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Self Help Book :Can We Live a Happier Life?!

by Dr. Zeev Gilkis

This book will make you happier!

If you want a happier, healthier and more successful life, better relationship, understanding the relevant processes in the brain, using intuition in management and also in daily life and better decision making, this is the book for you!
Being happy is a choice!

Is being diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer a death sentence?!

The book interleaves understandings about happiness, brain, mind and how to live a better and happier life with a personal story of a diversified career, interrupted by an advanced stage cancer, the battle, deep meditations, and discovering the answers.

It contains many short stories and original illustrations exemplifying the understandings and making the reading more fun. It is also a very practical book.

Many people who read this book found it enjoyable, motivational and the practical tips very useful. A few citations from the reviews, will describe the best the uniqueness and value of this book:

I am so glad that I was able to read this one. The mind is such a powerful thing. The short stories keep you wanting to read more. Reading the author’s own personal story put a lot in perspective for me.

It has given me different ways of thinking and I am sure I will be using this information for a long time to come.

I was inspired by his words. He has a unique way of writing and you feel like being in the middle of a conversation and not reading a book. That is a good thing. This is an excellent self-help book, very uplifting and reminds you to take a little of everyday to enjoy life.

This is a great book! Points you to the important things in life and gives you an easy step by step guide to easily make significant changes to your life and to increase your happiness. I read it from beginning to end over half of the night and just couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. Warm heartedly recommended.

This book is just wonderful. Not only that it is both interesting and fun to read, it also makes you think: Can you live a happier life? The book is well written, easy to read, and so fluent, that I couldn’t stop reading. I highly recommend reading this book. You will enjoy the reading, it will make you think, but above all, it will make you feel better. Highly recommended!

A must read book ! We all deserve to live happier life and Dr. Gilkis is providing excellent tips based on his life experience and great observations on how practically achieve this essential goal. The book is fluent , fun to read and his great tips are easy to adopt .highly recommended !

I really enjoyed this book. It was not a lengthy read, and it went relatively quickly once I started. It is not the easiest read at times, since it presents some very in depth information on the brain and how it works. I am fascinated with brain studies and the process of how things work, including the mechanics of the mind and its effect on our long term thinking and feelings. It is truly amazing to me how much of our behavior, beliefs, and more are influenced by our mind. And the author did a great job of explaining it to the reader.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is caught up in the world around them and not taking the time to really be happy or recognize what makes us happy. It is not a long read but it is a powerful one. It was well worth my time to sit and read and now I have a new outlook on what happiness is for me and how I can find peace and joy in the everyday mundane things and the experiences I have.


by E. O. Wilson

A journey lasting twelve years sets the environment for acting on the suggestions of others, whether friends or strangers, as the most direct course to the solutions of a mystical enigma: can humans interact with an intelligence inherent in nature.

My sweeping View onto the Sea: From a poor girl to a rich hotel baroness (strong Ladies)

by Simone Petzold

In the morning, while Gertrud is having breakfast in her cot, somebody suddenly knocks at the door. A blooding girl covered in scratches stands before her hut. Gertrud doesn’t think for long and takes the freezing young girl into her house.
Gertrud is very poor herself but brings through herself and her fosterling by sewing work and palm healing. Katharina learns much and helps in the garden.
Someday a hobby painter stands before her door and asks for a guest room. As there is nothing like that in the small house, they offer the visitor an old army tent. The visitor lives there for two weeks and pays well. This incident gives the two women the idea to professionally rent to vacation visitors. From a wooden hut built as a small vacation house soon become two and three.
The rush is so massive, that they build more and more huts and eventually even a hotel. Katharina rises from a poor beach girl to a hotel owner.
My Sweeping View onto the Sea is a thrilling life story written with much humor showing that everybody can manage not only to overcome his or her poverty, but prove prejudices wrong and become happy.

The Beatles Boxed Set: The Music, The Magic and The Mayhem (Beatlemania Book 5)

by Joe Bensam

Why Buy This Set?

Because there is more to The Beatles than the crazed fans. The original Fab Four that took the whole world by storm, and for whom the phrase “British invasion” took on a whole new meaning, were real human beings who struggled with life like everybody else. This set brings a human perspective to the boys from Liverpool.

What’s Inside?

Book 1: The Paul McCartney Story: From Beatlemania to Buckingham Palace and Beyond
Chapter 1 – An Ordinary Childhood
Chapter 2 – The Music
Chapter 3 – The Quarrymen
Chapter 4 – The Friendship
Chapter 5 – Ups and Downs
Chapter 6 – Conquering Hamburg
Chapter 7 – The Beatles’ Prime Years
Chapter 8 – Goodbye Beatles . . .
Chapter 9 – . . . Hello Paul
Chapter 10 – Women and Drugs

Book 2: John Lennon Superstar: From The Beatles to The Bullets
Chapter 1 – Unwanted
Chapter 2 – The Quarrymen
Chapter 3 – The Beatles
Chapter 4 – The Hard Road to Fame
Chapter 5 – The Birth of Beatlemania
Chapter 6 – Parting Ways
Chapter 7 – The Two “Virgins”
Chapter 8 – Making It on His Own
Chapter 9 – The Family Man
Chapter 10 – An Unspeakable Tragedy

Book 3: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Ringo Starr: The Beatles and Beyond
Chapter 1 – A Boy Named Richie
Chapter 2 – Richie Joins the Hurricanes
Chapter 3 – Ringo Meets the Beatles
Chapter 4 – One Lucky Guy
Chapter 5 – The Rise to the Top
Chapter 6 – “The New Madness”
Chapter 7 – Like Gods on Earth
Chapter 8 – The Beatles on Their Own
Chapter 9 – The End for the Beatles
Chapter 10 – Ringo’s Solo Career

Book 4: The George Harrison Story: The Music, The Maharashi and the Mania
Chapter 1 – Son of Liverpool
Chapter 2 – From The Quarrymen to The Beatles
Chapter 3 – The Hamburg Experience
Chapter 4 – Dreams Within Reach
Chapter 5 – The Beatles’ Golden Years
Chapter 6 – Don’t Bother Me
Chapter 7 – A Changed Man
Chapter 8 -End of the Road
Chapter 9 – Just George
Chapter 10 – From Dark to Light
Chapter 11 – The Legend of George Harrison Lives On

Why Buy Now?
No one wants to be the last to know about their idols, and this set is a convenient medium for finding out the nitty-gritty on The Beatles. Imagine!

The Sheriff’s Son: Lessons Learned

by Wayne Skarka

This true story begins on Valentine’s Day, 1961. 14 years old, Claudette Carolyn Covey went missing from Hondo, Texas. On Halloween evening, 1961, Claudette’s remains were discovered eight miles from town in a field. She had been shot twice in the head. From the beginning, town folks believed that she was murdered by the corrupt sheriff or his 18-year-old son, whom she was dating. Because of the corrupt sheriff’s influence, no one was ever charged with the murder. The story follows the life of the sheriff’s son from 1961 to his death in 1998. The son was on the edges of many similar murders of young girls in the Houston and Galveston areas-but he was never charged. After 1961, the sheriff’s son was arrested twice for the rape of 12-year-old girls, essentially walking away from these charges due to the connections of his father. After the deaths of the father and son, former wives and step children, no longer terrified-came forward. They tell a horrific story of brutality, rape, incest and murder at the hands of the son. Our novel connects the dots and makes the case that a serial killer went to his grave never charged with his many crimes against young women.

Le Crepuscule d’un nouveau monde (French Edition)

by Anouchka Gueye

Si vous voulez lire une histoire sur comment une jeune femme ingénue et névrosée a réussi a devenir maitre de son destin, comment une demi-portion est devenue riche au delà de ses rêves, alors vous allez adorer ce livre !

Ce livre, c’est le récit d’un voyage initiatique qui capture le mode de vie d’une génération qui se construit sans repères, c’est l’histoire vraie d’une renaissance à soi-même, c’est un partage d’expérience qui se veut à la fois drôle, émouvant et inspirant.

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