Free horror Kindle books for 15 Dec 16

Krampus vs The Wendigo (Sick Twisted Little Tales Book 1)

by AL J. Vermette

Take one very dysfunctional and unpleasant family on Christmas Eve; add two mythical creatures both with their own engender for the fate of the family. One beast wants nothing more than to feed upon the family’s flesh, the other punish them for their wicked ways on the most holy of nights.
The battle lines have been drawn as the immoral family is caught dead center in the confrontation between Krampus the Christmas Demon and The North American legend of The Wendigo. Winner takes all in this fight to the death for the souls of the family.

Devil’s Chance: A novel


Father Case Terhune has quieted the undead in Siberia and is back in Rome with a new problem. The pole dancer he befriended in Siberia is pregnant and something is very amiss with the fetal DNA. The child appears to be fatherless in any conventional sense. Terhune embraces this mystery mindful of the divine possibilities. Fearing the Devil will threaten the pregnancy, he moves the girl and his closest allies to a house owned by his vast family trust. By all accounts the estate, recently vacated by a long time tenant, is a perfect haven. All houses have a history though. If only Terhune had known about this one.

The Disturbed: Torment and Torture

by Derek Anthony Gibson

Davey has been working in a 24 hour call centre now for the last three years, It has become extremely stressful and he has developed a bad case of insomnia, Davey has tried different remedies and techniques to try and sleep but nothing seems to work, He decided to try walk late at night down along the seafront whenever he is having trouble sleeping.
One night whilst out walking he see’s something on the rocks about 20 metres in front of him, it doesn’t look quite human, and he can hear a crunching sound as it is hunched over , Davey thinks he sees a hand between a rock and the creature but can’t be sure, just then the creature turns and looks in Davey’s direction, it must have been over six feet tall and had pale white eyes, and what looked like porcupine needles all over its body, the creature looked right at Davey and seemed to stare right through him, the face was one that Davey wouldn’t forget in a hurry
Davey, confused and scared was not quite sure what he was seeing, was he just hallucinating from lack of sleep or was he really seeing this creature, Davey decided to run all the way home, not looking back as he ran, he got home and lay on his bed staring at the ceiling, Davey began to doubt himself and began to think it was his mind playing tricks on him.
That night Davey lay awake thinking of all the crazy things that were happening, he had heard of disappearances in the area and began to wonder if the creature he saw had anything to do with them, He decided he would go back and investigate with his friend Nick the following night, would they find it just to be Davey’s imagination or would something very disturbing be uncovered?

This psychological thriller has plenty of twists and turns that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat!

Girl of his Dream: A Romantic Suspense

by Kim Hornsby

They both have a secret. Can love survive if they aren’t completely honest?

When Seattle cop, James Dunn, saves a child from drowning in the Maui Hyatt pool and finds himself with a free vacation on a romantic tropical island, a series of coincidences has him booking a diving course with Lahaina scuba instructor, Kristina Greene. Although James has vowed to steer clear of love because his clairvoyance always ruins romantic prospects, he can’t resist the feisty dive instructor. Days spent in the hot Maui sun soon thaw Kristina’s icy exterior and the two fall into a delicious romance.
But all isn’t as it seems as Kristina not only fights to keep a dark secret from the cop but worries that her too-good-to-be-true lover might have an ulterior motive for his attentions. As emotions deepen, James finds himself in dreams with Kristina and seeing more than he wants of the woman he’s falling in love with, discovers a heartbreaking truth.

Could you walk away if you weren’t sure your choice would save her from tragedy?

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