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A Glimpse of Africa: 25 Inspiring Patterns Depicting African Nature, Scenes and People (Creativity & Inspiration)

by ColorQ Books

This book is comprised of 25 illustrations to boost your imagination and release stress. Inside you will find various designs featuring African scenes, people, animals and landscapes. They are suitable for adults.

You can use different techniques and color schemes, there are absolutely no restrictions. Coloring is a wonderful way to spend your free time, be more creative and relax.

Please, note, this kindle ebook is not suitable for coloring. It is only a preview showing the designs. You can download these designs following the link at the end of the book. There you will find high-quality images that can be printed out and colored.

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Lillian Gish – Anecdotes by Brian Pinette

by Brian Pinette

Remarkable shared insights from two friends, Lillian Gish & Brian Pinette

Book One:â?­ â?¬Lillian Gish reflects on Julie Andrews,â?­ â?¬Sal Mineo,â?­ â?¬Marion Davies,â?­ â?¬Mae Murray,â?­ â?¬Pola Negri,â?­ â?¬Alla Nazimova,â?­ â?¬Robert Harron,â?­ â?¬Alice Howell,â?­ â?¬Mary Pickford,â?­ â?¬Gloria Swanson,â?­ â?¬Charlie Chaplin,â?­ â?¬Mae Marshâ?­ â?¬…

Book Two is forthcoming with Annette Funicello,â?­ â?¬Wallace Reid,â?­ â?¬Doris Day,â?­ â?¬Mary MacLaren,â?­ â?¬Mamie Van Doren,â?­ â?¬Dawn Wells,â?­ â?¬Dorothy McGuire,â?­ â?¬John Gilbert,â?­ â?¬Greta Garbo,â?­ â?¬Marlene Dietrich,â?­ â?¬Patti Page,â?­ â?¬Diana Rigg,â?­ â?¬Linda Thorson,â?­ â?¬John Gielgud,â?­ â?¬Connie Francis,â?­ â?¬Ramon Novarro,â?­ â?¬Virginia Mayo,â?­ â?¬Diane McBain, Hedy Lamarrâ?­ â?¦



WHEN YOU ARE IN FRONT OF THE PROFESSIONALS, pleading your case, you want to come across as a natural. These pieces are very easily memorized, and very easy to perform. You can truly try them out, using different personas, really as they are every young person, trying to make sense of the world, with the tools they have been given. aka their experiences. USE AN AUDITION PIECE THAT’S GOING TO GET YOU NOTICED. THESE ARE UNIQUE AND VERY EASY TO RELATE TO. GREAT CHOICES of reading pleasure, if you are not a performer, but truly seek to be enlightened by the reminiscences of youth.Great for sharing with people you know are looking for answers as well. Even parents can appreciate these.

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