows about the baby he’ll abandon them, and she has no one else to turn to.
    He’s looking for love, but soon becomes convinced that she’s keeping something from him. How will he feel when he discovers the truth? And will it be too late?

    * This book is a sweet, western, historical romance. It is part of the Orphan Brides Go West series, but is a standalone story. This series can be read in any order.

    Mindset: 4 Manuscripts – Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone, Building Self-Confidence, Thinking Positive Daily, Accept Your Imperfections

    by T Whitmore

    The Mindset Book Bundle will serve as a helpful guide for those people at cross-roads between surviving the past and claiming a whole new approach to life.

    In this book, not only are you going to learn how the power of optimism can change your life, but you will also learn how to accept life’s limitations without surrendering to them. You are in control of your own happiness, and this book will show you how to ignore the negative mindset and focus yourself daily on positive thinking!

    The Mindset Book Bundle will show you:

    -Affirmations you can practice to wake up on a positive note daily
    -Getting rid of negative people and attracting positivity
    -Letting go of emotional baggage
    -Rising above disappointments and heartbreaks
    -Getting back on your feet after a financial setback or job less
    -Fun activities to help boost and get you back on track
    -and much more
    Life is too short to live in a shell of negativity and limitations! This Mindset Book Bundle will shine some enormous insights on your thinking and offer a whole new positive approach to life!

    Cowboy’s Conquered Brides: Western Cowboy Holiday Romance

    by Aphrodisiac Publishing

    Enjoy 16,000 plus words of Western Cowboy Romance and get two books for the price of one!

    Book 1: The Renegade’s Bride
    Will Charlotte be able to find her husband and bring him home?

    It’s 1853, and the California gold rush has officially taken the West by storm. Unfortunately for Charlotte McCain, her husband is just one of those who has come down with a case of what they call gold fever. After she discovers that she is pregnant, Charlotte determines to head out west and bring her wayward husband home any way she has to, including tying him up and dragging him all the way across California to do it.

    Things don’t go quite as she plans when she’s set upon by a surprisingly familiar highway bandit just outside of the San Francisco border. Now if she can just escape the robber, keep her temper in check, and stay out of trouble, Charlotte just might have a chance of reaching the city her husband had called home the last two months. The only problem is going to be finding him. And then convincing him to leave his quest for gold and make him realize that the real treasure was by his side the whole time.

    Book 2: The Only Promise
    A cowboy with dark secretsâ?¦
    An ex-outlaw who made his fortune in blood money now has everything he ever thought he wanted, and yet still, he’s unhappy. Determined to fulfill the dream life he always wanted, he sends out for a mail order bride.

    â?¦and a girl with an even darker past.
    When she gets there, she is immediately struck by his opulent wealth, especially in the middle of such a small, ramshackle town. Desperate to escape her father’s evil plot to sell her to a whore house, she finds a way to escape the terror awaiting her by any means she can. Even if it means marrying a man she’d never met before.

    Everything is going great until her past catches up with her and she realizes her wealthy, charming husband is hiding dark secrets. They both must find a way to escape their pasts before they can look toward a future, together.

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