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Afraid To Love You

by Jonas Brinkley

After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Stephanie Dennard finds herself a single parent of two beautiful daughters. After years of struggling alone she is suddenly swept off her feet and finds comfort in the arms of a new man, a handsome smooth talking truck driver named Mike. Mike soon moves into the home Stephanie shares with her young daughter, Anita, a teen who possessed exotic features much like her father. She had a passion for helping others and dreamed of one day becoming a nurse, just like her mother. LaSonya, on the other hand, looked just like her mother, but possessed the business acumen of her father and pursued a career in business management. LaSonya was the perfect â??big sister’ and loved Anita dearly. Anita and LaSonya, both, dislike Mike but is their dislike for him misplaced or is there a more sinister side to him that hasn’t yet surfaced? Stephanie finds herself torn between the man she loves and the daughters she adores. Will she be forced to make a decision between them? While Anita is left fighting the demons that accompany nightmares, bitter memories and depression, LaSonya is left trying her best to hold the family together, while searching for her own piece of happiness. Will the family ever regroup? Will Anita ever be the same innocent carefree spirit she once was before evil crept in to rob her of all that was pure?

Breastfeeding to Weaning: a Step by Step Guide for Transferring Your Child to Adult Food

by Andry Fisher

Discover â?¦.

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Breastfeed is very important diet for every baby. During the first few months of life, mother’s feed provide baby with the anti-bodies and other essential nutrients to help him win a life-long fight with serious infections. Not only it protects your baby’s health but it also protects your from various type of terminal diseases. If, due to any reason, you are not able to breastfeed your baby then its best to consult your pediatrician before getting any regular formula milk for your baby.
Weaning your breastfeeding baby on adult food is not an easy task for most of the mothers. This book “Breastfeeding to Weaning: a Step by Step Guide for Transferring Your Child to Adult Food” is equipped with all the necessary strategies to help you wean your baby on adult food. Most of the breastfeeding mothers feel confused about the right time to start their baby on adult food. The very first chapter of this book clarifies all your confusions regarding the correct time to wean your baby on adult food. We must not forget that weaning babies on adult foods is a very time-taking and complicated task. Due to the fact that babies have to feed only on mother’s milk for the first four to six months of their life so turning towards solid diet is not a preferable task for most of them.
Transferring your baby from weaning to breastfeeding is the process that seems to make most of the mothers lose their patience but you must, at all costs, remain patient and keep on trying.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Breastfeeding to Weaning a Step by Step Guide for Transferring Your Child to Adult Food
  • Signs That Your Baby is Ready for Adult Food
  • Starting Your Baby on Adult Food
  • Adult Food Options for Your Little Baby
  • Hard-Textured Adult Food for Your Growing Baby
  • Adult Food Diet Guide for Your Baby

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How to Be a Man: A Father & Son Guide

by Derek Gillette

Perhaps you know of a new father, or you’re one yourself. This book is a great starting point for dads who are looking to form lasting relationships with their children, but aren’t quite sure where to start. It’s an easy read, can be finished in a weekend, yet has enough practical depth to be referred back to from time to time.

Let me tell you more about the motivation behind why I wrote the book:

There is an epidemic sweeping the globe of disengaged and distant fathers. The result is a generation of young people unprepared for the real world, and unequipped to succeed.

It is easy to blame this on the fathers, getting angry with them for not trying harder, and many wives do take this route. But the root cause is deeper than a lack of effort. At the root of their disengagement is a profound lack of confidence in what they have to say or teach.

This is where “How to Be a Man: A Father & Son Guide” comes in. It is an easy to digest, quick to read guide on how to raise sons (or daughters) of high character. But unlike other “how-to” books, this is not a step by step formula. The book focuses instead on over 30 character traits that are essential to succeeding as a man. The chapters are conversation starters, initiating real relationship between father and son.

So join me in the revolution: Fathers and sons connecting and succeeding in a world full of brokenness.

“How to Be a Man: a Father & Son Guide” is crafted for those with short attention spans and busy schedules.

Trust me, your sons want to learn from you. They need your attention, even if they pretend to hate it. This book gives you talking points to build a real and honest relationship together.

Looking For Love

by Jewell Probasco

If you have ever asked the questions, “What do I do with the hurt? How do I forgive? How do I handle the loneliness? Will I ever be able to really love and be loved again?” This study is for you.

Coming from the breakup of a special relationship, divorce, or the death of a mate can leave people hurt and vulnerable. The trauma, loneliness, sense of loss, effects on self-esteem, and battles or struggles with bitterness, hatred, and jealousy are often the same for everyone.

In spite of the negative results in your life from past relationships, you can be happy and fulfilled as God intended for you to be.

The prayer of The Master’s Touch Ministries is that you learn something about yourself and your singleness. There is a difference between being single and being alone. Our goal is that you become the separate, unique, and whole individual, God created you to be, so that you can love another with the same unconditional love that God has for you.

It is my personal desire that each person who reads and studies this book enters into a place of knowing our God in greater depth and intimacy. May the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, bring the following pages to life in your life as we look into God’s Word for the answers to your questions.

Naked Parenting: Guiding Kids in a Digital World

by Leah DeCesare

From social media, apps, video games, texting, cyberbullying, privacy, and identity theft, guiding kids in a digital world can be overwhelming. Parents need concrete strategies to manage technology in our homes in ways that fit our family values and culture.

Naked Parenting is parenting stripped down to the bare basics focusing on seven keys to raising kids who are self-sufficient, confident, respectful, and resilient. The seven keys – love, honesty, communication, responsibility, discipline, mistakes, and gratitude – guide the discussion in this book on technology and cyberspace.

Naked Parenting approaches parenting in an honest, direct, and realistic way. Guiding children with love, nurturing their strengths and self image, and instilling personal responsibility are at the heart of Naked Parenting. It’s hard, if not impossible, for parents to keep up with the pace of technology. Forget juggling work, kids, commitments, volunteer jobs, and laundry. The good news is you don’t need to be literate in every new thing that crops up. However, you do need an awareness and a parenting framework that adapts to whatever comes next.

We need ways to manage technology in our homes in a big picture, broad way that will teach our children good digital citizenship, online responsibility, self-regulation, and how to benefit from technologies while staying safe. It’s a huge and important job. So how do we tackle all of that?

Naked Parenting: Guiding Kids in a Digital World gives usable tips applicable broadly to the digital world from a parenting perspective instead of from a techie viewpoint. While some specifics are used in examples and stories throughout the book, this is not meant to teach you any details about any currently popular Internet or mobile innovation. With the rapid changes in technologies, I want to give you tools that transcend specific platforms, devices, video games, or the app of the moment.

The principles of Naked Parenting overlap, interrelate, and reinforce one another. Understanding these seven keys will help you apply them across the countless scenarios of parenting through all stages and ages.

Assisted Living Choices (What You Should Know about Choosing an Assisted Living Community)

by Charm Baker

Many adult children find themselves faced with the task of making decisions about assisted living for their elderly parents. Sometimes without warning, this responsibility is thrust upon you, and hard choices must be made for the good of everyone concerned.
It is not easy to transition from being the one cared for by your parents and having them make your decisions, to having to care for and decide what’s best for them. When this becomes necessary, sometimes one of the best solutions for your senior is to move them into an assisted living community.

Assisted living provides a combination of services and assistance, while still allowing a degree of independence. But where should you start? Just how do you go about finding the right community for your parent or loved one? And after you finally decide on one, then what? What should you do? Better yet, how do you begin to convince your elderly parent to move into an assisted living facility? These and other related topics will be considered in this ebook.

This publication will attempt to guide you in the right direction, by alerting you to what you should know before choosing an assisted living community.

Finally a Lady: Three extraordinary women find their way to happiness. Help for people between the genders Transsexuality..

by Hans Georg van Herste

Hans Georg van Herste had to witness a transsexual being chased and beaten by some young men in a Northern German city in 1982. A police officer not only did not intervene, but even encouraged the men to continue.
This experience did not leave van Herste cold. Since then he supports transsexuals on their way into the real life. Although many people, especially religiously biased ones and so-called experts repeatedly put obstacles in his way, he did not allow them to discourage him and contributed a lot to better the life of transsexuals.
In this book he has tell the male-to-female transsexuals Maria, Johanna, and Elke their partly dreadful stories, which end well thanks to his help.
On top he gives hints and suggestions, originating from his enormous treasure of experience, which can really bring about something.
This book in its original form under the title The true Dream of Freedom was honored with an award at the Leipzig Book Fair.

Essential Oils for Kids: 40 Essential Oil Recipes To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy

by Annabelle Lois

Essential Oils for Kids:

40 Essential Oil Recipes To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy

This book, Essential Oils for Kids: 40 Essential Oil Recipes To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy, is a great guide into what you can do with essential oils to benefit children. A lot has been devoted to making the lives of adults comfortable, and so it is a relief to have a book such as this one, whose sole purpose is to guide parents, guardians and other caretakers as to how best to handle essential oils when it comes to children. Most of the essential oils discussed in this book can be used on kids as young as 2yrs, and according to the guidelines provided, you will not have to worry about using an amount that is too much for the child’s age. You will learn the numerous health benefits you can derive from the essential oils, all of which happen to be natural, and see how to alleviate your child’s listlessness, discomfort, and even life threatening disease symptoms.

The things you are going to learn in the book include:

  • How to ensure every essential oil is safe for your child
  • The specific dosage recommended by experts
  • 40 Different essential oil recipes that are safe for children
  • How to dilute essential oils while retaining their potency

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by Melony S. Pirs

Upbringing of children is not as easy as it seems. However, most parents have repeatedly had difficulties associated with raising children.
Children need the care, custody, good upbringing and education, they should be protected from dangerous objects, habits, contacts. Most parents cope with this part of their duties well. But this is only a part of what is necessary for normal growth of a child. If a parent doesn’t pay attention to a kid(or doesn’t do it correctly), the child will unconsciously and uncritically adopt the habits and patterns of behavior in others. Also it can form unrealistic goals, desires, and life principles.
In this book you will find 7 principles of the child’s education. And also learn what is “proper upbringing of the child”.

Frazzled to Free: The Soulful Momma’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work

by Kayla Berg

Did you become a mom and immediately find that your career no longer works for you?

Do you long to be doing something different, but aren’t sure what or how? Or how you’ll even find time and energy to make it happen with such a busy life?

After more than a decade of personal experience in picking the exact wrong careers, Kayla Berg offers a much easier and simpler way to find soulful, meaningful work that is both a joy to do and fits with the demands of family life. Because how you spend your working time matters.

In Frazzled to Free, Berg shares that simpler framework, along with ways to:

  • Discover the dream career that both lights you up and works for your family
  • Quiet the overactive mind chatter that keeps you up at night
  • Discover your gifts and how they can lead you to the meaningful work you crave
  • Figure out what’s holding you back from making a change, and what to do about it
  • Refocus your life so you have the time and energy for a career change

If Danielle LaPorte, Martha Beck, and Elisa Romero got together for a wine night and ended up writing a book, this is the book they would come up with.

Kayla Berg is a life coach and writer who uses her life experiences as a former corporate drone, massage therapist, mom, and coach to help her clients free their souls and discover who they are and what they want to do as their kids grow. She lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and their two adorable sons.

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You): An Addict’s Mom’s Guide to Peace

by Sandy L. Sherman

Find The Love, Patience, and Insight to Take Your Life Back

What does it look and feel like to be a Mother of an Addict? How does a Mothers unconditional love help her child’s addiction? How can you find the strength and faith to continue battling this monster? What should you do when you feel alone and afraid? How do you let go without giving up?

Sandy Sherman is a Mother of 2 addicts – a Daughter and a Son. For 5 years she felt her life was spiraling down into a pit of despair, fear, helplessness, grief that was consuming her life. She felt alone and humiliated and the dreams she had for her kids were all gone as she witnessed their addictions take over their bodies and souls. Sandy learned to live her life by deciding to take her life back. Through educating herself about the disease of addiction by reading, talking with other Mom’s, helping to counsel others and sharing her story, she has written this book in hopes of inspiring Mom’s to take action.

In this book you will learn key steps to help you take your life back.

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of the addiction
  • Realize that the addiction is a mask and it’s not your child
  • How to not let your emotions get in the way
  • Find and offer the right kind of help
  • Let the recovery start with you

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