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Dear Kale: And Other Letters I Wrote to (Mostly) Inanimate Objects

by Romi Brenner

Dear Kale is your personal invitation into a world of the most intimate sentiments towards things like Tuesday, those gigantic grocery store carts with fire trucks on the end, close encounters with hungry goats and waking up early for nothing.

Drawing inspiration from the small things in life, Romi Brenner presents a fresh little book packed with uproariously funny bits that are sometimes snarky, sometimes poignant and always thoughtfully crafted.

Finally someone has taken a stand about wrinkles, Band Aids with unacceptable artwork and our collective obsession with stats. She’s on to you, kale, and it’s time you knew the truth…

Beneath, the Inverted Church

by Justin Sirois

Explicit Content – Adults Only – Tabletop RPG module – BENEATH, the Inverted Church. Old school and system agnostic. This eBook is meant to be an aid for the printed books. You could run Beneath using only this eBook, but it might be difficult. We suggest only buying this eBook if you want a separate and portable reference to the printed book.

Beneath ancient ruins lies the UnDungeon, a “paradise” of unspeakable horrors. The Inverted Cupid, a demon of great power, is luring the local townspeople of CragLeee into the UnDungeon to create a master race of “â?¦one race, one sex, one tongue”. Only a band of brave adventurers can stop it.

Follow Hannah, a fighter and resident of CragLee, as she guides you deeper into the UnDungeon to find her lost brother. Treasure can be found if you are willing to seduce your way through mirrorDoors or witness the atrocities inside The Invert.

Pokemon Go A-Z Guide: Ultimate Guide Book from Beginner to Master of Any Age (Pokemon Go Game, iOS, Android, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Hints)

by John Cooper

It’s Time For You To Become A Pokemon Master!


Get ready to enlighten yourself, and to begin your journey towards being the ultimate Pokémon trainer!

Step by step, this book will undoubtedly give you an edge over your peers, bringing you early success in Pokémon Go.

Each chapter in this book is written in an easily understandable language. After reading this book, not only will you be able to capture more Pokémon, but will be able to use in-game items and resources more effectively.

Here’s the real kicker

The “POKEMON Go A-Z Guide” is a #1 Most Exclusive Guide Book Ever. Unlike other guidance, this Book has been created to focus on all level players.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • Pokémon Strategy
  • How to get Pikachu as a starter Pokémon
  • 20 Best Pokémon in Pokémon GO
  • Best Places to Find Each Pokémon Type
  • How to Gain XP Fast?
  • Tracking Pokémon
  • The Training Gym
  • Building the Best Pokémon Team
  • Pokémon Fight and Defend
  • Choosing the Best Pokeballs
  • Usage of items in-game
  • In-game items in Pokémon Go
  • The Perfect Throw of Pokeballs
  • Best Way to Get More Poke Coins
  • How to Use Lures and Incense?
  • The Best Way to Hatch Eggs
  • How to level up and evolve your Pokémon
  • and much more helpfull tips

Moreover, You Will get FREE Bonus!!!

Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED!

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