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Psychology: The Psychology Of Likability: Learn The Secrets Of Human Behaviour To Impress, Connect, Influence And Analyze People Dead On

by Jackson Seller

Do you wish you were more charming, funny, likeable, loved and the person everyone wants to be around? Do you find yourself in awkward conversations and struggle to know what to say?

Do you feel like people always get the better of you? Have you ever felt bullied, dismissed and ignored by others?

What If I told you that you could become super confident, demand respect, dominate conversation, be more liked, admired, loved, and adored, create instant rapport with people â?¦ and best of all, always be able to analyze ANYONE so you think on your feet and avoid awkward silences.

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book

You will discover the exact secrets that will make people shower you with so much admiration, recognition and respect that it will shock you. In fact, scientific research has show that this is the ONE secret that all of the world’s most likeable, influential and wealthy individuals share like Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres.

The strategies in this book are so simple, so easy to implement and so powerfulâ?¦ That it will probably sound so unbelievable when you first read about it. It will work on people of all types.

Are you ready to finally take control of your life, and decide which path to take?

If you apply the methods in the next few weeks the results you will see are going to be indisputable. You will likely wonder how this got past you all these years! I have designed this book to take anyone from absolute beginner to expert (and anywhere in between) so you can benefit as much as i do.

What you get is powerful information that is easy to follow, pleasant to use and designed to give you maximum effectiveness in minimum time.

What are some benefits you can expect when you follow this program

  • Make others drool over you in excitement, because they will NOTICE and RESPECT you!
  • Effectively CONVINCE and PERSUADE anyone while melting away any resistance that they might have.
  • How to attract beautiful women – regardless of your age, height, looks, wealth, or anything else
  • How to make ANYONE be jealous of you
  • How to dominate the art of conversation and get along well with even the most unfriendly person in the world
  • Become a MASTER persuader so as to get everything possible from life!
  • As well as:

  • The little known secrets to create instant authority with ANYONE
  • Subtly influence anyone – “under the radar” commands that will make people do your bidding!
  • Remove any fear in you or others thanks to never heard before ethical manipulative techniques
  • Amazing tricks that will make anyone listen to you!
  • Become SUCCESSFUL in your business and enjoy all of the benefits
  • Never experience awkward silences again and always know what to say AND when to say it.
  • The Botton Line:

    I know you’re probably sick and tired of all of the mumbo jumbo you can find in other psychology hypnosis websites and books. I can assure you that you’ve never seen anything like this.

    Here, you’re going to learn secret mind tricks and strategies that will help you to transform your life in a way you’ve never thought of and this information has to be used in an ethical way or else this is not for you.

    What are you waiting for?

    Times ticking! Take Charge of your LIFE today by making the smartest investment you could possibly make. An investment in yourself and your future.

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    Passive Income Millionaire: 7 Passive Income Streams Online To Make $200-10,000 A Month In 90 Days And Work From Home (The Millionaire Book Series)

    by Dvir Oren

    Learn How You Can Start Making Money Online Today Using These 7 Easy-To-Understand Methods

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    Thousands of people have used these same 7 method to make passive streams of income, quit their jobs, work from home, and live the life of their dreams. Will you join them?
    You’re about to discover how to make money online. This book is short and straight to the point, showing you real examples of real people making money online and working from home.

    Read this book today to start making money online and generating income while you are sleeping! Utilize the power of the internet to become financially free, say goodbye to your 9-5 job, and join thousands of people that make a full time living working online from home.
    You can read this book on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside the Passive Income Millionaire…

    • How to make money online even if you don’t have any tech background or programming skills.
    • How people start generating passive income within just a few days.
    • A true story how the author was able to start making money online within 36 hours!
    • The 3 most common beginner mistakes to avoid when trying to start your online business and make passive income online.
    • 7 Step-by-Step, prove and tested methods to start making money online.
    • Real life examples of people that utilize sources of passive income to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month while working from home.
    • How the author made tens of thousands of dollars from online marketing.
    • Much, much

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    Start making money online and create passive income streams.
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    Binary Options : 4 Manuscript: Binary Options, Binary Advanced, Binary Strategies, Binary Fundamentals (Trading, stock market, day trading, stocks Book 1)

    by Jordon Sykes

    Penny Stocks

    Penny stocks sound alluring to people who are interested in getting into investing. For starters, they sound cheaper than other options, and not all of us have unlimited capital to work with (hence the desire to learn a trade such as investing). However, along with their affordable reputation, penny stocks are also known for being volatile, risky, and sometimes, downright dangerous. How are these dangers and risks to be avoided, especially to new penny stock investors? In this book, we will cover:

    • The Smart Ways to Invest: Getting into this field can feel like a huge gamble if you’re unaware of what to do. In this book you will learn about the basics of starting out in penny stock investments.
    • Tips for how to Handle the Market: Although there are no set of tips that apply, across the board, to each and every person out there, there are some general guidelines that will do nothing but help you if you follow them closely. These are especially useful if used in combination with each other.
    • How to Avoid Common Penny Stock Mistakes: It’s no secret that there are countless mistakes to make when getting involved with investing, so how do you find out what those are and avoid them? In this book, we will go over the basic mistakes made by newbies and what to do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
    • Short Term Investing Basics and Long Term Investing Basics: Which are you more interested in? In this guide, you will receive more information about both that will help you make an informed decision. Should you be a short term investor, long term investor, or something in between?

    Options Trading

    The subject of investing can be a confusing one without the right knowledge or guidance. In this book, you will find out whether this subject is right for you, along with some useful basics, concepts, terms, and what the strategies of options trading consist of. In this thorough guide, we will go over:

    – Options Trading Basics: What exactly is options trading? Is it right for your lifestyle? If so, what are the best ways to learn more and practice options trading? In this book, we will cover all of this and more to give you a clear idea of what it is.

    – What Unique Advantages Options Offer: There are many different types of trading, so what makes options the best choice? In this guide, you will find out what sets this type of investment apart from the others.

    – What Types of Options Trading there are: Once you find out whether options sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle, capital, and personality, you need to decide which type you are most interested in. In this book, we will review the types of options trading there are so you can make the most informed decision possible.

    – How to Understand the Risk Involved: Of course, with all investment types, there are unique risks, and options trading is no exception. The best way to protect yourself against risk is to be as aware of it as you possibly can. You can substantially lower the dangers of investing if you read as much as you can about them.


    Unlike those who deal in the stock or options markets, those who trade in the forex market make use of leverage which means that a $100 investment could payout to the tune of $10,000 if things go according to plan. If you are interested in learning more about these types of trades, then Forex: Beginners Guide to Dominate Forex is the book you have been waiting for.

    Inside you will find
    – The ways in which forex differs from other, more common markets
    – How to tell the difference between a forex dealer and a forex broker and why that matters
    – The easiest way to determine which forex trades are right for you
    – And moreâ?¦

    El Dinero y tu emprendimiento: Factores claves (Spanish Edition)

    by Jorge Ramirez

    ¿Eres del grupo de los emprendedores?

    Quizás nunca te habéis hecho esa pregunta, pero debes reconocer que de esa respuesta podría cambiar tu vida y la de aquellas personas a las que amas y te rodean, ser del grupo de los emprendedores podría hacer girar tu realidad hacia los sueños que siempre anhelaste. El deseo de emprender puede surgir en un momento, o significar una idea que siempre tuviste desde la niñez. Para ser un emprendedor y concretar ese deseo, debes cumplir una serie de pautas que te explicamos a continuación.

    Al momento de emprender, pregúntate: ¿Para qué soy bueno?

    El proyecto a emprender va a depender mucho de tus capacidades, aprendidas o innatas. Quizás eres buen deportista, o tienes una facilidad especial para la música, te gusta la cocina, la costura o eres aficionado a los experimentos, pueden ser muy diversas tus aptitudes, y dependiendo de ellas, puede estar más cerca el objeto de emprendimiento.
    El valor de la motivación para los emprendedores.

    Quizás hoy te preguntes, ¿Por qué quiero hacer un emprendimiento en este momento, y no hace dos años?
    Es posible que no llegues rápido a la respuesta, pero puedes estar seguro que si hay una motivación. Pueden ser muy variadas las causas que originen el deseo de crear un negocio, posiblemente una apremiante situación económica, la llegada de un hijo, un cambio en las condiciones del país donde vivo, la culminación de los estudios o el inicio de otros, en fin, pueden ser muchas las formas que encontremos para que nazca en nosotros el deseo de formar parte del grupo de emprendedores.

    Scrum Product Owner: 21 Tips for Working with your Scrum Master (scrum, scrum master, agile development, agile software development)

    by Paul VII

    Agile Product Management Just Got Easier

    Thank you and congratulations on taking this class, “Scrum Product Owner: 21 Tips for Working with your Scrum Master.”In this class, you will be given a complete set of tips for maximizing and improving your working relationship with your Scrum Master. This will in turn boost the productivity of yourself and your Scrum Master as part of an agile scrum team.
    In this class I give you a concise overview of the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles to avoid any confusion. I then give you examples of what to expect and not to expect from your Scrum Master. Following this I teach you about common issues that arise in scrum teams between the Scrum Master and Product Owner and give you tips on how to resolve them. As usual, I give you plenty of examples and best practices along the way. In this class, you will learn:

    -A brief recap of agile and scrum principles

    -A comparison of the duties of the Product Owner and a Scrum Master

    -What to expect and not to expect from a Scrum Master on the job

    -How to deal with common issues or points of conflict between a Scrum Master and a Product Owner

    -Concise tips for getting the most out of the working relationship with your Scrum Master

    So let us get started right away, so you can improve working with your Scrum Master now!

    Table of Contents


    What is Agile Scrum?

    Unit I: Planning

    Tip 1: Articulate Goals from the Onset

    Tip 2: Develop a Common Understanding of Roles

    Tip 3: Establish Core Principles

    Tip 4: Develop Processes

    Tip 5: Create a Structured Approach to Making Choices

    Tip 6: Clarify Expectations

    Tip 7: Make Clear Decisions

    Unit 2: Team Operations

    Tip 8: Measure Your Effectiveness

    Tip 9: Value Differences of Opinion

    Tip 10: Measure and Evaluate

    Tip 11: Be Willing to Delegate Decisions

    Tip 12: Be Open to New Roles

    Tip 13: Establish a Fluid Environment

    Tip 14: Use Leading Indicators

    Unit 3: Professionalism

    Tip 15: Understand the Culture

    Tip 16: Always Communicate

    Tip 17: Plan How to Deal with Disagreements

    Tip 18: Know when to share Decisions with the Scrum Master

    Tip 19: Solicit Feedback

    Tip 20: Demonstrate Respect for One Another

    Tip 21: Build a Culture of Trust



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