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Spanish: Advanced Short Stories To Learn Spanish (Spanish,Spanish Language, Spanish Stories Book 1)

by Language Mastery

INTRODUCING: Language Mastery Spanish Series

Language Mastery makes learning languages easy!

We take out all the fluff and give you the important information to help you learn any language of your choice as fast as possible.

Are you frustrated with learning Spanish? What if we told you there’s a better, more enjoyable way to learn Spanish and grow your vocabulary exponentially? Well, guess what? There is! The best way to learn Spanish is by submerging  yourself in the subject. The problem? You might feel like you don’t know where to start, or you may feel lost trying to read whatever pops up on the internet. And that’s exactly why Language Mastery Created A series of Spanish Books.

Learn Everyday to Master The Language

We know how difficult it may seem to learn a foreign language, let alone trying to put all that learning into practice. But what you might not realize is that it’s fairly easy to fully incorporate the essentials of a language once you know the basic framework of what you need to focus on. Our series of Guides, Short stories, Phrases, and Exercises/Lessons will allow you to put what you’ve learned so far into practice, allowing you to expand your vocabulary quickly, make sense of ideas, understand new concepts, and overall get a better grasp of the Spanish language.

We focus on long-term growth of  understanding of the foreign Language. Our goal is to make you comfortable to speak fluent in Any one of the languages we Offer.  

BONUS: Vocabulary Lists, Multiple Choice Exercises & Study Guide Like Books

We make all of our books like a study guide and reference you can keep looking back on as you learn the language.  Each Series we offer will slowly advance your skills starting from Our Beginner’s Guide To Mastery. We also offer Multiple Choice, Vocabulary list and Exercises to help you advance your skills in the language.

How Will You Spanish Skills Improve?

  • You Will Learn The Fundamentals Of Learning Languages

  • You will understand how context affects the meaning of certain words

  • You will slowly develop your skills to be able to speak fluently In a Foreign Language

  • Most importantly,you will get a better overall grasp of the language, feeling more confident and secure with your abilities

  • Daily Practice to Mastery of the language

Take Action Today!

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STOP HIDING! 10 Proven Strategies for Facing Debt Collectors Head On!

by Netiva Heard

Are Debt Collectors Calling You?
On Your Job?
On Your Cell?

Are You Receiving Threatening Collection Letters in the Mail?
Threats to Sue You? Garnish Your Wages?

STOP HIDING! Dodging Telephone calls and tossing unopened letters in the mail is NOT the answer!

If you are tired of being harassed, insulted, and threatened by debt collectors; THIS EBOOK IS FOR YOU!

You’ll receive my 10 proven strategies that I have personally used as a Certified Credit Counselor to save my clients thousands of dollars and to FIGHT BACK and WIN against debt collectors!

You’ll learn the POWER that lies in your state and federal consume right laws, how to turn the tables on baseless threats, how to REMOVE COLLECTIONS from your credit reports, what VALIDATION is, how to spot violations during the initial telephone call and in your collection agency letters; CASE LAWS that give you the upper hand, DISPUTE LETTER templates for you to utilize immediately, AND MORE!

Remember this, Financial Literacy is POWER. The more educated you are on your rights, the more powerful you are. I’m going to teach you how to get your power back and pound annoying debt collectors in the sand!

Crowdfunding Homeschool Expenses

by Charity Grant

Unlike public school students, homeschoolers can’t rely on state or federal funding. But they can, and sometimes do, take advantage of the relatively new phenomena of crowdfunding to provide funds for everything from fields trips to basic curricula.

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