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Camping: RV: Beginner RV Hacks (Off The Grid Motorhome Bushcraft) (Backpacking Camping Outdoor Book 1)

by Tony Ferguson


RV: RV Living Full Time for Beginners DIY Hacks for Motorhome Living

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Have you ever considered living full time in an RV, or wanted to hit the road for a couple months in an RV? If you have than this is the perfect book for you. You’ll discover the essential DIY hacks all new people need to learn before you go on your first major RV experience.

You might have some doubts about buying or renting your first RV, watch your fears disappear after educating yourself with this guide on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your RV. You’ll be well prepared with this book and your first trip will be a breeze. It’s time to pack up, and let’s hit the road for the journey of a lifetime.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Before You Live the Motorhome Life…
  • Questions to ask Yourself
  • RV Hacks for Proper Insulation
  • Prepare the Materials
  • RV Hacks for the Kitchen
  • RV Storage Hacks Using Velcro, Hooks, Brackets, Etc.
  • RV Hacks for Proper Illumination
  • RV Hacks Against Pests Like Ticks, Flies, Mice, Wasps
  • Much, much more!

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Optimized Runner – Learn the 10 Keys to Becoming an Optimized Runner from a 3X – XTERRA Trail Running World Champion

by Keith Rieger

If you are new to running or simply looking to increase your running performance, knowledge, and motivation, this book is for you.

The goal of my book is to help people of all ages & abilities to become the best runners they can be (Optimized Runners) in the most efficient, effective, and economical way possible.

In my book, I have condensed all of the knowledge I have gained from 25+ years of running experience, education, and coaching into my “10 Keys to Becoming an Optimized Runner” along with 10 Checklists for you to track your progress. Including:

1. How to “Avoid & Deal with Injuries”

2. What “Footwear” is optimal?

3. What “Equipment” is optimal?

4. How to “Stretch” before and after you run

5. How to have optimal “Running Form”

6. How to develop an optimal “Training Program”

7. What is an optimal “Strength Program”?

8. What “Nutrition” is optimal?

9. How to have an optimal “Race” and a bonus section on Ultramarathons

10. How to “Encourage & Inspire Others”

In addition, I have included 10 Inspirational Stories from some amazing people of a variety of ages & abilities to encourage & inspire you along your running journey. Including:

1. Norm Edmond – Shares how he traded in “coffee and donuts” for “5k’s and marathons”. In addition, he shares how he learned his “MOOMBA” mantra.

2. Michael Sitzman – Tells us how “sheer will and determination play such a large role in a successful outcome.”

3. Timothy Truitt – Shares how running has helped him to “have a better self-image, more confidence, and the knowledge that most hurdles in life are not about if I can, but how long is it going to take.”

4. Denise Aucoin – Talks about her goal of running (and doing marathons!) well into her later years in life.

5. Richard McKnight – Shares how running has helped him to deal with his “bipolar disorder and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)” and to be a good example for his kids.

6. Kristin Steele – Tells us how she has overcome the challenges of asthma & allergies to finish multiple ultra-marathons.

7. Kevin Kau – Shares how his running helped him to lose 65 pounds and inspired his entire family to live a healthy lifestyle.

8. Lucy Smith – Tells us to get away from thinking in â??absolutes’â?¦ whether it’s the thought â??I am not a runner’, â??I am terrible at hills’, or â??I could never run a marathon.’

9. Ed “Jester” Ettinghausen – Shares how “Running 100-mile races is overwhelming, until you take it one step at a time, one mile at a time, one aid station at a time, and one finish line at a time.”

10. Kenny Patton – Tells us how ‘Running and Special Olympics helped build his confidence and led to a lot of wonderful opportunities; including finishing the Duke City 5km and becoming a Special Olympics Global Messenger”

Finally, I have included 10 Inspirational Quotes from some iconic runners & people to further encourage & inspire you.

Enjoy! Coach Keith

p.s. All proceeds from my book will go towards funding the Surprise Running Club and Surprise Special Olympics Track & Field Team.

Coach Keith is a USA Track & Field Certified Coach, 3X XTERRA Trail Running World Champion, World Duathlon Bronze Medalist, 3X Western States 100 Mile finisher, 15X Ironman finisher (including Kona 6X via the KonaFive & Epic5 ultra-triathlons), and former NCAA nationally ranked distance runner. In addition, he is the founder and head coach of the Surprise Running Club (500+ members) and the Surprise Special Olympics Track & Field Team, both based in Surprise, Arizona. Most important, he loves to encourage and inspire everyone to reap the life-transforming benefits of running.

Tag You’re It: Active Games for Kids

by Pat Scruggs

Tag You’re it! Three words and a poke. Does it make you want to run? No other kid’s games are as ingrained in our childhood memories as are tag games. These simple children’s games go beyond memory. Chances are you have a few memories of your own games of tag. Did you know, though, there are quite a few variations of this simple game? There’s even a few for indoor play.

Nothing evokes a nudge for impromptu play than these three words and a poke. “Tag, You’re it!” Consider yourself poked. Let’s play!

My Boat Lists: 100 and some Lists of Basics, Tips and How-to Advice for the Simple Sailor

by Connie McBride

My Boat Lists is a comprehensive reference guide designed to assist the reader in “sailing away”: making the experience accessible and enjoyable for all, and proving once again that you don’t have to wait until you retire to start adventuring. My Boat Lists draws from the author’s 10 years of living aboard and 15 years of sailing experience, offering lists of tips and how-to advice in addition to the more traditional lists of basic necessities onboard any cruising vessel.

There are lists of websites and resources to help the dreamer find the perfect boat. Those in the process of preparing for their departure from land will find practical lists for building a ditch kit and a medical kit. Lists of provisions, safety equipment, spares, and tools ensure that you have it all when you are ready to shove off.

For the lucky ones already “out there,” My Boat Lists contains tricks to conserve energy, live without a refrigerator, and maintain a budget. Practical advice eases the tension of clearing customs, home schooling and transiting the ICW. There are storage ideas and tips for maintaining the engine. Sail handling, anchoring, staying safe offshore, and preparing for a hurricane are all covered in concise, detailed lists. Making landfall and other good times not to miss help fuel the dream and remind us why we sail.

My Boat Lists is divided into three sections: Tips, How-to and Basics. With an interactive Table of Contents, the book is easy to navigate and its abundance of information makes it a must-have on any bookshelf: on land or onboard. By the author of Simply Sailing: A Different Approach to a Life of Adventure.

Krafttraining und Muskelaufbau – Ein Führer für Kraftsportler und Bodybuilder: Krafttraining – Muskelaufbau – Bodybuilding (German Edition)

by Jochen Arndt

Guten Tag,

Sie trainieren schon seit Monaten etliche Stunden im Fitnessstudio und haben immer noch keine wirklichen Resultate bei sich gesehen?
Dann schauen Sie sich diesen Muskelaufbauguide an! Mit diesem Krafttraining können Sie auch ohne Profiveranlagungen Muskeln aufbauen, und das mit wenig Zeitaufwand!

Biete einen Muskelaufbauguide als E-Book. Er hat den Namen:

Krafttraining und Muskelaufbau – Ein Führer für Kraftsportler und Bodybuilder

-neu überarbeitet und lektiert!-

Inhalt des Gesamtpakets:

– Muskelaufbauguide mit Trainingsplänen

Jochen Arndt ist ein erfahrener Sportler mit über 10 Jahren Krafttrainingserfahrung. Er beschäftigt sich schon über 10 Jahren mit Krafttraining!

Inhalt des Muskelaufbauguides:

Abnutzung des Körpers

Biografie: Bob Gallucci

Biografie: Casey Viator

Biografie: Jean Piere Fux

Natürliches Testosteron zur Leistungssteigerung


Wichtige Hormone im Körper

Einführung in die Trainingsprogramme

Intensität der Trainingsprogramme

Ich, mit 16 und mit 26 Jahren

Lebensmittel zur Verbesserung der Muskelmasse

Weight Gainer Marke Eigenbau

Mittel zur Verbesserung der Leistungsfähigkeit

Erklärung der Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

Problematik Gelenkschmerzen und Arthrose

Stärke der Muskelreize und Regeneration

Die Rolle der Wiederholungsanzahl

Durchschnittliche Regenerationszeiten

Verschiedene Trainingsansätze


Training bei starker körperlicher Beanspruchung durch den Beruf

Die Zeitspanne zwischen Trainingseinheiten

Dauer der Krafttrainingseinheit

Die Erholung von Isolationsübungen


Nahrungsergänzung mit Vitaminen

Ausdauersport während der Aufbauphase

Essen in der Aufbauphase


Verschiedene Dinge helfen beim Muskelaufbau

Was sind eigentlich schwere Grundübungen?

Geschwindigkeit bei der Ausführung von Wiederholungen

Ausführungen der �bungen

Die notwendige körperliche Verfassung beim Training

Was macht ein hochintensives Training aus?

Trainingsmethoden für erhöhte Intensität

Was ist ein Arbeitssatz?

Wie lange sind die Pausen zwischen den Sätzen?

Was sind Wiederholungen?

Der Grund von Ã?bungen

Was ist ein Splittraining?

Die Erhöhung des Trainingsgewichtes

Die Höhe des Trainingstresses

Die Aussage: â??Es ist besser zu viel zu trainieren, als zu wenig”

Die Mittel eines professionellen Bodybuilders

Ernährung für den Muskelaufbau

Wie schnell kann man Muskeln aufbauen?

Die blödesten Sprüche beim Muskelaufbau und in der Gesellschaft

Was tun bei Krämpfen?

Das arbeiten an der Definition

Schmerzen in den Gelenken und Sehnen

Sü�igkeiten und Wei�brot


Bauchfett in der Aufbauphase

Was ist wenn ich mehr essen will, es aber nicht schaffe?

Genügend Flüssigkeit

Alternativen zu ungesunden Sü�igkeiten

Muss man sich dehnen?

Muss man Muskeln immer direkt und isoliert trainieren?

Wie intensiv sollte man trainieren?

Sind Kohlenhydrate wichtig?

Trinken während des Trainings

Wie lange dauert es, bis man einen Fortschritt sieht?

Kann man gleichzeitig Muskeln aufbauen und Fett abbauen?

Welche Nahrungsergänzungsmittel braucht man nicht?

Kniebeugen und Kreuzheben für Anfänger

Wettkampftraining und Diät

�bungen mit maximaler Dehnung ausführen

Die Körperbautypen

Was ist eigentlich Muskelkater?

Maximalwiederholungen mit 1-3 Wdh und Maximalkrafttests

Sprintfähigkeit verbessern

Wie lange sollte ich meinen Trainingsplan behalten?

Shakes selbst machen

PITT-FORCE-TRAINING nach Karsten Pfützenreuter

und vieles mehr…

Sports Betting Systems: Gambling Sports Betting Blackjack Las Vegas (Lottery Game Theory Card Games Book 1)

by Brent R

Discover How To Maximize Your Wins in Sports Betting

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If you know everything about sports, you should be rich winning every sports bet you make, right? Over 95% of people that participate in sports betting lose their money in the long-term. As a result sports betting becomes a gambling addiction instead of a profitable income stream.

The truth is if you’re losing money in sports betting, you’re simply lacking an effective strategy on how to maximize your chances of becoming a winner in sports betting. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the secrets of the winning sports bettors explained in simple terms, download this book, you’ll be in the top 5% that can actually profit from sports betting.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding the Science behind Sports Betting
  • Identifying Sports that You Should Bet On
  • Setting a Plan that you Could Live with
  • Setting Your Limits
  • Leveraging through Online Sports Betting
  • Finding a Betting System that Works for You
  • Unit System
  • Other Important Pointers and Warnings
  • Much, much more!

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