Free travel Kindle books for 14 Dec 16

To See a Jaguar (Adventures in The Amazon Rainforest)

by E. Etinger

To See a Jaguar is a fascinating book of adventures.

It illustrates the complex relationship that exists between Humans and Nature. It also considers the discord existing between existential, rational insights, and primordial mysteries such as in ancient legends.

Philippe is a tour guide in the rainforests of the Amazon Basin. He embodies a boundless admiration for nature in its totality, and the duality of bringing people to experience nature, on the one hand, while dreading to disturb the primeval natural balance on the other.

While journeying throughout adventurous sites in the Amazon Basin, the author of the book guides the reader through the unique fauna and flora of the rainforest in a breathtaking manner.

To See a Jaguar describes the Amazon Basin of today and periods in its history over the last several centuries, in an interesting and entertaining way.

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Thailand: Live Love Retire

by R.B. Farmer

This is a go-to guide for those who wish to move and retire in Thailand.

Van Dwelling Basics: How to Live in a Van on Any Budget

by Chris On

Are you ready for an adventure? Have you been dreaming about hitting the road and living life on your terms? Are you looking for ways to live more simply or more inexpensively? Or, perhaps you’re an avid camper and want to experience the great outdoors more comfortably.

Lots of people consider mobile living only to be discouraged by challenges such as not being able to receive mail, not having a normal toilet, etc.

Don’t get bogged down by the details. There are solutions!

Van Dwelling Basics contains a catalog of ideas you can use to build your own camper van and begin your adventure right away.

You will learn:
–How to stay warm
–How to stay cool
–How to secure furniture
–How to keep food cool
–How to approach insulation
–How to receive mail on the road
–10 different kinds of toilet options
–11 ways to shower when living in a van
–12 different ways to cook delicious meals on the road
–And much more!

In addition, Van Dwelling Basics reveals:
–What you need to know before buying a high top
–Gear lists for solar electric systems of varying sizes
–Over 180 links to products that make living in a van possible and real examples of nomads putting their gear into practice
–Links to bonuses

If you’re thinking about jumping in to van dwelling, but you’re not sure how to go about it, this book is for you.

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True Tales of Haunted Places

by G. Michael Vasey

True Tales of Haunted Places edited by G. Michael Vasey.

Anywhere and anything can be haunted and many people from all walks of life experience strange things in surprising locations. As you will discover, the prettiest of places, the most innocent of places, and the most unexpected places, can be filled with supernatural forces and pure demonic malevolence.

Haunted Places – Churches, Hospitals, Forests, the Work Place, and more. Horrifying true tales of ghosts, demons, poltergeists and the paranormal. Come and be chilled by people’s creepy experiences with the supernatural in ordinary, everyday places.

Warning – Reading this book may increase nervousness…..

Kids’ Travel Guide – United Kingdom: The fun way to discover the UK — Especially for kids!

by FlyingKids

Regardless of which city or part of the country you plan to visit, make sure your kids get the most out of the trip with the Kids’ Travel Guide – United Kingdom.

  • All about the United Kingdom, especially for kids: its geography, flags and symbols, and fascinating history, as well as culture, food, and even unusual expressions and superstitions.
  • Leonardo, your kid’s tour guide, will take the kids to a journey in England and make it interesting with fun fact, “juicy information,” quizzes, special tasks, kid’s diary, and coloring pages.
  • You, the parents, are invited to participate, or to find an available bench and relax your family vacation while your kids learn and enjoy.
  • When you return home, the guidebook and diary will become a souvenir of your travel that the whole family can treasure for a lifetime.
  • Fun, educational, interesting and engaging your kids in the family vacation.

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  • Kids’ Travel Guide – Londonâ??all about London and the top attractions for kids. Premium edition (print) available:
  • Kids’ Travel Guide – United Kingdom & Londonâ??everything about United Kingdom and beautiful London combined in one book.

More adventures with Kids’ Travel Guides to France, Italy, United Kingdom, Thailand, New York, San Francisco and many more destinationsâ?¦

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FlyingKids makes your family travel more fun, enriching, and unforgettable.

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Minneapolis Light Rail Train Business Directory Travel Guide (2017)

by Randy Luethye

Thank you for using the Minneapolis-St. Paul Train Business Directoryâ?¢.

All station maps are in order for riders to use on the train.

Al Oeste del Norte: Una novela de Galicia (Spanish Edition)

by Walter Aschiero

Al oeste del norte: Una novela de Galicia…

Viajemos juntos a una vila perdida entre las verdes colinas, entre la lluvia y la neblina. Disfrutemos de un Ribeiro, un Barrantes, un Albariño. Tomemos un caldo. Saboreemos unas almejas a la ‘mariñeira’, una tortilla casera, una empanada, un pulpo ‘á feira’, unos pimientos de Padrón. Compartamos la compañía de buenos amigos. Cantemos juntos a nuestra tierra, porque si no cantamos nosotros, ¿quién va a cantar por ella?

Simpática y atrevida novela ambientada en Galicia, obra de un viajero llegado de lejos que canta con cariño a la tierra de sus abuelos.

“…y también luchan junto a los hombres las mujeres armadas, y mueren con gallardía, sin que nadie retroceda…”
— Décimo Junio Bruto, “Callaicus” (General y político romano, Siglo II a. C.)

“Hay quien dice que los gallegos no tienen dios.”
— Estrabón (Geógrafo e historiador griego, Siglo I)

“…los gallegos son aún más feroces que los francos. Un solo gallego es capaz de resistir el ataque de multitud de francos.”
— Abu al-Hasan ‘Ali al-Mas’udi (Historiador y geógrafo árabe, Siglo X)

“Pueblo más noble que el gallego nunca existió.”
— Vicente Fullone (Empresario argentino, Siglo XX)

“Mi tierra es aquella escondida tras ríos y montañas en una esquina de la Hispania romana. Mi tierra es aquella conocida en el mundo entero por el coraje de sus ‘mariñeiros’, por el son de sus ‘gaiteiros’; una tierra de ‘viño’ puro y mariscos frescos servidos por muchachas humildes en agradables mesones; tierra de frío, lluvia, viento, niebla, de ‘meigas’ y ‘neboadas veigas’. Galicia, santo lar de mis antepasados…”
— Walter Aschiero (Escritor y aventurero de origen celta, suevo y romano, Siglo XXI)


Walter Aschiero trabaja de sobrecargo en buques de pasaje. Estudió en el Miami-Dade College con una beca McKnight, en la Università per Stranieri di Perugia con una beca del Ministerio Italiano de Educación, y en el American College of Greece en Atenas. Completó su formación marítima en el Centro de Seguridad Marítima Integral “Jovellanos” en Asturias, España. Habla castellano, inglés, italiano, gallego, portugués y griego.

Airbnb money: Secrets, practical tips, how to get started, making a career, simple steps and how to succeed and make bank

by Alex Pitt

Are you thinking of renting your apartment on airbnb and making money?
Do you have an apartment/room/house that you want to rent?

Then this book is for you!

This book will give you all the necessary basics on how to start renting your place on airbnb and more! The book will not only teach you how to get started but it will give you even more important information – how to be successful and even how to make a career out of it. This book contains a detailed analysis of successful airbnb entrepreneurs and what makes them successful. I will give you the secrets and secret tips that nobody else will tell you. You too can succeed and make a lot of money on airbnb. I will give you step-by-step tips, tricks and secrets on how to turn your place into an airbnb paradise and be the perfect host. Start today and make bank renting on airbnb like a real digital entrepreneur! This book also features a chapter on how to save money as an airbnb guest.

I am Alex Pitt – adventurer, climber, survivor, nomad, traveler and writer and I would like to present to you the best book about how to make money as an airbnb entrepreneur renting pro!
This book includes:

  • The secrets to running an airbnb business
  • Practical tips
  • Learning from the best – the most successful airbnbs
  • How to make a career out of it
  • Steps to quickly becoming a pro at airbnb renting
  • How to choose your guests
  • Secret tips
  • How to succeed in making money on airbnb
  • How to save money as an airbnb guest

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Disney Christmas Magic: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Spending the Holidays at Walt Disney World

by Roger Wilk

Discover the Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World!

Imagine the Happiest place on Earth coming alive with holiday magic! Experience the sights and sounds of the most magical place on Earth during the most magical time of the year! Experience the magic of a Disney Christmas!

The Imagineers at Walt Disney World pull out all the stops to bring holiday magic to guests during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Disney Christmas Magic: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Spending the Holidays at Walt Disney World will help you make the most of your Disney Christmas vacation.

  • Discover the secret to beating the Disney crowds during the busiest and most festive time of year.
  • Learn all about the special events and decorations at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.
  • Experience the magic of special holiday events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the glistening holiday lights and fireworks during the Winter Wishes show at Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle!
  • Bask in the glorious wonder of over 5 million Christmas lights synchronized to your holiday favorites at “The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights” at Hollywood Studios.
  • Experience Christmas from around the world at Holidays Around the World at Epcot’s International Showcase pavilions, and enjoy the inspirational beauty and grace of Epcot’s Candlelight Processional.
  • See the â??wildest’ Christmas tree on the planet, and come along on Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom.

It’s all here, and much, much more! Disney Christmas Magic: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Spending the Holidays at Walt Disney World will provide everything you need to know to make your Disney Christmas vacation your best vacation ever!

Top 100 Cruising Tips for Beginners

by Katrina Abiasi

Hello Friends!
My name is Katrina Abiasi and I’ve been an avid cruiser for around the past 5 years. In my opinion, going on a cruise is BY FAR the most fun vacation you can have! However, many people who have never been on a cruise feel nervous and overwhelmed simply because they have never gone on this type of vacation before! They have no idea what they’re supposed to do and what it’s going to be like. I know the feeling…I felt the exact same way before my first cruise!

So I wrote this book to help people who are complete beginners to cruising. This cruising guide is PACKED with 100 killer tips that will help make your first cruise one of the best times of your life!

What’s Inside The Book:

  • The best ways to save money on your cruise, WITHOUT sacrificing luxury! Contrary to popular belief, cruise travel CAN be available!
  • Tons of packing advice and cruise preparation tips to make sure you are ready to go with cruise day arrives!
  • What to do once you’re on the cruise ships to make sure you have a BLAST!
  • Special tips for cruising for families as well as cruising for couples!
  • 10 cruising myths that you probably thought were true!
  • TONS of awesome cruise tips you won’t find in any other cruise books!

…And More!

You are just a few seconds away from being one step closer to enjoying your best vacation yet!

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Katrina Abiasi

Cats of Calabria (Cats of Italy Book 4)

by Ann Reavis

Vanda, Uffa and Pussipu live near the sea in the southernmost region of Italy. Pussipu is the pampered pet in a villa marked by a dark past and a darker present. Vanda is the loved companion on a farm where the best mozzarella di bufala is made. Their new best friend is Uffa, who surprisingly smells of licorice. The sights and smells of Calabria infuse their story.

Come Fly with Me: Traveling with Children Anywhere in the World Effortlessly and Fearlessly

by Liz Kohler

From where to go to what to pack, Come Fly with Me will take you through the entire vacation planning process, so that children of all ages can see the world and have fun. The book will help you figure out what type of vacation will be best for your family. It covers everything from hotels to websites and blogs, cell phone plans to ski resorts, packing lists to National Parks. There are checklists to help you organize the perfect family vacation so you can show your children the world easily and fearlessly. Come Fly with Me will make sure everyone has a great trip and help foster a lifelong love of exploration near or far.

Niederländisch lernen: für Anfänger (German Edition)

by David Spencer Luton

Sehr geehrte Kunden: Unser neues Buch zum Erlernen von Niederländisch ist jetzt besser als je zuvor! Bitte probieren Sie es! Mit freundlichen GrüÃ?en, Dave ([email protected]). Dieses Buch ist für Anfänger und enthält die folgenden Themen:

Uitspraak (Aussprache)
Die lange Vokale
Die kurze Vokale
Die Diphthonge
Die Konsonanten
In de klas (im Klassenzimmer)
das Verb hebben (haben)
nodig hebben (brauchen)
een, geen, een paar
het, de
dit, dat, deze, die
Er is…/Er zijn… (Es gibt…)
die Klasse
die Fächer
die Menschen
Groeten en afscheid (Grü�e und Abschied)
Wie geht’s?
Auf Wiedersehen!
nützliche Wörter und Sätze
nach Hilfe fragen
Het voorstellen (Vorstellen)
Het gezin en de familie (die Familie)
Beroepen (Berufe)
Landen (Länder)
Steden (Städte)
De talen (die Sprachen)
De plaatsen (Orte)
das Verb gaan
die Orte
nach dem Weg fragen
Leeftijd (Das Alter)
De nummers (Zahlen)
Mensen (Menschen beschreiben)
das Verb zijn (sein)
die Leute
Haar und Augen beschreiben
die Aktivitäten
De kleren (Kleidung)
das Verb dragen (tragen)
Unterwäsche und Hauskleidung
Hemd, Pullover, usw.
Hüte und Mützen
Gürtel und Krawatten, usw.
Mäntel und Jacken
Brillen und Schmuck
De kleuren (die Farben)
die Farben
Dagen en maanden (Tage und Monate)
Die Tage der Woche
Die Monate des Jahres
Die Jahreszeiten
Das Datum
De tijd (Die Zeit)
Thuis (Zu Hause)
het huis (das Haus)
Possessive Adjektive
Het weer (Das Wetter)
De dieren (Tiere)
die Tiere
De natuur (Natur)
die Natur
Het lichaam (Der Körper)
der Körper
Eten en drinken (essen und trinken)
In einem Restaurant
Grundlegende Verbformen
Verben A-D
Verben E-K
Verben L-O
Verben P-T
Verben V-Z
Adjektive und Vergleiche
Reflexive Verben
Gefühle und Zustände beschreiben

PIMIENTOS Y ALGO MÁS (Galicia) (Spanish Edition)

by Walter Aschiero


Relato breve y muy descarado, ambientado en la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela, ya no tan religiosa como en otras épocas, que trata de una chica y sus clientes, de filólogos nacionalistas y celtas con serpientes, del póquer y la sabiduría, de una insuperable empanada de pulpo, de vinos, pimientos y tortilla�


Walter Aschiero trabaja de sobrecargo en buques de pasaje. Estudió en el Miami-Dade College con una beca McKnight, en la Università per Stranieri di Perugia con una beca del Ministerio Italiano de Educación, y en el American College of Greece en Atenas. Completó su formación marítima en el Centro de Seguridad Marítima Integral “Jovellanos” en Asturias, España. Habla castellano, inglés, italiano, gallego, portugués y griego. Se describe a sí mismo como un “escritor y aventurero de origen celta, suevo y romano.”

Artistic Souvenir Fridge Magnets: The Collection of Sightseeing Place Magnets in the World with Their Similar Scenery Photos

by Hiroshi Satake

Do you have any souvenirs from your trip?
I think that many people keep their memories of their trip through photographs.
Why don’t you start collecting “Souvenir Fridge Magnets”?

You can find the magnets that are reduced-size designs of the similar scenery at various sightseeing spots.
This photo book will mainly introduce high quality polyresin 3D fridge magnets that are hand-painted like rustic art objects.
You can also see them with their similar scenery photos.

My favorite type is the magnets that made from polyresin because they are hard and look heavy like ceramic.
On the other hand, there are the magnets that are made from plastic or wood. They are light and fragile.
These polyresin magnets are unique in terms of texture and appearance, more artistic and luxurious.

The number of the magnets
Polyresin type : 32 items
The other types : 15 items

Table of Contents

1. My Favorite Magnets (in Japan)

Gunma Pref. (Kusatsu Hot springs) – 群馬ç?? (è?津温æ³?)
Gunma Pref. (Mt. Kusatsu-shirane ) – 群馬ç?? (è?æ´¥ç?½æ ¹å±±)
Gifu Pref. (Shirakawago 2 items) – 岐é??ç?? (ç?½å·é?· 2つ)
Gifu Pref. (Hidatakayama 3 items) – 岐é??ç?? (é£?騨é«?å±± 3つ)
Tokyo Pref. (Tokyo Tower and Tokyo SKYTREE ) – 東京é?½ (東京ã?¿ã?¯ã?¼ã¨æ±äº¬ã?¹ã?«ã?¤ã??ã?ªã?¼)
Kanagawa Pref. (Yokohama) – ç¥?å¥?川ç?? (横æµ?)
Kanagawa Pref. (The Great Buddha and Kotoku-in) – ç¥?å¥?川ç?? (é??å??大仏é«?å¾³é?¢)
Kanagawa Pref. (Enoshima) – ç¥?å¥?川ç?? (æ±?の島)
Tokyama Pref. (Kurobe Dam) – å¯?å±±ç?? (é»?é?¨ã??ã? )
Toyama Pref. (Tateyama) – å¯?å±±ç?? (ç«?å±±)
Kyoto Pref. (The Golden Pavilion and Maiko) – 京é?½åº? (é??é?£å¯ºã¨è??å¦?)
Kyoto Pref. (Fushimi-inari-taisha 2 items) – 京é?½åº? (伏è¦?稲荷大社 2つ)
Kyoto Pref. (Amanohashidate) – 京é?½åº? (天æ©?ç«?)
Hyogo Pref. (Kobe) – å?µåº«ç?? (ç¥?æ?¸)
Nara Pref. (Todai-ji Temple) – å¥?è?¯ç?? (東大寺)
Wakayama Pref. (Adventure World) – å??æ­?å±±ç?? (ã?¢ã??ã??ã?³ã?ã?£ã?¼ã?¯ã?¼ã?«ã??)
Hiroshima Pref. (Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima) – åº?島ç?? (宮島のå?´å³¶ç¥?社)
Hiroshima Pref. (Rice paddle in Miyajima) – åº?島ç?? (宮島のã?ã??ã??ã?)
Oita Pref. (Yufuin) – 大å??ç?? (湯å¸?é?¢)
Kochi Pref. (Kuroshiokun) – é«?ç?¥ç?? (くã?ã?ã?くã??)

2. My Favorite Magnets (in the World)

America (Guam)
Australia (Koala)
Australia (Melbourne)
Australia (Perth)
Hong Kong �港
Estonia (Tallin)
Finland (Helsinki)

3. The Other Magnets (in Japan)

Tokyo Pref. (Mt. Takao) – 東京é?½ (é«?尾山)
Kanagawa Pref. (Enoshima Station) – ç¥?å¥?川ç?? (æ±?の島é§?)
Kanagawa Pref. (Kamakura Toshimaya HHato-sablé) – ç¥?å¥?川ç?? (é??å??è±?島å±?の鳩ã?µã??ã?¬ã?¼)
Nagano Pref. (Kamikochi) – é?·é??ç?? (ä¸?é«?å?°)
Hyogo Pref. (Himeji Castle) – å?µåº«ç?? (姫路å??)
Nara Pref. (1300th Anniversary of Nara Capital 2 items) – å¥?è?¯ç?? (å¹³å??遷é?½1300年祭 2つ)
Tottori Pref. (Tottori Sand Dunes) – é³¥å?ç?? (é³¥å?ç ?ä¸?)
Hiroshima Pref. (Serakogen Farm) – åº?島ç?? (ä¸?ç¾?é«?å??農場)
Ehime Pref. (Matsuyama Castle) – æ??åª?ç?? (松山å??)
Kumomoto Pref. (Mt. Aso) – ç??æ?¬ç?? (é?¿è??å±±)
Kagoshima Pref. (Sakurajima) – 鹿å?å³¶ç?? (æ¡?島)

4. The Other Magnets (in the World)

America (Guam 2 items)
New Zealand (Kiwi)

Unexpected Matriarchs (Where Women Rule! Book 2)

by Simon Bird

This illustrated investigative travel book explores the Muslim culture of Minangkabau in search of a real-life matriarchy!

In an age when all we hear about are the extreme measures being brought against women in the Muslim world, the Minangkabau culture of West Sumatra is a complete breath of fresh air. The society dispels all prejudice you normally associate with Islam, so much so that I feel we can all learn from their progressive and tolerant attitude.

Women are not only free to receive a good education, but can also work in whichever job they please. They are traditional family leaders, play joint roles alongside the men within the community and take charge of business and finance.

Join us on a quest into the structure of family and social hierarchy, to find out how these women defied their stereotypes and became strong!

The Where Women Rule project has taken the best part of six years to complete, and is designed to bring the awkward subject matter of gender roles to a wider audience. Described as a feminist book for men, the authors give a balanced and easy-to-digest account of their experiences in some of the world’s most alternative cultures.

Books in the series:
Book1: Warrior Women of the Isthmus
Book2: Unexpected Matriarchs
Book3: Kingdom of Free Love
Book4: Land of Lost Male Rights


Simon Bird is an artist from the United Kingdom. He studied at Cheltenham College of Art and specialises in work dealing with the social dynamics of culture. Simon has over twenty years’ experience creating arts based projects and film with indigenous tribes from India, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Katerina Karaskova is a human rights and development professional from the Czech Republic. She studied Law at Charles University in Prague and has been working in the field for over eight years in Guatemala, Uganda, Kenya, London and Prague. Katerina has published the Czech language version of the Where Women Rule project called Kde ženy vládnou with Krigl publishing house.

Japan: A journey between tradition and modernity

by Hortus

Japan – A journey between tradition and modernity
How to enjoy visiting Japan through 13 exciting places
+190 japanese words and phrases with translation included! (Airport, hotel, restaurant, â?¦)

Enjoy both traditional and modern japanese places selected for you by a foreigner living in Japan for more than 10 years. Including lots of historical and practical details about places to go for a greater experience and a complete vocabulary section to help you communicate with japanese people.

Don’t Polish the Turd: And Other Writing Tips from Jerry Nelson

by Jerry Nelson

I’ve been writing my entire life. Ever since Mrs. Shaver shoved that fat red pencil in my hand at Ashwood Elementary in Hot Springs, Virginia, I’ve been writing.

My scribbles haven’t gotten much better since the first grade. But at least now I have people pay to read what I put down with the 21st century of a fat red pencil.

My rants and work shows up regularly on Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, BBC and other media outlets globally.

I must be doing something right. I’ve managed to gather a million-or-so followers on Twitter @ Journey_America.

Writing isn’t that hard. Getting started is.

You can freak out when you see the cursor on the empty “page” or you can just go with it and see what flows.

I think the tips in this book will help you get the ideas flowing and keep them flowing. But don’t just read the book — put the ideas into practice.

Thanks for being a reader! Now, I have a million-and-one followers

Paris good soul

by Milan Georges Burovac

Paris my small town! My love for Paris, a love in Paris. Good poetry for a beautiful city.

7 Tage Regen: Auf der Suche nach Einsamkeit, Ruhe und dem nächsten Biergarten. (German Edition)

by Kanuel K.

Eine Warnung an den Leser:
Dieses Buch ist nicht spannend, möglicherweise nicht einmal unterhaltsam.
Es gibt keine unglaubliche Story, spannende Wendungen oder hochliterarische Satzbauten. Das Buch ist nicht einmal besonders lang. In einer guten Stunde dürften Sie durch sein.

Dieses Buch ist einfach nur eine Reiseerzählung, bei der es nicht so sehr darum geht, was ich erlebt habe. Vielmehr geht es darum, was ich nicht erlebt habe. Denn einfach aufzubrechen und Ruhe und Zeit für sich selbst zu suchen hat sich als unglaublich wohltuend herausgestellt. Im krassen Gegensatz zu unserem heutigen Alltag mit all seinen alltäglich gewordenen Wundern, in dem wir immer weiter nach noch au�ergewöhnlicheren Erlebnissen suchen, wurden auf der Reise selbst kleinste Ereignisse für mich bedeutungsvoll und interessant.

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Sie das Buch bewerten und Ihre Meinung in einer Rezension zukünftigen Lesern zu Verfügeng stellen würden – und natürlich auch mir.

Zum Autor:
Der Autor ist 28, hat lange planlos Soziologie und Kulturgeographie studiert und ist danach in der Werbung gelandet, wo er als Werbetexter bei verschiedenen Agenturen gearbeitet hat und dies noch tut. Obwohl das Leben abgesehen von kleinen Arbeits- und Alltagsproblemchen gut für ihn läuft, fehlt etwas, und zwar Ruhe, Freiheit und Zeit für sich selbst. Der Klassiker in solchen Situationen, eine Weltreise, scheidet aus, denn einerseits muss man sich hier ja doch immer wieder um etwas kümmern, und andererseits hat der Autor im Moment überhaupt keinen Bock darauf, sich mit anderen Ländern, Kulturen und Menschen zu beschäftigen – sondern nur mit sich selbst.
Alleine einen Fluss entlang zu wandern scheint die perfekte Lösung für dieses Problem zu sein: Mit Zelt und Proviant auf dem Boot wird angelegt, wenn ihm danach ist, und abgelegt, wenn ihm danach ist. Dazwischen liegen nachdenkliche Stunden auf Sandbänken und Felsen im Fluss, unüberlegte Stunden des Sich-treiben-lassens, gedankenlose Stunden des Anstarrens von Himmel und Natur und einfach nur Stunden in Biergärten, die am Ufer liegen.

â??Ich würd’s kaufen!” – Ein Arbeitskollege

â??Die Mutter aller Reiseberichte.” – Ein äuÃ?erst befangener Freund

â??Genau so muss man es machen.” – Ein unbekannter Landwirt

â??Ein Buch? Aha. Und was willst du am Sonntag essen?” – Meine Mutter

Kontakt zum Autor:
Gerne über die Fragen-Funktion hier auf Amazon.

newyork hitoritabi+wasinton naiagara (Japanese Edition)

by miho edger_

å?¥ã«å¤§ã?ã?危é?ºã??ç?¡ãã??é ?調でå?²ã??と快適でã?ã?

Step by Step Guide To Mindfulness: Learning By Doing + Meditation: The Beginners Guide + Spiritual Enlightenment With Third Eye Awakening And Kundalini Techniques

by Ella Eats

Learning By Doing is a personal account of my time meditating with monks in Thailand. I break down my thoughts and the lessons that I learned in a simple and effective way to understand the journey.

This beginner’s guide to meditation has been designed to help people who are new to meditation and would like to seriously take meditation sessions in different aspects of their lives. Whether you may have, or you may not have taken meditation classes or sessions in the past, the guide will enlighten you on the hidden secrets and tips on meditation. It offers you with the basics of meditation and a step-by-step guide on how to meditate like a pro.
If you are looking for a perfect guide that will offer you with a combination set of meditation and meditation applications in a beginner’s life, then you should hit the download button of this book! The writing tone is friendly, with an easy-to-understand writing style. All the procedures and examples have been provided in an interactive way to make sure that you grasp even the finest details!
With this guide, you will also deepen your understanding of the best meditation approaches and techniques that will suit you as a beginner. The guide will also provide you with proven strategies on how to plan, schedule, and achieve your goals and life aspiration through the mindfulness meditation form of visualization. The following is a short preview of what to expect in this guide:

-How to boost your personality with mindfulness meditation
-How to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence through meditation
-How to relieve stress through meditation;
-The “Loving and Kindness Meditation” practice that will improve your relationships and build the art of compassion and empathy for you

This guide will offer you with solutions to most of the meditation questions that have been lingering in your mind. With it, you will gain a better understanding of this ancient spiritual technique that will eventually provide you with tips and strategies on how to calm your body, mind, and soul! Furthermore, you will learn how meditation has been used to invoke a state of enlightenment and oneness of the body and spirit with the universe.

The benefits of opening your third eye, powering up your chakras and, above all, awakening your kundalini, are many and varied and include everything from an increased feeling of vitality, to an increased connection to the universe and even help with everyday ailments such as indigestion. What’s more, it can help you work through serious personal issues, open yourself up to a higher power and improve your day to day decision making abilities.

Awakening the kundalini that is coiled inside you, opening your third eye and charging your chakras in the process is not something that comes naturally to most people, however, which is why the following chapters will discuss everything you need to know in order to maximize your potential for these great spiritual gifts.

You will learn about the long history of those experimenting with the kundalini, or primal energy, that lives in the base of the spine and how a combination of meditation and yoga can bring that energy to bear on a number of key issues that may be negatively affecting your life. You will then learn specific kundalini meditation techniques to break bad habits, improve intuition, develop a higher consciousness and connect to your inner self. You will also learn various ways to practice the core concepts of kundalini meditation in the spare moments you have throughout the day.

With this book, you will achieve the main goal of meditation which is enlightenment, happiness, focus, healthy life, and unification. There is much more to expect from the guide, all which that you can learn by reading this book. I hope you will enjoy your daily habit of practicing meditation and yoga meditation in your life!

Aprender o inglês britânico em andamento: uma introdução para iniciantes (Portuguese Edition)

by David Spencer Luton

Este livro é para iniciantes, e tem frases úteis, vocabulário importante e gramática básica.

Table of Contents
Os verbos have e have got (ter)
short answers (respostas curtas)
have got
short answers (respostas curtas)
o verbo need (precisar)
short answers (respostas curtas)
The Articles (os artigos)
os artigos indefinidos
o artigo definido the
there is e there are (há)
In the Classroom (na sala de aula)
as coisas
a gente
Greetings (cumprimentos)
Como você está?
Good-byes/Farewells (despedidas)
Polite Expressions (frases corteses)
Asking for Help (pedir ajuda)
Asking for Directions (pedir direções)
People and Introductions (a gente e as apresentações)
The Family (a família)
O verbo to be (ser)
Professions (profissões)
Countries (países)
Cities and Towns (cidades)
Languages of the World (as línguas do mundo)
Age and Numbers (a idade e os números)
Describing People and clothes (descrever a gente e a roupa)
o verbo to be (ser)
descrever a gente
os adjetivos
o cabelo e os olhos
o verbo to feel e os sentimentos
o verbo to wear (usar roupa)
a roupa
roupa interior
roupas femeninas
camisa, camiseta, etc.
para a cabeça, pescoço e cintura
casaco, paletó, etc.
ternos, fatos, maiôs
óculos e variado
jóias, metais e materiais
Colours (as cores)
Days, Numbers and Dates (dias, números e datas)
Telling Time (falar da hora)
The Human Body (o corpo humano)
pescoço, costas, ombros, etc.
tórax e órgãos
Food and Drinks (comidas e bebidas)
breakfast (café da manhã, pequeno almoço)
lunch (almoço)
drinks/beverages (bebidas)
at the table (à mesa)
fruit (as frutas)
vegetables (os legumes/vegetais)
meat (a carne)
fish/seafood (peixes/mariscos)
desserts (sobremesas)
nuts (nozes)
miscellaneous (variado)
Activities (atividades)
O verbo to go (ir)
Means of Transport (os meios de transporte)
Places and Events (lugares e eventos)
At Home (em casa)
The Weather (o tempo)
Animals (animais)
Nature (a natureza)
a, an, other, another, some, any
Forming the Plural (formar o plural)
Some Regular Verbs (alguns verbos regulares)
Irregular Verbs (verbos irregulares no passado)
Verb Forms and Constructions (formas e construções verbais)

Giappone prezioso: I fantastici luoghi in Giappone (Italian Edition)

by Chelsea Suru

“Giappone prezioso” è aguidebook containg foto di viaggio e turismo informazioni.

L’isola del Giappone è costituito da 47prefectures.Each di prefetture hanno così tanti posti facinating a visit.Besides Monte Fuji, Tokyou torre, qualsiasi visualizzazione fiori di ciliegio, ci sono tanti bei posti da visitare a Japan.Once si visita questi luoghi si sarà trattato con un bel pezzo di paesaggio, simile a scoprire il tesoro.

Questo libro vi informa su luoghi esotici per viaggiare in tutto il Giappone.
Si può certamente trovare il posto che si desidera visitare.
Benvenuto in Giappone!

Around and back: A year and a day on the road

by Thormodur Simonarson

“Some people donâ??t think so, but I think that life has a purpose and if we are fortunate enough to hear that quiet voice within we can gain the direction we need to reach it. In Ã?ormóður Símonarsonâ??s book, Around and back: A year and a day on the road, the author is on that journey, a journey that I believe must be taken by everyone that wishes to realize their potential and their dreams.
Something may have stopped you in the past from making this journey, delaying the inevitable on the path toward happiness, but like Ã?ormóður you may finally make the plunge, leaving the security of your home, friends and stable income and venture into the unknown with your hopes and ambitions only to discover…….

If you have had such a desire, reading this book may give you the impetus take this path of self discovery and adventure but if you have already ventured out then, by reading this book, you maybe reminded of treasures you have already found in your own pursuit of your true self.”

Paul Michael Herman

The sun was shining when I stopped my motorbike by an old tractor in rural Norway. 15 years earlier, I had worked on a machine just like it for my brother-in-law and I was looking forward to telling him about it at the kitchen table one evening in the future. At the same moment I remembered what I had seen and tried in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. My travelogue was getting too long for me to tell it over a single cup of tea. I was on my way to the northernmost tip of Norway, back south through Finland and to Ireland and it dawned on me that if I wanted to share this experience with others, I would have to write a book.

Many things happened to me when I left my girlfriend, my family, my job, my life….and ventured out in pursuit of my dream. Beautiful vistas, a broken guitar, a Buddhist monastery, new buddies, motorcycles and a chance to hone my skill as an artist are all a part of this story that spans a year in my life and gave me a chance to see myself in a whole new way.

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