Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 15 Dec 16

The Wimbourne Twins (The World of Kandar Book 1)

by NC Paisley

Sisters by birth, divided by magic.
Shannon and Maya are twin sisters who grew up in the mortal world. After years of trying to fit in with mortals the family decides to move back to the Faery town of Wimbourne. Moving back is great for Shannon, who was born with their magic. For Maya, born without magic, it’s a nightmare. The sisters couldn’t be more different. The only thing they have in common is liking the same boy, Jake.
Getting lost with Jake in an unfamiliar realm at the heart of a civil war is not helping their feelings of sisterly love. Even while they’re faced with dangers, neither one really understands the other. Will their differences destroy them, or can they look past years of growing apart to come together and find their way home?

The Wishes of the Fish King

by Douglas Kaine McKelvey

In this luminously illustrated and poetic picture book, a little girl and her father and mother journey by foot and by boat together through the fairy tale wonders of the world they share.



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