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Python Programming For Beginners: Crash Course (Java, Python, C++, R, C) (Programming, Java Programming, C++ Programming, Python Programming, R Programming, C Programming, Book 2)

by Martin Laredo

Ever You Always Wanted To Become Proficient In Python Programming? Get This Crash Course Now!

Python, an interactive programming language that is easy to understand once it has been learned. However, there are so many different parts to Python that is can seem intimidating. Through the help of this book, I am going to show you how Python can be simplified.
In this book you will learn
-Python basics
-And so much more!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter one: Pythonâ?¦What is it?
  • Chapter two: Python Uses
  • Chapter three: Website Design With Python
  • Chapter four: Can I Use Python for That?
  • Chapter five: I’ve Started Using Python, But How Can I Make it Simpler to Understand?
  • Chapter six: The Basics for Python
  • Chapter seven: Misconceptions That Are Often Found in Python
  • Chapter eight: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Conclusion

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Internet Masters: Top techniques, tactics, and tips from online marketing experts!

by Brian Koz

In ‘Internet Masters’ – the latest offering from Internet marketing legends Brian Koz and Shawn Casey – 15 authors take you through 15 of the most important areas of Internet marketing. Each chapter in this book reveals insider tips and secrets that any Internet marketer can apply themselves (yes, even Internet marketers who are just starting out, and are just learning the ropes!), in order to enjoy sky-high levels of success online.

This book is packed full of tried-and-true methods for Internet marketing success. In this book, you can learn from the experts how to:

Take the right approach to article marketing
Make SEO work for you
Figure out the mobile marketing game
Turn LinkedIn into your own lead generation tool
Blog to increase your profits online
And so much more!

This book is ready to change your Internet marketing life. Are you ready for this book?

Amazon FBA – A Comprehensive Guide to Start Selling Private Label Products on Amazon

by Braden Nardelli

Finding it hard to start Amazon FBA?

This book provides you with great guideline to start your private Label products selling with Fulfillment by Amazon.

It really does cover everything you need to know to get started you product selling, including the tips, tricks, and techniques to you help to get sales and target your customers.

To really get good at selling your own products this way it takes experience of course, but this book is a good stepping stone to success.

This book covers:

  • How to start your private label
  • How to find profitable products to sell
  • How to pick the right products to sell
  • Finding the right supplier for your products
  • How to craft compelling listing

and so much more…

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